Tim Dillon Has Suggestions for The View

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    1. Nicole Roy

      Sherri Shepard has a woman have her baby and then wouldn’t help her husband raise him lol she isn’t a good person lately why is it that joe won’t say anything but good about the black comics on that show but had no issue clowning Sharon when this idiot has said far worse lol yet he thinks joe gets a pass cause there comics lol this world is gone crazy amd were all supposed racist lol

    2. Colonel Sanders

      Interesting you mentioned dementia, only person I know that watches the view, is my grandma, who has dementia.

    3. Tony

      My man's fatter than fat Albert

    4. Ringo Bingo

      Joy Behar calling Tulsi a ' useful idiot ' and not even realizing that she's the useful idiot . She's the one being used by the Marxist left . The lack of self awareness is stunning .

    5. Chad Thompson

      I have a suggestion for the view......they should all jump off a fuggin cliff

    6. Silence Do Good

      Tim Dillon is great.

    7. Mr. Bum Tickler

      Subscribe to mr bum tickler or else

    8. Rug Star

      As soon as he mentioned building 7, shut it down. Absolutely no explanation on why building 7 went down to this day.

    9. sirius black7

      Bro tim dillion is funny AF

    10. Derrick Brossard

      Tim should replace Meghan McCain dressed as Meghan McCain. For a week.

    11. Anthony Carreira

      Lmaoooo Tim Dillon is too goddam funny

    12. Michael Shopene

      What is this obsession with The View? Move on.

    13. Michael Goldstein


    14. Dr. Page

      Norm was on the view

    15. 平静的

      Lol Heaven forbid we have mentally stable people having reality based conversations on talk shows.

    16. Thom Hardcastle

      Imagine if a man cut a woman's tits or labia off and put them in a blender because she asked for a divorce. The hypocrisy is overwhelming. This is a classic example of female privilege.

    17. Addison Carter

      Are the view cohosts any dumber than anybody else on TV?

    18. SS Bundestag

      Joe left Cali for Texas and now he's going all out against democrats or liberals. No surprise though.

    19. Tracy Haus

      I couldn't agree with Tim more

    20. KH4444444444N

      "Squawking birds." Hilarious.

    21. phanders

      Lol Meghan McCain has supposedly "left" the view but she is still there every day. When is she leaving?XD

    22. John Doe

      The view is a complete trash heap.

    23. RealTakerslady

      We don’t need men f*cking up anything else

    24. Matthew Carlson

      I fucking love Tim Dillion

    25. skywalker79sith

      Im a women and I hate the fucking View! I cant stand Joy or Whoopi

    26. Jey Lee

      I would actually watch that dumbass show if Tim was on there lol

    27. Savantjazzcollective

      Gavin Mcinnes co hosts the view, lol

    28. Steve

      5 people on the show but its called "The View". Shouldn't that be plural?

    29. Jim Jablowme

      The fact that the trash known as sharon Osbourne was on the show tells you everything you need to know. Her and her trash husband made a career of screwing over musicians that actually wrote Osbournes music and they paid them nothing. I still cant believe randy rhodes tapped that gross triangle had to be a revenge bang cause of how much he hated ozzy.

    30. RoyalT

      Someone needs to introduce Tim Dillon to a vegetable.

    31. Josh

      Hilarious. I wonder how many views the view gets 🤔

    32. Grant Imahara

      WTF is 'the view'?

    33. You're being played lemming

      building 7? wha...?

    34. philo betto

      Replace The View hosts with Real Women and from all walks of life . every 2 months a new State and New Women ?

    35. Craig Purdie

      Just brilliant :)

    36. Who Hash

      Okay that guy was funny. Cheers!

    37. David Holland

      Man Tim Dillon tickles my humour pickle

    38. Patrick Shaw

      The look on Tim Dillon's face when he says "what are we doing here?" Has me dying.

    39. Coast2Coast

      Tim is the only guy that genuinely makes joe laugh lol. I feel like his fake laugh is so obvious with everyone else

    40. Ckom

      Hey Joe! Is JRE free on Spotify? I’m a little unsure. Do you think there is some way you could tell us? I mean, who knows? Could the JRE be free on Spotify? I mean no money. What do we have to do to find out if it’s free? Does it cost anything? Could it also be seamless? How do I find out? Where do I pay to get JRE. Is it on the internet. It must cost a lot. I’m not getting any clear indication that it’s free. Do you mean totally free? What is free? Does it cost money. How about if I want to pay in Dogecoin? Is there a monthly subscription cost? I wish it was free…

    41. Eazy Duz it

      Ok who is Tim Dillion ???

      1. Eazy Duz it

        @Japanese War Crimes Enjoyer and ??? Your point is

      2. Japanese War Crimes Enjoyer

        Ex-CIA Social Engineering Specialist

    42. Carol Carter

      Lol! So true. These women are the anti christ. They gush over a president that cant keep his hands off lil girls. Feminist man haters.

