What Started the Cultural Fixation on Gender?

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    1. EDANYA

      "You're a flat earther if you don't believe an anomaly is an alternate sex". SHOW ME THE GAMETES.

    2. EDANYA

      Two SEXes. Gender is a SEXist construct.

    3. EDANYA

      They want everything to be phobic. A female that has audacity to stand up for her rights and privacy? Evil Feminazi.

    4. EDANYA

      Wanting to Keep up with the Kardashians.

    5. I like Food

      Yo Joe, when are you going to have a podcast with an actual trans person to hear their side?

    6. Eugene Baba Johnson

      Joe, get chris hedges on.

    7. Cosmos Reality

      The cultural focus on gender was started when people realised our traditional definitions of gender were inaccurate and mainstream society discovered that more diverse individuals existed than just your typical male and female man and woman.

    8. bah797

      Life has become so easy....for so many...and this is the result. We've invented our own demise.

    9. Truth Seeker

      So then you have to know what "THEY" will say is ok next? Smh

    10. Alacard0malley

      Hitch died, that's what happened to new atheism

    11. Saucey Sinister

      For me, it all comes down to this: We all have freedom of speech. You can say what you want. I can say what I want. I don't have to follow someone else's belief system and if they want to try and intimidate me with name calling it will never work. I learned that lesson in preschool. Sticks and stones, my friends. When the day comes that they are willing to study my ideology ( The Bible) then I will be willing to study theirs. Until then, I will speak the english language as it was taught to me.

    12. cmmndrblu

      No. Originally gender was synonymous with sex. Then it was used to refer to the social expectations and behaviours placed upon the individual on the basis of their sex. Then the sophist Judith Butler and similar clowns began to use it to mean gender identity. The term cannot be defined without reference to one's reproductive anatomy as a person cannot both claim to identify as their birthsex and identify as trans.

    13. cmmndrblu

      It's cultural Marxism that snuck into atheism plus. Class has been replaced by suffering What do I mean by that? The individual does not exist, they are the sum of their sufferings and their status is accorded to their place in the suffering hierarchy. The individual is defined by their membership to a group within this hierarchy. Logic has been thrown out in favour of "fairness" (look at what has happened to women's sports). It's not equality, it's privilege for a self identifying class.

    14. cmmndrblu

      Sexual orientation is being erased by gender

    15. Whem Kiss Ruled the World

      JOE is TIRED

    16. Rocco Sage

      Social media was the reason. New or radical ideas have always circulated. But social media gave the average citizen a platform to seriously and severely damage someone’s career and reputation. It became a very effective tool to take on institutional power, seized by the university professors with agendas to galvanize marginalized groups.

    17. S.S. Train Graffiti

      People don't have to get involved in this and it isn't any new distraction tactic. This is how THEY keep the sheeple distracted and divided so that THEY can continue to kee p us enslaved for their masters. AND Before you ask, you know who THEY is...jk,lol

    18. S.S. Train Graffiti

      Government salt to cause distraction and division.

    19. Keith Walker

      Where did Rogan's red studio go that looked like a space capsule?

    20. Juan Darricarrere

      I'm glad that there's people like Colin Wright and JR in the world. It means that I'm not going insane.

    21. Petrus Saranadze

      I don't see many women identifying as a man competing in masculine categories. Weird uh?

    22. DG Boys

      I visited Seattle once and held a door open for a woman, she was extremely offended. If I would have done the exact opposite and held the door shut, I still wonder what she would have said to this day. 😂

    23. Scott Herman

      Is anyone else worried about Rogan's health?

    24. Sweet Peas and Yarrow: A Ranch Diary

      I just think it's a little bit suspicious, that all of a sudden, a whole bunch of people under 25 yrs old are in the wrong body. It makes 0 sense in terms of evolution and biology. If there is too much plastic in these kids and it's changing their hormones, that makes sense. But not nature all of a sudden constantly being wrong. I liked growing up in the 90's. You were either a gangster or a cowboy. Now your either gay or confused about your gender. I have teenagers, I have to deal with this crap from their friends.

    25. Rado Lusciniam

      Joe, I like you, even though you sometimes act like a complete asshole, somethimes it is so funny and additionally ignorant in the field of socialization, that's why I'm writing. Because I like you. I would not care otherwise. You look weak. Listening is great, but you look very, very drunk and wasted. It's just weak. Return to the Order of Mary.

