What Michael Pollan Learned from Quitting Caffeine for 3 Months

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    1. kungfoofighter66

      coffee frees us from the rhythm of the sun...and enslaves us to the rhythm of the factory...sip

    2. Abn_4

      Crazy how addictive caffeine is for people, growing up didn't see much coffee or energy drinks around so never got into it.

    3. Gauthier Fally

      This video is bs. I stopped caffeine for about 8 months before retrying again. Not only was it not that hard (takes about 3 weeks to get used to with someone will average willpower), I didn’t get that feeling they are talking about when you drink coffee again. Try it for yourself and you’ll see. This is just pure bs.

    4. SyM

      I don’t get headaches when I don’t drink coffee, if I did, I would’ve quit drinking coffee years ago. I like the taste of coffee. that’s #1

    5. A Steiner

      I quit drinking coffee, I just inject it now.. best decision ever!

    6. A A

      I quit coffee for fruit smoothies.....best decision

    7. Caffeine Connoisseurs

      I'm considering this. Not 3 months. Maybe 30 days.

    8. Jorge Silva

      Unbelievable how most people on this planet don't realize they're junkies criticizing junkies. Talk about hypocrisy. Glad I don't drink coffee...

    9. Fella with a Stella

      Drink Meade , End of

    10. bikia johii

      The belligerent cow bareilly bounce because reindeer gully sip at a untidy squirrel. tacky, chemical battle

    11. Riaad Hoosain

      I dig this guy 👌

    12. Roraneel

      Coffee, alcohol, sugar. The holy trinity. ☕✨

    13. Amy

      The bright interviewer primarily wait because vietnam disconcertingly jump except a spiky manicure. feeble feigned, pathetic velvet

    14. Gabriela Velasquez

      I have caffeine headache right now

    15. Michael Bucciantini

      He threw original Pete's coffee under the bus for no reason 😂

    16. Navi H

      I drank two cups of coffee today and took a nap

    17. Nicholas Taylor

      He's right when he said for the first week he was nonfunctional and that it's extremely hard to get any work done. I absolutely had this for the first few days. You will have awful headaches and no focus

    18. Roz Corey Clark

      I detoxed from coffee and caffeine a few times. Once for 3 years (after that hiatus, my first cup was in Costa Rica; yum), other times for a few months. It can be done! Other times, I just drank tea and/or green tea. I've detoxed to varying degrees for various purposes. I find I can regulate eating better when I drink coffee. I drink ~1 pot per day.

    19. Tony Tim

      What a Yuppie; I've quit caffeine many times, gone without. It's easy. But this guy is so high strung and wired, he can't live without it. Another nothing burger.

    20. Mike Snow

      No coffee, no worries! Hot chocs all the way, coffee breath is gross lol. I've never heard anyone complain about a person having hot chocolate breath :P

    21. MyFloridaLife

      I've been off for two years now and it still calls me from time to time. It's a difficult thing to get off, and eventually it becomes even harder to stay off.

      1. Roz Corey Clark

        Why do you continue to not drink coffee?

    22. superfisher 43

      I quit caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol for about 4 months when I was having terrible panic attacks. It was very strange. Like I had nothing to look forward to besides eating and sleeping.

    23. SpearheadBT

      I stopped coffee a couple of times. I did notice that I sleep much better yeah. Trying to stop again as I think coffee is really messing me up. Can't remember how less productive I was, if I was. Anyone can comment on that? If taking coffee only fights the withdrawal effects, how is coffee helping at all? To truly feel the effect of caffeine you should have to take *more* coffee, clearly you have to stop somewhere. Is all this scientific output really the result of caffeine or just that people stopped or reduced their alcohol intake?

    24. Science Revolution

      Predict the future 30 years 1. NASA, CERN, LIGO etc been sued for cheating and stealing. 2. Leading theoretical physicists such as Tyson etc, been put in jail for misleading the people. 3. All space missions are proven faked, no more space travel. 4. No more theoretical physics in schools. Einstein's theories proven all wrong. QM, electromagnetism proven all wrong. 5. People are smarter, understand earth is the only home, there is no God, time travel is a lie, global warming is a lie, simulation is a lie, moon landing is a lie fusion is a lie, free energy is a lie. black hole is a lie, gravity wave is a lie, big bang is a lie. 6. China becomes new America. 7. Japan falling to sea. 8. China took Taiwan. 9. Cancer cure. 10. World peace.

