The Feral Pig Problem in Texas

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    1. Greg Deegan

      Here in Australia in outback Queensland I went feral pig hunting with a few hunters when I was 21. My uncle bought the game meat Fr the hunters. He had a five acre property with two frozen reefers (refrigerated shipping containers), one for kangaroos and one for pigs. The hunters dressed the carcasses and they were trained to check for various types of parasites and diseases, any evidence and they'd leave the carcass. But otherwise they would sell them to my uncle for a pretty decent price, and the local farmers had less feral pigs eating their crops. They had very nice fur as well, those bristles shine up nicely when you're eating wholesome grain crops.

    2. ben-jam-in

      The wildest meanest animal I’ve ever had contact with is a 60ish lb boar hog. Warning this story gets gross… We caught and castrated this hog I speak of and just after his testicles hit the barn floor he got loose. Ran up my back trying to kill me then turned around and……. Ate his own dirt covered testicles. True story. We feed him out for a few months (not long enough) on grain and he really never lost his insane stink or put on any fat. We tried smoking him and he probably would have been ok but I think my skills at smoking a whole hog are lacking.

    3. mastermind

      Beacon smells better than it taste. But I love it for breakfast

    4. rilloroc

      What no one brings up is that we have this hog problem in Texas so bad because the whole state is private land. You can't just go hunt them whenever. You have to pay someone a ridiculous amount of money to walk across their land.

    5. billybrooks1

      My buddy wrecked his new truck hitting a heard of feral pigs when he was drunk. Bastards

    6. Z2mmatchenko G

      the highest Joe I've ever seen :)

    7. Michael VIENS

      Joe and his clout, I guess since he moved to Texas now he’s up-to-date on all the agricultural problems but he only shows the ones where you can use guns to solve those problems, nothing about the round up, and everything else that is wrong with the system for the environment. just shoot guns and kill hogs they are a menace to the south east!!! not just Texas. Some states they’re far superior than Texas they will run through an entire strawberry field in one night!!! I will honest to God look like a Tractor drove through with the disc all the way down quietly the night before!!!

    8. Angela

      Lived in Texas for 40+ years and I’ve never seen a Feral Hog. I live on a Ranch and I sell hogs. Very Interesting.

    9. joshy the hand

      I live in the Ozarks.. was on a solo night hike and had a wild hog come out of nowhere and charge me.. it was FOOKIN SCARY. All I had was my knife, which I drew Justin case, but not sure it would have helped. Better than nothing. Can't lie.. scared the tar out of me.

    10. Thomas Lindell

      Perhaps if you shut down the hunting preserve farms and give all hunters open season

    11. No Name Bleach

      🥓 🥓🥓🥓😋 time to move to Texas and eat a lot of food

    12. John Anthony

      Yea joe dude , I just can’t look at this guy . I can’t even look at the fucking thumbnail. There is something to be said about someone who’s face is hairier than their butt. Of all the things we could look at... I could search FIblock for a Margot Robbie video. Why the fuck would I look at this guys face for three hours? And who gives a fuck about pigs or Texas? What the fuck are you doing with the greatest podcast in the world Joseph? What the fuck is wrong with you dude?

    13. Ross Gleeson

      Paul Giamatti

    14. Jeffrey Hill

      There is not a feral hog problem Joe. The problem is that we’ve killed all of our Apex predator and taking all the land so there’s nowhere for anything else to live other than us. Sometimes I wonder about you Joe. Is there anyway that you could be so successful and so intelligent yet so goddamn stupid.

    15. Mudd Hammer

      Put a feral hog ham hock in that cereal boi!

    16. Agent 47

      Joe blazed af 🤯

    17. Ron Carey

      Good excuse to go kill shit. Right joe?

    18. mpetersen6

      Seems to me the solution is something in the range of 30:06, 7mm Magnum, 7.62 x 51 on up to .50 BMG. Limit 20 @ $20 a day and a new box of shells when you bring in the snouts.

    19. anonymous mc

      He’s a podcaster not a comedian…..

    20. Antidote for life

      Your in for a real porking

    21. Antidote for life

      This is why colonialism took bogs and left them on as many islands as possible for future explorers

    22. breadfan262

      Shooting animals with lead bullets and leaving the carcasses causes lead poisoning in scavenger animals like the California Condor.

    23. Dick Sledge

      My great uncle was well known hog hunter around Big Thicket area in Texas. Would drive hogs from Batson to Beaumont to sell. Covered wagon, horseback, dogs, ultra old school shit. Heard a lot of stories about his adventures, but was too young to see them. Rip Jude Hart

    24. Hunter Scott

      Feral Hogs cause billions of dollars damage to ranch’s and farms

    25. JJSH

      Sell the meat to Mexico we make helllaa chorizoooo!!

    26. Just Jones

      Spotify is Not Free to view. It will cost you your privacy, your contacts & your photos too! Not Free!

    27. KK

      wild pig sausage tastes great - some smart Texan can make a business out of this

    28. Take it easy

      Indigenous people are not people Joe?? 3:58

    29. Charlie Brown

      Why don’t they eat them?

