Why Chef Jesse Griffiths Takes People Hunting

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    1. jhluman

      I'm not giving up my leaf blower

    2. Eddy SegaFan

      I like this guy

    3. Ian Stradian

      I was raised hunting and fishing, from the time I could walk. My father stressed that a firearm was a tool, not a toy, that you only killed to eat, or protect yourself, your family and friends and protect your livestock. I remember the first time I shot and killed a squirrel and we cleaned it and my mom cooked it for dinner.

    4. Tony

      What a load of horse sh!t. People really don't need to hunt/kill/butcher animals. One can have a more nutritious meal without killing sentient beings that have an equal right to live as humans.

    5. Phillip K

      This sound so good, get out into the wild and reconnect with life!!

    6. SpackoMcSpack

      Nobody needs a freaking leafblower. F*ck those things and get a broom.

    7. Coin Crazy


    8. Coin Crazy

      You have a chef on? Bro you’re growing and I’m all here it

    9. Rob Smith Productions

      I've no problem with hunting. I remember my father used to hunt and one day he brought home a pheasant and cooked it. It tasted quite nice actually.

    10. jon harris

      So I'm so poor that ground beef in the microwave for 2 minutes is delicious.

    11. Blake Hamilton

      Boring dude

    12. BWX

      Yes, I need a leaf blower.

    13. t

      Being from the inter mountain west, I find nothing attractive or fun about hunting hogs. get me in those mountains. That's a hunt

    14. El Pastillo

      Wish i could go do this

    15. Ben Meneley

      Jesse, ur so nice and explained it in a way were some how u made me feel bad for people who have never got to experience hunting....💩👍

    16. Rachael Glatzmaier

      If Joe Rogan ever wants to hunt the northern Minnesota area let me know I got acreage he can hunt

    17. paul andrew Martin

      Used to be a show on the BBC, called, Kill it cook it eat it.

    18. Grayson Posey

      This is really cool to know that someone is doing this to teach the importance of hunting and I as a young kid love hunting and will probably always hunt but this is very awesome

    19. j Dee

      he takes people hunting because he enjoys murdering innocent animals.. like all hunters. people and animals are the same in every way.

    20. pure_michigan_angler

      Ok, so I am a butcher... and have hunted my whole life and have thought numerous times about doing this with fishing and hunting here in michigan... amazing... yur a real one

    21. Acinoralas

      He had me tell "do you need a leaf blower?" .. idk wtf that had to do with the rest of what he was saying lol .really threw me off . 🤷. No clue 😂

      1. Matt Doyle

        @Acinoralas I think it was more about the idea that if you know how much effort it takes to make the products we consume; be that an animal that had to die for your burger, or a child labor infested unsafe work environment in china to produce a product to make your yard look neat, then you are likely to consume less of those things and take good care of what you do buy.

      2. Acinoralas

        @Matt Doyle must have been a call back to something earlier in the cast maybe ?

      3. Matt Doyle

        I think the point was that you can let the leaves rot and not waste your time and money (and other resources) on blowing leaves.

    22. Tim Rodriguez

      That class sounds like a lot of fun. 🙆‍♂️

    23. Dj Indigenous

      Nothing against vegans, I love their creativity with food however I don’t think Many Vegans realize how many rodents die in order for their greens to be grown 🤷🏽‍♂️

    24. Justin Swartz

      Paul Giamatti cousin kicks ass

    25. rusty schackelford

      Funny this is how us backwards hillbillys live amyway.

    26. Ryan Buckley

      I’m only against me hunting. Everyone else have at it and have a great time!🤙 it’s just not for me🙏🏼

    27. Cleepatron 8Billion

      I understand what he means about feeling bad for killing animals and what he said about the carrots... I feel that way about weed when police seize it or isn't full enjoyed. It's like it didn't meet its purpose.

    28. beanbag 88

      dude looks like gay guy from ozark

    29. Mike Rage

      The fact that this man admits he has a lot to learn about hunting shows he’s humble and proves the words he speaks is truth. Very well spoke guy, great interview

    30. Travis Ethridge

      I love my deer more than anyone knows. Feed em, watch em, see them have fawns running around, study how they eat, sleep, and just enjoy their company while drinking coffee in sunroom. That being said, I love to hunt them and butcher them more.