    26. billybrooks1

      Just the next phase of our societal collapse

    27. BraveDove Vlog

      I think it’s good to be talking about our bodies on a deeper level. Give kids body confidence early so when they grow into their adult skin they know whoever and whatever then want to be is right for them. Talking of trans-gender topics is not going to make someone trans just like if someone’s gay then they are gay - period!!

    28. HealthRevolt

      Joe Rogan admittedly takes Male Testosterone to express a more masculine identity. His "natural" biology is more feminine on the spectrum than he displays by taking exogenous hormones. He is being a hypocrite by pretending to not understand how gender and sex are fluid, social, and on a spectrum. Debate me.

    29. Luap

      New Atheists are a lot like the woke where they have no idea how toxic their ideas about the world actually are.

    30. Damian Allen

      We are going down the drain

    31. MRS M

      They claim civil rights violations as a way to legitimize their efforts.

    32. Dugon man

      "Where did this all start?" Its hard to explain and its even harder to give a solution to the problem but I'll try to simplify it. When the enlightenment took over Europe, they said the christian tradition of chivalry and maidenhood was cruel, childish and evil. They assumed once we got rid of that sentiment that men and women would somehow ascend and evolve into better creatures. Thats not what happened though, we essentially deevolved. We need totems and standards and when the knight was gone we replaced him with superficial veneers of masculinity: the football replaced the sword and the truck replaced the steed. Same thing happened to women, where the only defining trait of their gender was wide hips and big breasts. This is modernism to its core, I like to call it civilized barbarism. So when the secular humanists saw what a disaster this was, they didnt admit they were wrong and try to rectify it, they doubled down and said gender itself is the problem. This is also why most transgendered people tend to be male to female. All the modern tenants of masculinity are unattractive, volatile and hyper competitive while femininity retains some regality and stature to its existence. If you had to make the choice of being either a pig or a swan, which would you choose? Now heres the problem.woth the solution: the actual answer to the question is so old and so alien to your viewpoint, how the hell can we actually use it to fix the problem?

    33. James Hally

      I declared myself as Superman when I was four and playing at the time with another 4 year old and being minded by a 15 year old. The 15 year old had a different game in mind to entertain us but I kept declaring I was Superman. He got really annoyed, closed his fist and asked me to open it, saying I could do that easily if I was Superman. We need a closed fist for some people today

    34. TJ333

      "A language takeover" Hello they stole the fricken Rainbow!!! It's alot more than just language that's being taken over.

    35. Padodgrie

      Really rich an atheist trying to explain why his movement has broken into so many incoherent factions. It’s because they have absolutely nothing holding them together because atheism itself has nothing holding it together but theories and hot air. That’s why there has to be atheism and ______. They need something to fill the massive void in their worldview.

    36. Drake McKay

      squeaky wheel gets the grease

    37. Braedon Davies

      Doctor: "Looks like your child is going to be a boy." Woke parents: "HATE SPEECH!"

    38. Fe lINGS

      finally ~ my thoughts exactly; enough with the clown parades.

    39. Steven

      Answer to title of video. One word and prove me wrong...Obama. Do your research...the answer is obama

    40. Ya Boy JRock

      People who worry about gender pronouns and put them in their social bios lack even a shred of personality.

    41. Connor Davey

      joe is so blazed here

    42. Anthony Yudaken

      Cheetah that identifies as a Greyhound kills and eats 3 of its competitors, and then goes on to win 5 straight races in row.. this is where we're heading folks

    43. Chad Vaughan

      God made you to have free will you were made the way you were for a reason but is it natural to have both organs? Is it ok to chop it off or attach something to change your body from how you were created?

    44. Jakesnacks11

      I believe in freedom, some don't just cause it makes them uncomfortable.

    45. Goldie

      Is it this new Gen Z that is used to tailoring everything to themselves and talking about themselves on social media nonstop that is now trying to do the same with the world, tailor it to themselves. Too much self importance.

    46. elevate111

      To teach the 'Trumpanzees' and the population in general a lesson, for having the audacity to vote Trump into office

    47. Hijaked

      Idiots. As always.

    48. Hoghs

      To me everything started down hill at a quick pace right around the time Pink tshirt day came to be. The idea of highlighting bullying by forcing everyone to wear the same shirt. At that moment I knew the world had officially lost its mind.