    30. Niko

      Feral Pigs probably taste amazing

    31. Mi Cu

      They're not indigenous? Oh excuse me. So that American Greg squirrel that attacked me is indigenous to Scotland I assume. Bloody hankies with their privelege

    32. Mi Cu

      Sometimes I like bro Johan sometimes I think he's a douche. Douchebag is the greatest word that's come out of America

    33. Nick Prohoroff

      "A lot of parallels" indeed.

    34. Kaio Rodriguez


    35. TheSumerianGod

      My friends go hog hunting every night with dogs and knifes drunk as heck also

    36. J5460

      Joe...Spotify SUCKS......

    37. Chris Barber

      And the feral pig bacon market...?

    38. mbaxter22

      He looks like a beefier, red-headed Paul Giamatti.

    39. Mike Marik

      "Momma cooking breakfast with no hog"

    40. E T

      Lincoln once said “there’s too many pigs for the tits” - think about that.

    41. Joey Yosef Productions

      I hunted and trapped hogs for a living for awhile. We donated as much of the meat we could but there was so many of them we had to leave them more often than not.

    42. tHe nAtuRaL fReE hUmaN bEinGs

      good shit, thanks boys....

    43. tHe nAtuRaL fReE hUmaN bEinGs

      they're not indigenous to this country... neither are you bro! lol. javelinas are native.

    44. tHe nAtuRaL fReE hUmaN bEinGs

      populations can never outgrow their food supply. sounds like texas has a human problem. some dark people love to just kill shit, flying around in helicopters, wandering around, the law should be eat what you kill, start feeding folks with all that meat and make it count. i've only listened a tiny bit so far, but that's my thoughts so far. as we manipulate weather, poison rivers, streams and oceans, have out of control cities with kids breeding kids, it's hilarious to hear that pigs are a problem. pigs are tough, familial, smart and have replaced the grizzly in the west, they serve similar functions though they're breeding habits and space requirements are very different. i've killed boar in my life, they're delicious, carnitas for everyone! cheers.

    45. Thomas Reaves

      This hog problem is all the fault of colonialism.

    46. Roe Katz

    47. Jozh

      Time to reintroduce wolves, cougars and jaguars. Natural top predators of Texas or start rewilding the largest tiger population in the world, wild boars natural predator.

    48. Salmon Lips

      Thought that was Paul Giamatti

    49. Jack Ford

      The cute indonesia significantly wipe because sex thirdly whisper pace a amused chain. wiggly, successful cheetah

    50. Anthony Davidson

      If its such a problem how come every ranch wants to charge you to kill invasive hogs.

    51. D'yer Maker

      I knew a guy who hunted them with his AR every night he could. He had to buy multiple freezers.

    52. Ethereal Dweller


    53. 33479Leigh

      Live in arkansas, we have tons . Not as many as texas but still a lot .. we kill them and leave them. We either gather trap them in huge gated enclosure and shoot them or just shoot them out in the open . Shooting them out in the open is just for sport because you will never kill the entire herd that way. They are nasty I would never eat them . We leave them for the coyotes

    54. HunterPro13

      It’s the ranchers fault. As a Canadian I’ve hunting pigs in Texas. A lot of landowners are trying to optimize on the cash flow which driving people away

    55. Minnesota Nice

      need more lions and wolves that eat them

    56. Eric W

      Good to see someone isn't afraid to call the Democrats what they truly are!!!

    57. James Wilson

      Pigs are the closest animal to humans. Pig hearts can used in human transplants. So basically, it’s cannibalism to eat pork.

    58. Russell Young

      Just caught 8 of these pigs in my backyard last night. All under 40 pounds about to cook em up.

    59. Joey Rice Fried

      I’d be more worried about people from California.

    60. Elizabeth

      Watching this w a rescue dog from Texas who got his face ripped open by bacon at my side.

    61. Shaggy

      This guy knows his pigs.

    62. Trev Fougère

      you could feed every homeless person in north america with those.. Why not start a program that people are paid to harvest then for that purpose?? and use homeless veterans as the employees... seems like a no brainer to me... even kids could get paid to do this...

    63. real isrealite

      The pig problem was man made and now its man's problem.I hope they ruin the entire agricultural system in Texas and Florida.Maybe they'll learn that introducing foreign animals,snakes ectis deadly to our ecosystem.

    64. Josh Viveiros

      Ok pigs don’t transform like a Pokémon over a couple months, the physical changes happen over generations due to natural selection. Also why a feral pig is different from a domestic pig, just like why a pet dog that leaves your yard isn’t a feral dog and transforms into a wolf over a couple months .

    65. Anon.

      Pigs are an invasive species in Hawaii... Hawaii has many many native pineapples... And thus the Hawaiian pizza was borne.

    66. Gabe Morales

      You can kill them, leave them to rot and by the next day the bodies will be gone. You helped served dinner to another group of hogs.

