The Impact of Fad Psychology on Journalism

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    1. Joe Silverstein

      His father was an ant-eater

    2. daysjours

      What a nose on this guy!

    3. Ivan T

      This dude needs to schedule an appointment with Dr. Paul Nassif ASAP.

    4. Brad Ford

      His voice matches his face so well.

    5. John Miller

      I majored in psych. It’s a shame this field is basically “obvious crap 101 for dummies” rendering the degree useless. The field itself has so much to offer

    6. RXIN

      His shit looks broken

    7. Rik Michael

      People shouldn’t believe them because they’re throwing pills at people left and right

    8. Rik Michael

      THIS IS ONLY FOR RICH LIBERALS!!! NOT the same as the left

    9. Rik Michael

      Stop already rich boomer Rogan!! Enough with the woke shit and FUELING THE FIRE!!!! He never talks about real issues like poverty or homelessness that are the root causes of most bad stuff in society!!

    10. Jesse Goynes

      You guys need to realize there are actual good sources of information out there. Let's be specific when we criticize and not lump all journalism in the garbage.

    11. Strawberry Ego

      7:54 / 8:48 So what you’re saying is- What you know is *as* *important* as what you _believe_ in reality 🙃🧠🤩

    12. stephen kahui

      My sister thinks he georgeous I guess she nose!

    13. balls to small

      Holy fuck this is easily one of the WORST nose genetics I have ever seen

    14. josh goins

      Dude all Jokes aside... Can someone explain wtf is going on with his nose?

    15. hmpf

      Joe: "So...has your nose tried DMT?"

    16. Simon Dewit

      People on youtube are fucking ridiculously superficial. "OMG HIS NOSE 😲😲😲😲😲" I guess that's just how young people are, probably because they're insecure about themselves. His nose is kind of big though. Not that it matters for anything at all.

    17. mike jones

      don’t forget the plot to the first spiderman movie, was a newspaper company demonizing spiderman to sell more newspapers

    18. Thramidus Official

      Thramidus likey

    19. AMT

      There's no such thing as "unbiased news". Never has been, never will be.

    20. K 1

      That dude can smell my sheckles through the internet.

    21. Satan Official

      "When raccoons are happy, then everyone is happy." ---Albert Einstein

    22. Garp

      I respect him for not getting cosmetic surgery.

    23. ryan nunn

      Did you guys hear he wrote a book?

    24. runz a

      Man, he’s making some good points but something seems to be distracting everyone from what he’s saying. Who nose what it is ??

    25. buttkrack

      POV : **Your saints row character in a scene**

    26. Mike Cappello

      I took Cialis last night and my headache is gone.

    27. Citizen X

      👃 👃 👃 👃

    28. Zealotes the Aussie

      Whoa….serious nose-ist comments. Middle school level….

    29. Zealotes the Aussie

      USA….most psychologists in the world….worst psychological health in the world. Go figure…..

    30. Shawn James

      Is this guy right? Who nose.

    31. Renee Santiago

      Plz Joe pay for the guys nose job!!

    32. HappyFhantum

      Listened to this whole podcast. Can’t find it in me to like this guy. Sniveling and milk toast and weak. He did make a few good points but overall is a bit of a tool.

    33. Ibrizz

      That a fake nose?

    34. Dang ol Boomhauer man

      This comment section nose no boundaries

    35. Scott Campbell

      These comments are fucked.

    36. Nathaniel Greer

      I love Jessie’s podcast Blocked and Reported. It’s a show for Liberal minded people who are bewildered by modern liberalism. If you haven’t listened to it then you definitely should. That being said the man has a nose that you could split firewood with.

    37. PJE

      The sign is perfect just looks washed out with the wood wall cladding. Bring back the brick or go with metallic panels or even leather.

    38. Scotch Wilson

      I'm bouta trade this dude 6 emeralds for an enchantment book

    39. DJT 2020

      How’s this guy gets a gf with big nose like that

    40. Confident Proactive

      This guy kept bringing up how he’s a Jew while saying he doesn’t really identify as one…. Sums up the whole tribe

    41. San Ehrhardt

      I genuinely cannot find a serious comment about the topic

    42. Gus Dagher

      good journalist... don't agree with his take on trans stats

    43. Mrbigolnuts

      When COVID comes and your actually grateful that everyone needs to wear a face mask


      This man obviously uses common scents. Clearly he nose his shit 👁👃🏻👁

    45. antonio ramirez

      Dude hahaha the comments are Fucken gold!! I’m in tears haha

    46. Stealth 5280

      What do penguin, gru, and this guy have in common? I can't quite but my nose in it!

    47. YchDis

      The placebo test is leading...meaning that the test itself makes people beleive that the effect of medicine is stronger than the mind itself.Testing the effects of each to see if the placebo has the same effect. Which is the same as saying seeing if the mind has the capacity to create the same result...right??? The test should be designed to see if medicine is as strong as the mind but they don't want you to know you already have the tools and the power...everybody have a good one. 😉

    48. Jonathan Dube

      Shout out to Dr. Boghossian!

    49. Jon Darkly

      Oy Vey

    50. GatorManDude

      Holy fudgin green goblin batman!

    51. Liam Leonard

      Jamie forgot to turn a snapchat filter off

    52. Danny Bryan

      I just had a wild trip!!! Wait…. That nose is real???

    53. Blue Pit

      “ I bet he could smoke a cigarette in the rain with his hands behind his back, his nose is like a canopy” -Richie Aprele in the sopranos

    54. Blue Pit

      The NY Times is like a fat girls tumblr blog now but……I love The NY Times & Washington Post🤦🏻‍♂️really joe

    55. Lucia Lu

      I cant with these nose comments😂😂

    56. Blender Guru

      has anyone mentioned the nose yet?