    49. UBX

      When was the last time Joe Rogan had a guest who’d argue, in a calm and rational manner, in favour of the modern explosion in gender politics, on trans rights, on sexuality, etc.? Why is he always inviting on reactionaries who completely misrepresent the opposing view? It’s a shame

    50. TJ Annese

      Joe makes it seem as if this is new to the world. My God, he really should read a fucking book once and a while and not rely solely on his guests for information as he rarely, if ever, has a specialist or expert in a particular field come on to specifically talk about that subject. He likes to dance around fact and fiction for the suspense and intrigue of getting a guest to say something that will make him go viral. I used to feel bad for stupid people, now I just ignore you.

    51. Phil Shaw Of Iran (vitos boyfriend)

      I'm a poly bi sis him her they x z. And if you dont like it, you're a bigot..... thats the time we live in. Smgdh

    52. Phil Shaw Of Iran (vitos boyfriend)

      Joe is so goddamn high 😂😂😂

    53. jose

      Nihilism. Thats the answer

    54. San Anton

      He didn't really bother explaining the "why" and thus never came close to answering Joe's question. He just sort of gave a quick rundown of the past 10 years, which Joe was perfectly aware of.

      1. PokéBreaks

        and that my friend is exactly why this is a clip from a much longer interview, where believe it or not, he does answer the question. Designed to get you to go watch the rest of the interview, but apparently only lead you to a state of confusion lol

    55. Kronan Barbarian

      JRE POW MIA. Lost but not forgotten.

    56. nope avi

      "Dr." John money. Read about his experiment.

    57. Limits & Lines

      I identify as patient zero

    58. chris chris

      social media started it. allowing idiots to converse and truly believe what total strangers were telling them.

    59. Jack L

      what started is is when the world lost Christopher Hitchens, that man would be Hitchslapping these snowflakes back into their respective dark corners and have been making bank via books about it while he was at it. without him, and having no equal that will but up in the most posh and sophisticated manner, those who feel their nothingness actually matters can bitch without that sweet sweet hitchslap to put them in their place.

    60. Matt

      I imagine it started in some billionaire “think tank”. The useless eaters were talking about inequality, and needed a topic to distract them from the real issues.

    61. 平静的

      Answer to your title: the propaganda machine backed powered by globalisms elite criminals

    62. Stephen Neu

      Joe looks way to high lol

    63. Bryan B.

      activist and their sponsors

    64. Umad

      OMG it must be so hard for you to be expected to not be a disgusting transphobe, imagine what its like for trans people who simply want to exist without being constantly discriminated against.

    65. T Bone

      As an atheist I cannot stand the majority of atheists.

      1. Scrippo

        As someone who doesn’t subscribe to any religions but believes in a higher power I have to say atheism is a bit stupid. You don’t think there’s anything else out there?

    66. Vaporjoes

      There is no fixation, its a very loud minority. I live in NJ, not a single person anywhere talks about pronouns, gender issues, etc. We just go about our lives. Now Im 6'4 and 260lbs so I'm going to say I have it easier and get away with more shit when I speak my mind, but generally most people could care less.

    67. GallonOf PCP

      Wokeness destroyed occupy wall street too. Weird

    68. AGuyAndAGuitar

      Q: What Started the Cultural Fixation on Gender (, Sex, Race, and Sexual Orientation)? A: Satan

    69. Owen Sivertson

      Joes in another dimension right now. 0:30

    70. Dee Lyle

      I'm transgender, outside of the pronoun usage, no participation is necessary.

    71. Dee Lyle

      There are at most 800,000 transgender people, and we get a lot of attention. Just use the right pronoun with someone, it's not that difficult.

    72. Megan Fernanders

      Alot of comments i seen on here said stuff about "feeling special" when people try to disect deeper into identifying themselves...but has anyone considered that part of the problem is that these kids do not recieve enough attention as a little ones? As a millennial myself...i can honestly say i know alot of parents who just shoo their kid away so they can get back to their social media, their video game, or their show...its no wonder kids today dont know themselves...theyve been shooed to have the t.v phone and computer as their baby sitter that has radically changing impressionable opinions of other peoples being displayed on it constantly !!!

    73. John Johnson

      Wokeness is a 21st century religion, that's why it started with the atheist movement. Atheists would call out wokeness before anybody else so they needed to be taken over and destroyed from the inside.

    74. KiwiRocketStar

      This isn’t complicated, it’s two white men equally offended by questions around toxic aspects of their identities.