    31. Eddie Dash

      Loved this podcast

    32. John Porten

      This really seemed like a cool guy.

    33. Valley Scharping

      You should interview Doug Wilson! Provocative, deeply intelligent thinker

    34. \\/\//

      Joe Rogan on spotify sucks.... no comments.. no shit. now they're begging us to get there when it sucks.

    35. tod jones

      I love pork sausage burgers.

    36. gabe31g

      You guys need to go out more often 🤣

    37. BeefBoy

      i see this eps 1676.. Need Duncan for 1776

    38. oh Ransums

      If y’all haven’t go watch the episode with Jesse on Meat Eater! Such a good episode.

    39. King Cronos

      I thought this was the guy from the Quartering

    40. BadgerBJJ

      As a former chef, I like this guy. We’ve become so detached from our food and it’s production.

    41. Valeria

      Texans: Point. Click. Shoot! Non-Texans: Bougie hunting lessons from Chief Jesse Griffiths! LMAO!!

    42. matthew Gisiner

      Dude the latest article put out by Yahoo. Jesus Christ what a piece of shit!!!

    43. 901 lemmha

      We want kevin gates next

    44. AP Kyle

      I love Paul Giamatti, it’s cool he does this outside of Hollywood.

    45. John Murrey

      Where are the Dr. Pierre Kory and Bret Weinstein clips???

    46. Dan C

      this should be an option in high schools.

    47. Miz3ryX

      He takes people hunting, it's more like people take him hunting... not to mention he only hunts peaceful game nothing that can defend itself, and he only hunts in Texas kinda a joke he's more of a butcher and a cook than a hunter.

    48. Rafael Estrada Moncada

      I would also like to learn how to hunt.

    49. Goo Voo

      Humans are trashes!!!! Wildlife lives matter!!!!!!!! Humans are evil!!!

    50. Malcolm Nicoll

      Keyword is appreciation. Appreciation is the highest vibration one can achieve.

    51. RatFink49

      Please have your audio people stop the "blast" we get when you go to commercial!!

    52. Tijs Dw

      You can also become grateful of resources/ vegetables by doing non-animal farming. Sometimes hunting may be necessary for preserving biodiversity. But why would you need needlessly need to kill to become grateful of something?

    53. ThirdEyeThriving

      Joe Mullet

    54. Beth Weaver

      We hate leaf blowers😡

    55. Beth Weaver

      Showing the slaughtering of animals will turn more people into vegetarians. Maybe🙃 catching a fish is much easier. I will keep eating fish.

    56. Rohan Veldanda

      Did this guy really compare killing an animal to vegetables rotting? Lmao come on 🙄

      1. nowr2run

        I was like, WTF ?

    57. Greg Schroer

      Paul Giamatti making a career change, I like it.

    58. Joshua Vanwinkle


    59. Sam Fisher

      Wish he would take me hunting. I need back up incase my back goes out again. Wanna bag me a big ole bobcat. Lol a big ole elk would be better.

    60. Craig Jones

      Yes:) more real Texans pleeeeassse

    61. Yousef Bhacker

      Me: peacefully listening to a clip of the JRE on medium-high volume Joe: CATCH FUCK

      1. WE$T$IDE PARLE

        😭😭😭 Fr like fix the volume Joe mix it do something

      2. Yousef Bhacker

        @Bob Watters fr why he gotta be so loud

      3. Bob Watters

        Yeah he really trying to make his listeners deaf with that damn spotify push.

    62. AMh Shine

      I would do anything to have someone teach me how to go out and hunt and butcher an animal

    63. Davy Grohl

      The AMD has made Rogan think that everything that comes out of his mouth is fact, that's just my opinion....

    64. Victor Hernandez

      great another hunting buddy...skip

    65. Jack White

      Anyone in Louisiana wanna take me hog hunting?

    66. Shaun Torpey

      I've been deer hunting, wild goat and feral pig hunting. Feral pig from the bush absolutely tastes the best and better than anything in the shopping center.

    67. The Faceless Question

      Back in secondary school (what y'all call junior and high school I think) they didn't shoot wild hogs or cows or anything that we cooked and ate,it was all done by hand. And when we got older we also did the same.