    25. xcvxcv

      I've given up several times and each time I get really bad hamstring cramps for 3 or 4 days. It would keep me up at 2am til 6am...i once had a coffee around this time because I couldn't handle tha cramps and 10 minutes later cramps were gone. For me the hardest part is the smell and ritual. Only got into it cause of my wife and when we had kids. I can give up quite easily but the smell... Man.

    26. Eddy Matta

      Why i fancy another cup right now hehehe

    27. LUNNCHIE

      Im actually a week in no caffeine. There is a fog lifting.

    28. Luca Wolf

      Coffee and booze and other drugs are how they enslave you all. The degenerates pump out porn 24/7 so you spill and waste your energy. They are all demons there to keep you all in a poor state.

    29. Wo Xie

      It's "Islamic World" and not "Arab World" because most of the scientists, mathematicians, historians, etc. were actually non-Arabs.

    30. Frednog

      people: i could never get off caffeine me: when did we start?

    31. Kenneth Holland

      Ahhhhhh So your a functional caffeine addict On Saturday! .....lol

    32. Zachary Mitchell

      nope love it because I am an aspiring bodyguard

    33. TMoney Picks

      Bulletproof coffee..fasted for 3 days and no coffee but green tea...sucked

    34. Michael Ambrose

      The people in the Starbucks line looked miserable because they had a 6 AM flight, not because they didn’t have coffee.

    35. Michael Ambrose

      “One of the most powerful drug experiences I’ve ever had was my first sip of coffee after 3 months… it was psychedelic” ….. GET THE F%#* OUT OF HERE WITH THAT BULLSHIT

    36. wahnano

      Coffee does not effect everyone the same. I love strong espressos and if I stop drinking it doesn't effect me.

    37. USMC*0351

      I drink a whole pot of coffee every day, when I went for my colonoscopy the Dr said I was squeaky clean (his words), I didn’t even have a single polyp . Coffee?

    38. Max Bergman

      It's weird because caffeine doesn't seem to affect me like it does everyone else. I'm not addicted and I have coffe when I feel like it ranging from 4 times a week to like once or less in a week. I don't really feel any difference when i've had coffe, the only thing that might happen is that I can feel kind of nervous if I have to much. And I've gone periods where I've had coffe like every day but had no withdrawals or issues cutting back. Idk lol I might have some genetic resistance to caffeine or I've just been getting shit coffe😂

    39. Mike Hawke

      This inspired me to quit drinking caffeine and to instead start smoking meth.

    40. Quentin Ilputocapo

      What's really the difference between caffeine and cocaine then? Why is it acceptable that caffeine is pushed on us everywhere in everything? Sold openly yet it's an addictive stimulant. We all know Cocaine used to be in Coca-cola, do we all know that a smaller amount of pure caffeine would kill us then pure cocaine?!

    41. jerry Martinez

      Joe looks like he needs a coffee right at 6:18....

    42. Tommy Vercity

      caffeine is astonishing? what about DMT???

    43. genes2311

      does anyone how to turn of the video and just have audio for JRE episodes on Spotify ? The video is killing my battery !

    44. Frank Mello

      A-History-of-the-World-in-6-Glasses - By: Tom Standage

    45. Nikolas

      I love having an edibles sometimes

    46. qopoy dnon

      I can never get over the 45 second long Spotify commercial at the end of each episode.

    47. James Sinclair

      Joe. Adderall

    48. SHIB- onacci

      i go through phases of coffee. i prefer yerba mate for a clean high. sometimes ill drink it for a month or too then just stop. yerba mate is better than caff but doesnt taste as good for sure haha

    49. Ronin75

      Coffee kinda tastes like shit tbh, I never liked it

    50. Emaad Pervez

      on 1.5x this guy looks like hes tripping on caffiene

      1. qopoy dnon

        I wanna feel like I smoked meth when I drink coffee 😳😍

    51. Ty Pearce

      Pffft caffeine.. do a man's drug like coke or meth 😂😂😂😂

    52. Eric Jordan

      I drink 7 cups of coffee every morning!!

    53. galkanftw

      I have never had a caffeine issue.I would drink hot drinks in the winter because i work outside but it would vary tea,,black coffee,hot chocolate.I never felt like i must have any of them. O feel if anything the addiction problem is the crap people put in coffee like 2x or 3 sugar..Sugar is VERY addictive,,imo 100x more a problem than caffeine.I have gone through the winter maybe drinking a coffee for an entire month or two but then could easily skip that coffee with no issues or craving.My point is that i do not believe caffeine does much of anything,besides the sugar addiction i bet a lot of it is just in the people's mind.