    67. NewJerseyJay

      Wait a second... There is a feral pig problem.. but yet the farmers are charging hunters to kill the Feral pigs! You have to contact the farmer or land owner and ask if you can hunt their property, but they always say Yes as long as you pay to hunt them? I understand it's capitalism but, hunters shouldn't have to pay shit! To help them out! There are many companies that are ripping people off, by saying they have to pay the farmers to kill these pigs. Bullshit!

    68. empiremonkey

      Feral pig in TX? Ted Cruz!

    69. Mark McFadden

      I wonder how dangerous these pigs are if you're hiking in Texas? Do they attack people or do they run away. I'm hoping the latter, LOL

    70. Trace Miller

      Before I die I want to shoot pigs from a helicopter 🚁 on my bucket list👍🏼

    71. INDO fix it all

      this sounds like us humans are the same way

    72. RedSuxH8r

      How do they taste?!?!

    73. Shelton Chang

      How about the Feral Human problem in Texas?

    74. Daz Greensmoker

      Starting to think we are more related to pigs than chimps with how clever and destructive these little buggers are.....damn a thick wild boar chop would go down well right now,apple sauce ,mash potatoes.

    75. nsn

      Pigs are intelligent, social, emotional animals. It is evil to kill a pig. I hope you all burn in hell for eternity.

    76. nsn

      Only two feral pigs I see are in the video shot


      All that talk and he still didn't say why they were wasting the meat like Joe asked him.

    78. Soul Flyer

      Leaving killed feral hogs in the field isn't a waste, Coyotes and bobcats gotta eat.

    79. Michael McFarland

      we are one nuclear power plant melt down from having to fight off Orcs.

    80. atlas_c

      20-50 feral pigs

    81. Bob McDowell

      Pigs will eat absolutely anything, and they really are what they eat. Farm pigs are kept on a tight diet to prevent disease. Ferals are not.

    82. Crimson EnKlover

      Pigs are disgusting. They eat waste. Feces. People romanticise them, same as dogs, which also eat poop. Anything that commonly, routinely eats excrement is a virulant pest, imo.

    83. Buck Fiden

      I live in Texas and hunt hogs if you ain’t using a thermal you ain’t gonna have good luck, I love hog hunting it’s fun going at night like that, cooler temps, these hogs will dig man sized holes in fields and ruin crops, they do so much damage it’s hard to imagine, I get y’all would think it’s bad just killing them and not eating them but it could mean you not eating one day, then you’ll change your mind

    84. Michael Mcgowen

      Listed pigs

    85. k t

      There was a owner of a ranch who was having a heart attack and his Pig went out into the road and led the authorities to his home and saved his life... ..the way things are going I would keep those pigs,, because those food shortages are coming and everything else.

    86. REANER

      feed the people ,, come on ,,

    87. REANER

      we are indigenes also do we need to get rid of some of us , lol

    88. lifted Ninja

      Wild hogs are on the verge of getting to montana from canada. I will always do my part to eradicate any invasive/unregulated animals. As long as its within the law I will harvest that animal and eat it. The American bull frog and the eurasian collared dove are a good example of that.

    89. Justin Stclair

      The story of my life that I wanna tell you Joe is about Jesus angels demons monsters olympians martians Eden Lucifer about how a man sought out the worst of the monsters demons ect.this is the tale of my life brother and I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather share it with I don’t desire for my story to be made public it’s truly sacred to me the story of how God became GOD again if god were to start over from Zero could he truly become GOD again I would love to tell you and show you How I got the light and how Lucifer and the demons figured out I was here after 30 years of me being here lol about how I transfer matter from different dementions how I take light and energy from objects that are billions of light years wide and away and transfer it into a 6 ft temple of the flesh I would be more than happy to show and teach you unthinkable things that nobody can do or teach you I’m a regular person enjoying a regular life time is short Joe I’m more than willing to take a lie detector test to show you everything I’ve spoken to be 100% real reach out to me and I will tell you how to find me

    90. Rob Link

      We heard this from you 38 different times we get it .. Texas has animals

    91. krusher74

      they should invent a virus that can be given to them to wipe them out and then it can spread to humans and oh wait!!

    92. David Pawlowski

      How about those South American native tapers?

    93. David Pawlowski

      Thems be good eats mnivirous monkey boy

    94. Roger007

      Feral hogs actually destroy the landscape. A friend told me they have the same problem in Alabama.

    95. 112477fm

      It's become a sport and a money making hobby. Why would these businesses want them completely gone

    96. Alfredo Zamora

      We should all head out to Texas for a big ass BBQ ..invite some of our wild ass hogs for dinner and have some fun!!!

    97. nerdy60100

      I’ve had a long time to mull this issue over, the result of which plausibly installing a nonhuman predator capable of hunting at night that might raid litters or hell, train some loyal tigers to hunt boars

    98. Joel Villeneuve

      freedom pigs

    99. DaisyPiggy Wiggy

      I have ran into a few boars on e highways out here in Saskatchewan . They are so cute lol