    75. rg2000

      it started with getting people fired by sifting though facebook/online history, and holding group protests together online and companies would shit their pants and respond next day, then #metoo movement, cancel cancel cancel anything, crazys know its working so they keep adding on anything they can to it

    76. iSLE of TAM

      It seems to me that it got a lot bigger through social media, now everyone can have a say so now we see all opinions instead of just what journalists write about. If we didn't have social media, it wouldn't be as big as it currently is because we wouldn't see it all over the place constantly.

    77. Ximkai

      The slippery slope turned out to be a slip 'n slide

    78. Brian Blackwood

      What values? This is literally the answer to no answer

    79. Jeff Summers

      Chinese communists and thier leftist handpuppets.

    80. Jake Williams

      Dude never answered the fucking question.

    81. Paolo De Pillo

      When I was strung out on I identified as a clean man but I still got kicked out! Ugh my parents are such bigots, can u guys plz cancel them so I can do heroin again?

    82. Blackout.

      Ego. We got addicted to how the man or woman is supposed to act

    83. SlickStyles

      people need to grow some balls. not literally.... I am racist because of history and not ashamed to him it.

    84. Cody Blackburn

      Geeeeez Joe is just so out of touch now days. He used to at least be neutral in his interviews.


      Here are my thoughts on critical race theory: m.fiblock.info/face/videot/jHKsqmyUjJLGg4o.html

    86. iyzie jane

      The reason for the fixation on gender was occupy wall street. The bankers needed to step up the divide and conquer, so they tapped friends in the media to pump out this shite.

    87. Dank Frank

      Cultural Marxism... that's what happened

    88. Awake Now

      At least fix it back

    89. J C

      Weirdos. That's it. Just weirdos and people who prostrate themselves to the mob of wierdos.

    90. sebastian ayala

      Woke culture based on identity politics is the quintessential upper middle-class, liberal, Postmodern, ideology. It serves the wealthy by attempting to mask what truly divides this society: class.

    91. Mike Williams

      This guy talking about as a biologist he'd let the wokescolds have "gender" as a term because the whole "software/hardward" distinction. How about you do your job as a biologist and demand that someone prove this audacious "software/hardware" theory? That's the real issue in modern science. Not it's language gatekeeping. That's just a symptom. The real issue is that scientists no longer demand proof for "culturally sensitive" theories. You've abandoned your practice and it should be shameful.

    92. Jon Pruitt

      When you take the Ideologies of Rousseau, Marx, Wilde, Nietzsche, Freud, and Reich you get a culture of "wokeness" that is fixated on sexual identity.

    93. Ceasar Rustilio

      Finally….younger people waking up to the destruction of these terrible ideas. All of these ideas have been tried and failed in the past. The problem it seems to me is we have ceased from teaching our youth real history. The woke are coming for you both.

    94. Take it easy

      Pretty obvious it was exactly what you do for a living Joe, it's the entertainment industry

    95. Sean

      Barack Obama's husband.

    96. Anthony Lariviere

      It was DMT

    97. Vincent Video

      I am a cinema historian, in film we have the genres: Drama and comedy. So why not apply the same with sexual genres? Instead of calling it genres let's call them subgenres, just like drama we have Comedy-drama, this sounds controversial but been gay is literally a sub genre or either masculine/femenine. That way nobody gets fired from thei precious job, you can teach kids there are sex subgenres.

    98. Vincent Video

      There is a professor in Spain who was fired from his job because he told his alumns that there were only two genres: Femenine and masculine. To be honest, you can be a 3 headed human and i wouldn't give a fk. This gender variation topic is going too far that if somebody don't stop it, you won't be able to even speak the truth of nature Wich is, there are only 2 genres, just 2 and whatever comes after should be kept to themselves. They want soo much recognition that they are damaging other people's lives and jobs. There was a lady who was fired because she didn't let a man trans walk in the ladies room at request from the other ladies who were waiting outside, next day she was fired. That's what i mean. Wait there's more: There was a gay couple who thrown a gender reveal party and instead of revealing the boy with blue, they revealed the colors as pink and blue, is going soo far that gay couples are already deciding the genre of their kids, what? We don't even choose to be born like the joke says and now we don't decide what we are going to be? I am sorry, i have gay friends that says these shit is becoming toxic, like a cult, we don't even own the right to the rainbow.