    54. Sherif Nabil

      He’s obviously exaggerating. Psychedelic? 🤦‍♂️

    55. Mista 808

      I've drank an average of 8-12 cans of soda every single day for the last 30 years. I'm now almost 38 years of age. The crazy thing? Despite NEVER working out I'm still not overweight. I'm 6 foot tall and weigh 164 pounds. Take that! 🤣

    56. helikos1

      It isn't true that the only safe thing to drink prior to 1650 was alcoholic beverages.

    57. Poop Sock #184673

      the more and more i hear from masked crackheads the more grateful i am that i've never been inclined to drink coffee

    58. ItheLesser

      I used to cycle caffeine/preworkouts, However, for the last 5 years I've only drank decaf with the rare exception of road trip vacations were I'll drink the large gas station coffee special. Point I'm trying to make is that I too cycle coffee but have never felt even a fraction of what this guy is feeling. No euphoria,. No incredible bursts of energy. No insane levels of productivity. I don't think he's high on caffeine, he's high on life...or maybe coke. This dude drinks his "coffee" through his nose with a razor blade on a mirror.

    59. hobanagerik

      I haven’t drunk coffee in at least three months. I just have decaf now. I’d been drinking it for more than 30 years, and just stopped one day.

    60. Popeye

      Complet bullshit - Such a BS, for caffeine molecules take up to 8hrs to break into the system. The only way I could stop smoking was to stop drinking coffee. Whatever he says he complet crap to a Biologist Chemist standpoint.

    61. Philip Cregan

      I've never had a cup of coffee in my life, don't like the taste don't like the smell

      1. SlaveLaboringKid

        If you drink it now your pee will smell of coffee, you will want to shit a few minutes after, and you will feel so awake your notion of time slows down like you are a kid again. People understimate how strong this drug is.

    62. Jessica Drvke

      I wanna feel like I smoked meth when I drink coffee 😳😍

    63. Zakariyah TheTruthSeeker

      Joe acting like his podcast runs on coffee when we all really know the main substance he's using to keep going 😏

      1. Adam Rankin

        What’s that?

    64. Colton Oliver

      Before I even consider getting off caffeine I should probably cut back on adderall lol

      1. Kyle M


      2. Tiphanie Keator


      3. TMoney Picks

        Tweaking on 40 mgs now

      4. Ron Selmani


    65. Dakota Rose

      Joe is such a good sport. He's a huge mckenna fan acting like this guys ideas are new. Lol.

    66. RKFA Comics

      I didnt drink caffeine, alcohol, nothing for 3 years. Life was hella boring.

    67. Sv Harken

      I started drinking caffeine at a Starbucks in Beijing... I talked for 4 hours non stop. Of course they thought an american needed 4 shots of esspresso in their latte. I became a different person, with a different personality, and I began to understand other people so much better and relate more to my pets. I remember as a kid when my grandpa stopped drinking coffee when he retired... he opened up a lot and began talking to me more and focused his attention on teaching me gardening and how to fix things around the farm. So maybe caffeine should be a phase of life thing too.

    68. buy magic mushrooms


    69. John Thompson

      I’ve had coffee one time in my life… It was good… but I don’t need it… I saw how much Starbucks charges… no thanks. I’m 39

    70. Max Awesom

      Hell yeah dude I love coffee

    71. jellyandme

      So sad that essentially people are addicts to coffee.

    72. Obi Wan Kenobi

      this is why i love joes podcast. he often has really interesting guests on and every time i feel like i get a life-altering new perspective

    73. Bruzrk gro-Malog

      Pollan is a wealth of knowledge. So interesting and well spoken.

    74. De Conducteur

      Im getting angry watching this show. Need some Coffee.

    75. Ryan Haney

      (paraphrasing) "...and the people in the line at the Starbucks looked like addicts because they haven't drank coffee in the last 24 hours..." That's why I drink coffee all day long. #NotAnAddict

    76. You Tube

      I get to feel this feeling every time I hear, "Welcome to Starbucks, what can I get started for you".....

    77. Drabhand

      7:44 when you realise Joe Rogan has forgotten what it's like to have a normal job.

    78. Ariel Tabuzo Jr

      I quit coffee for like a month and had a cup of coffee after for like 30 mins. Stomach aches and dump shit.

    79. fogdust

      espresso doesn't fuck me up like drip coffee that gives me anxiety,, i also don't use sugar in my coffee

    80. badmiddens

      i know i'm late to the party, but so glad that nasty set is gone.

    81. John J

      They had coffee is Islamic world during the Islamic golden age in 800s. A lot of our books talk about it.