    68. unassuminggentleman

      Joe Rogan and Co. having conversations most Americans should have had with their Fathers and Mothers the past 50 years...

    69. Cam Park

      Don’t watch JRE much anymore, but those curtains look warm and familiar and comforting

    70. Greg Champine

      He's so chill. Very easy and interesting guy to listen to👍

    71. Carlos

      get kyrie Irvin on the podcast!!!! Mans is woke 🤯

    72. michael burkett

      Damn this guy looks like a actor that I can't think of the name😫 driving me crazy!!!

      1. A Cube of Ice

        Paul Giamatti

    73. Sensual Goat

      all the hunting and carnivore vids in the world won't change the moral and health benefits to going vegan. sorry joe, it's a shame you have meat companies funding your propaganda

    74. SneakyDingo

      It’s sad that this kind of information needs to be taught. Too many people are privileged. This should be common knowledge to everyone.

    75. Phuck YouTube

      Finally a non covid podcast FFS Rogan

    76. Loren Mars

      Call the local jailer and ask if they have any inmates that want to help pick up shot hogs. Free to the state. Pretty much. Or maybe put a bounty on hogs down that way.

    77. Ned Mononymous

      Read this as "Why Chef Jesse Griffiths Goes People Hunting"

    78. Jared Adams

      Hunting is for fucking cowards

    79. Xarius zen

      Although now I'm a 43 year old punk rocker, my dad always took me hunting and taught me to process animals and know where my food comes from. I was the 6 year old digging in the deer "gut bucket" asking what the organs were. That taught me to respect my food and now I hunt and buy sustainably and grow a cool garden every year.

    80. Jon Parker

      Have fun eating these nasty things

    81. J 1

      Everyone has a hunter in their family from previous generations. It is a honorable way to provide sustenance for a family. Old ways should be renewed. My humble opinion.

      1. Jared Adams

        So honorable. Sitting in the woods on your ass all day before annihilating a deer that doesnt even know you are there with a rifle. So virtuous and not at all cowardly.

    82. Conor Maxwell

      This guy is a real one

    83. AquanautSt1

      CLM Carrot Lives Matter ...

    84. Lilsanders

      When I was In Mexico visiting my grandparents as a kid around 12 my grandfather took out back to shoot a pig and prep it for the party . We used everything even down to the blood for soup

    85. Irah Salerius

      This is so dumb. "But nature bro." is not a good reason to unnecessarily cause the death of an animal. It is murder. Most early civilizations were almost completely plant based and only killed out of absolute necessity and used every little piece of it down to the butt pucker. You privileged slimes going out on a RESERVE with your thousand dollar equipment get ups with your rifles driving there in your fucking range rover or whatever are not getting "in touch with nature." Murdering your food is not getting you any closer to the animal. You guys are psychotic and would almost surely die in a survival scenario. shut the fuck up and stop trying to justify murder.

    86. Brian Waldrup


    87. Ray Dio

      How do you watch videos on Spotify, I'm so pissed I can't watch the video. Spotify is shit

    88. Paul Archibald

      I thought this was about people hunting. Instead just more senseless animal killing. Oh well.

    89. Rob H

      Do you ever wonder why left wing, vegan, Biden supporters come to watch a Rogan podcast on hunting and leave comments? Like we're here to get away from you nutcases and your news outlets!

    90. Kriz Morrisun

      Thumbs down says a lot about the them zim Zur!!? Who do that! And the best channels get the most!

    91. El Niperoo 23

      Dude needs to calm down.

    92. Bobby Boucher

      Better than Bear Grease

    93. Alex Moore

      Disgusting. They kill Sentient beings for an unnecessary reason.

    94. G Smith

      Just awesome. Thanks for this! Education is a cool thing…

    95. Ya Know

      Wow, another Ya know idiot.

    96. Ryan Kino

      Imagine being a bald 60 year old manlet like Rogan that has to sit on a booster seat every podcast to maintain eye level with the guest.

      1. Cave Canem

        You ok bro?

    97. chilam1

      This is amazing

    98. kungfu mcgee

      Yo I thought this dude was paul giamatti with a beard 😂

    99. Henry Hume

      One of my favorite JRE yet!

    100. Coleman Harris

      Love this guy in Big Fat Liar!