    57. Genocidalx

      This guy grosses me out and it has nothing to do with his nose. He's like the quintessential pseudointellectual redditor who spends half the show mocking and dismissing Alex while also saying people don't think critically. Disgusting person.

    58. TheGuitaronfire76

      Fake journalists might try to beat the snot out of this guy. Who nose?

    59. Tyler Durden

      Quite a hood ornament

    60. Chris Blanton

      The comment section definitely didn’t disappoint. I was going to feel like a dick for saying, he really nose what he’s talking about.😂


      "This test will measure your unconscious racism" Scientists don't talk in absolute terms like that (that is a ischaracterization) As an editor of a science publication he should know that. He engages in black-and-white thinking as in "every school embraces it, every company embraces it" No. That is another mischaracterization. He also says "there's nothing there. It doesn't actually measure anything." Again -- black and white thinking.

    62. Archer, Emissary of the Gorgonites

      If his tongue can't touch his nose I would be greatly Disappointed

    63. ɐllᴉɹoפɐɯI •

      You have to look at the eyes on his nose to tell if its poisonous.

    64. Connor Thompson

      I think he makes some valid points but I don’t necessarily appreciate how he’s slamming the statistics of psychology when it’s pretty apparent he doesn’t have a very good grasp on how the statistical backings of research actually work..

    65. A R

      This guy has a face made for podcasts.

    66. A R

      I became Jewish just by watching this.

    67. zach pierobello

      This guy added nothing to the conversation and I feel like I wasted my time on this one… this guy should stay off podcasts and stick to what he nose

    68. Jorge M. Canavati

      I thought this guy was smart, arrogant and had a bizarre obsession with Alex Jones.

    69. Ko3

      His nose looks like it's melting away

    70. Matthew Miller

      clicked on this video just to see if the nose was real, man i feel bad that guy must of been bullied so bad :(

    71. Gabriella Amelia

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    72. Tiffany Sharp


    73. dedpxl

      he can smell the universe.

    74. Hot Linez Tribe

      Early life checks out.

    75. Lonni A.

      This guy calls himself a journalist but he doesn’t even know that Planned Parenthood had to admit in court that they sell the aborted organs for profit. A journalist lol

    76. FMGFMXX YT

      This mans nose is a NFT

    77. FMGFMXX YT

      I’d refuse to share blow with this guy even if I offered at first

    78. FMGFMXX YT

      Definitely wasn’t a fan of this guy His snauze is just solidification of my opinion

    79. Treevors 3.0

      Yeah that dude that took a bunch of placebos with the heart rate and blood pressure can be a panic attack I remember when my house was burning down I was in an ambulance and they had my heart hooked up to some machines and they asked me " excuse me are you on any methamphetamines or cocaine because your heart rate is extremely fast". And I'm sitting there and I'm thinking to myself if my blood pressure in my heart rate was normal then something's wrong because my house is on flames right now I am watching all my shit burn in front of me yeah I'm going to have a high heart rate I honestly wanted to just fucking punch them in the face but they're just doing their job but to ask that question was the dumbest one of the dumbest things I've been asked

    80. Sun99%

      👃 I'm confused

    81. Rocky Drake

      This guy was a joke how do you do a three hour podcast if your only response is "yeah yeah yeah" yeah yeah. Let me sell my book using statistics but I am not an expert on statistic. What are you an expert on? Worst podcast in Joe Rogan history and I listened to it.

    82. Tomthetrainwreck

      Hes just scared Alex Jones will blow the lid off the new human pelican hybrids.

    83. Tomthetrainwreck

      This guy is a smug little coward. He desperately wanted to back out of his idiotic Alex Jones statements. Unlistenable

    84. Kevin Mcrae

      Wow 👃

    85. Ryan Mcgee

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    86. Hank Amarillo

      well it seems like no one else is going to bring it up but... that guys nose is HUGE !

    87. Stallendall

      Andrew Schulz is going to feel better about himself after watching this episode🤥 😂😂😂

    88. 7 7 7

      I bet he could smell his own ass. Wtf lmao

    89. Outdoor Science Dad

      I clicked just to read the comments on dudes nose in the thumbnail, not disappointed at all!

    90. Rene Bueno

      This guy can't help it, its in his nature to be nosey. Everyone needs to comment on his twitter and not just here.

    91. Chris V

      I just listened to this podcast, then came immediately here to state what a tool this guest is. He uses the massive platform to shit all over Alex Jones, who's already the most criticized human being ever, and to encourage people to 'harass Katie Herzog,' whoever the hell that is. Moral of the story, fuck this guy... he made some good points about PC culture and whatnot, but he came across as a total douche to me.

    92. Javier Warner

      Saying thank you is not enough, carlos_1uptradee []n \lnster;gram you’re the best. Imma refer my friends and family to you. What a good helper.,

    93. AFatalPapercut

      The Revolution -Won't Be Televised- Will Be Ad-Friendly

    94. Steven Martin

      Man, I thought I may be the only one who noticed the nose...I have never seen a beak like that, it's mesmerizing. LOL!

    95. Soylent Green

      Who the hell nose what he’s talking about?

    96. Lawrence Zourek

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    97. Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum


    98. runningfromtheopps YT

      he could light a cigarette in the rain with that nose

    99. Christopher Allen

      joe tired and getting bags under his eyes

    100. Chet Marion

      Im sure joe wants to ask about his nose.