      1. SwordLord

        @the future the past How about y’all stop bombing us and trying to instill neoliberal ideologies and see what happens. 1.6 billion people would say otherwise.

      2. Antonio joaquim

        No one cares

      3. the future the past

        Some would say its already dead, thankyou mohammed

      4. the future the past

        @aziz no. You only exist, you have a failed religion and failed demographic, without oil there would be nothing left, the middle east is dieing

      5. SwordLord

        Yeah but they used it to stay up all night and pray during holy nights. I don’t think they needed it everyday as they didn’t work 12-18 hr jobs. They woke up at sunrise and slept after Isha prayer (night prayer).

    82. Acejd

      Lucky if I drink caffeine once every month. When I do its great, I feel overly motivated like I could do anything! My mind is so focussed and awake. But I feel 'artificially' awake, like my body is tired vs my mind is buzzing. I CBF having it everyday, it's just like my secret power booster sometimes ;) lol

    83. Hunter Scott

      I quit coffee for a year couple years ago and my first cup after that was not psychedelic

    84. kolim jone

      Have a caffeine sensitivity and it honestly makes me feel like a tweaker

    85. V K

      I did this. I'm a heavy coffe drinker, and on a dare by my doctor I quit caffeine cold turkey for two months exactly. She expected quite the report, but in fact: nada. Nothing. No headaches or sleeping issues after quitting, no cravings - absolutely nothing. She refused to believe it, but my girlfriend and colleagues could confirm it if she had called them. Turns out there's a gene expression that some people have that prevents caffeine from blocking adenosine in the brain, basically making caffeine useless to them. Apparently my dad and I have this, which explains why we can drink coffee right before bedtime while my mum and gf both lie in bed frustrated for not refusing that last cup.

    86. Chris Brooks Guitar

      Sleep is just an inconvenient daily fast from coffee.

    87. Sweet Peas and Yarrow: A Ranch Diary

      The last time I got off caffeine, I woke up on the 3rd day and my eyesight had completely changed. The next day I made a doctor's appt and couldn't get in for 5 days. The day I went, my eyesight went back to normal. The eye doctor didn't believe me that the caffeine caused it.

      1. Sweet Peas and Yarrow: A Ranch Diary

        @kolim jone Don't do it!😂

      2. kolim jone

        9 months off caffeine and I'm afraid to try it again, even though I was drinking cups of coffee daily for 10 years, hahaha.

    88. Genius1107

      When I tell others I don’t drink coffee they look at me Iike I’m some freak of nature

      1. Scott EDM

        Same when I stopped. I use to drink it once everyday then quit drinking it for 2 years. 2020 I actually started drinking it again 3-4 times a week, one cup on each day only. I know people that drink it all day long, everyday.

    89. Mumen Rider

      Caffeine makes me feel out of control. Booze brings me down to level.

      1. Joel Lopez

        Stay strong Mumen , you’re my hero

    90. Anthony

      "The culture that invented mathematics" Umm... The Greeks would like a word with you.


      Being off caffeine feels like taking tranquilizers. A total relaxing buzz. I don't think I'll go back except for the occasional "psychedelic" cup every once in a while.

    92. J M

      After 40 coffee is not your friend they say. I agree.

    93. J M

      Many people are doing it. I went 9 months. Yes its insane when you come back. I'm back at it ( getting rid of caffeine from my diet) and I'm almost a month in. ( health reasons though ) its very acidic and since giving up my sleep has improved ( i fall asleep naturally and on time ), I'm more level headed ( less anxiety, less up and downs ). There is no crash in the middle of the day like their used to be. The drug I need to give up though is CHOCOLATE. That is insane. Tough one to break.

    94. margs

      coffee was discovered in yemen not ethiopia! common misconseption

    95. k

      This guy must own stock in Folgers. I feel like he is saying coffee is awesome but then said how addictive it is and that it needed with your sleep.

    96. El__moreno

      I don’t even drink cafe crazy to hear 👂 this lol 😂

    97. rachit arora

      Tea was discovered in China..this man don't know plus how can he say Arabs invented mathematics..Indians knew maths thousands years back..we knew distance between earth and sun even in Hindu prayer Hanuman chalisa "

    98. Karo G

      OK, you say "it's a drug" because it gets you addicted but why should you stop drinking? It is proven that caffeine is small doses is actually healthy. It's not like cigarettes or heroine that destroy you.

    99. L'ho provato per voi

      I quit coffee, caffeine from any source more than 2 years ago. Still off

    100. Shehreyar Khan

      Sadly, life is all about the covfefe.