    43. Marc peppp

      Tim is hilarious

    44. river king

      Tim Dillon is in Santa Clara County Jail. fiblock.info/face/videot/jaOUhoGEkYGaYY4.html

    45. Craig Stevens

      The women in the audience and legit watching at home are worse than the hosts if that's even possible.

    46. oldirtylemons

      The fat kid from stand by me just accepted the challenge.

    47. Adam Reaves

      Thinking of some dudes pecker spinning in the garbage disposal would be a good bit for Doug Stanhope.

    48. Almost Dead Briggar

      Karens and incels in the comments..... 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️


      Rosie O'Donnell talking about Building 7 HAHAHA. That was a great line. Dillon is quick.

    50. Senza Senso

      LMAO...."cool as fuck". The New Stupidest Term of 2021

    51. Samuel Munoz

      Tim Dillion is awesome they are great together

    52. Samuel Munoz

      Joe Rogan wont come up when i click URL for Spotify, Spotify never works I cant stand it!

    53. Tony Dangelo

      Nobody make rogan laugh like dillon

    54. Dom

      joe and tim is like weed and booze, they just go so fucking good together.

    55. A Malibu

      My gf watched the View everyday and now she is full blown crazy 🥸

    56. frank

      Casting morons on that show is deliberate. Having intelligent capable women hosting that show wouldn't get ratings.

    57. Debbie Grooman

      The view sucks, won't give it a second of my time.

    58. jersey4life31


    59. Roxanne Lain

      For the record, there are many women who have NEVER watched The View. I personally, can vouch for them!

    60. JayLeePoe

      god damn i hate this spotify era

    61. limbeboy7

      This dude is hilarious

    62. A C

      Wowza dillon is hilarious

    63. Law Tarello

      I'm never going to Spotify. NEVER!

      1. tech

        I respect your integrity

    64. This Guy

      either i'm too baked, or there is a delay with audio and video?

    65. Lamara Leachman

      All true. Joy fucking Behar.....nails on a chalkboard

    66. Robert Craciun

      Tims a beast

    67. Jonathan Collins

      The worst show is The Real. It's anything but real. These women are only there to bash men.

    68. Rawburt Trubwar

      Nailed it ! The low of the low on the view.

    69. BleedWolf

      The View is bulls*** Haven't heard a person converse about the show in my life!

    70. theflowerhead

      I couldn't love Tim Dillion more.

    71. John Jay

      Even my dad after seeing the view on tv. Spent 5 minutes trashing it. Oddly enough. That is how I perceive most TV anyway, bad trash.

    72. Gregory King

      What a fantastic five minutes

    73. Rob Flammia

      The view needs to be cancelled

    74. Guy Random

      This guy is savage . Joe ; why dont they have any trans women Tim ; They have many that look trans and says it with a non-gay face lol

    75. Monna

      I love Tim Dillon. So funny and so unafraid to make fun of everything and everyone. 💯👌

    76. Verynice Person

      "...that squawking bird." I'm dead. Tim is awesome.

    77. M Jov

      My suggestion: cancel the show

    78. J .House

      Tim Dillon is the man!

    79. Iwant 2spanku

      Tim is hilarious.

    80. ashyelbos

      The View has a lot of women who look trans...dam lol

    81. Eto Rawa

      Joe: "Why doesn't the View have any trans women on it" Tim: ".....it has a lot of women that look trans..." 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Christian Allinson Fischer

        Buckle up, buckeroos!

      2. Orion Neutron

        @Sean Nassiri wondering why you think he cares 😂

      3. Sean Nassiri

        Looking at the massive jugs on Dillon and wondering why he thinks he can criticize anyone's appearance.

    82. Kyle Zolkavich

      This episode wasn’t How Tim Dillon usually is. Joe Rogan definitely told him to tone it down a few notches for this

    83. LM Vath

      Except Gabbs!

    84. Tony Walker

      burn it down

    85. Design

      This guy is like Trump and Eric Weinstein had a baby.

    86. Nathan Wright

      day time tv has been a scourge on the minds of women for decades

    87. Heather Hillman

      I love him!!! I also love listening to Joe laugh at him!!!! Put him on once a week please !!!!

    88. natashka1982

      My suggestion for the View is to send those witches to Mars, one way

    89. Bubbling Babbler


    90. Nate

      A dick in a blender is objectively funny.

    91. Renee Bevry

      Lowest of the double xxxxxezz

    92. Tag T

      Lmfao Tim is great, please bring him back

    93. M Cham

      The view...... waste of time! Vile women pushing victimhood

    94. I Cummins

      Yes or yesss

    95. Ronnie J Dio

      I have an idea for the view Seppuku

    96. reductioncompany

      I have a suggestion…. Cancel it

    97. Hermit

      So Joe delcares war war,lmao. At least make him the fuking president so we all can enjoy war

    98. foxgirl8387

      The view literally makes women all look like we are stupid and think like the cackling old hags cannot believe they are still on air Megan McCain and Jedediah bila We’re the only ones with a brain 🧠

    99. Michelle Bender

      I cannot stand daytime TV, especially The View. I spend my time pursuing a degree.

    100. Joey Rice Fried

      Imagine watching that show.