Shane Gillis Addresses SNL Firing Controversy

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    1. Aaron Gibbs

      SNL is like the factory for fake humour and laughter. Nothing will beat Norm MacDonald’s reports on that show

    2. Rich Grisham

      There is a show with Stephen Colbert doing a Asian voice while sipping tea back during the The Report days on Comedy Central. It didn't stop him from getting Letterman's old job, and what a bang up jobs he's doing, too.

    3. Leo Rising 911

      Omg, Spotify is free?

    4. Stobzilla

      I mean, that joke wasn't funny. I completely understand why Rogan doesn't laugh there.

    5. Manuel Mena

      snl is anti comedy, they have gone full on propaganda. Even their musical guests suck now.

    6. Brad Fraser

      Joe Rogan needs to host Mr ballin

    7. Tammy G

      Joe Rogan, was actually really listening to Shane story about what he would do and took what the guy said as totally serious. I have totally done that before more than once. Simply put Joe's job is to interview people and get information out. He is more serious about that then anything else. Ratings Ratings Ratings. What i can say about Joe, is that he dam sure has a lucky wife...he is fine as HELL...💋😝

    8. DannyOfOurTime

      Who’s the fart sucker that placed the ad at the punchline?

    9. DannyOfOurTime

      Crab Swirls. Just Crab Swirls.

    10. Marc Brownlie

      This dude looks like Colby in 3 years after he gets beat from Usman again and just lets himself go.

    11. Ed Goodwin

      Joe Rogan: Your sketches are some of the best I’ve seen. Also Joe: 9:00

    12. Funny as L

      9:06 Joe: “What?” BREAKING NEWS! Joe Rogan is 3rd man to take his own spaceship into outer space.

    13. Bridget is Jonesing

      Looking back at this, this dude did not seam like SNL material, maybe a writer.

    14. Howard Sung

      This guy deserved to be fired. It wasnt comedy he was doing it was just racist unfunny shit.

    15. SoCal Outdoors73

      SNL=DOUCHEY .... not even worth a mention these died in the 90's....

    16. Jim

      Watching now while reading the comments, can't wait to see this epic awkwardness 🤣

    17. Murdaklez

      Im willing to give him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to being nervous on rogans podcast. But honestly the "joke" of being on the podcast unfortunately didnt hit home. I even rewound the joke a few times and just couldnt get with it. Timing was way off.. he wasnt reading joes mood and just launched him a curveball joke with very little context.

    18. That Girl

      One of these days, Joe won’t be cool anymore! Just waiting for it… he is showing his true colours!

    19. Unknown User

      Krab swirl

    20. D Crea

      I thought that my phone lost internet connection for a second at 9:02

    21. Shayne Maskall

      He has the same first name as me.

      1. it's Connor Lmao


    22. Rare Porridge

      Cringe...Joe had one edible too many that day. And Joe took the joke as serious talk. Damn Joe-Bro....

    23. RalphNader2020

      I didn't know haley joel osment was on SNL. Joe should've asked him what it was like to work with Bruce Willis as a kid.

    24. metalhed27

      Can someone PLEASE put a car crash sound effect in at precisely the @9:03 mark? Thanks

    25. Bobby F

      Goddamn shane gillis blows

    26. alxrck3t

      Oof! That joke had Joe contemplating having Jamie take ol Shane out back 😂😂😂

    27. 20 years ago

      Of course they have rules , make them wait make them nervous, they need people working for them that can do the job .

    28. jspur22

      "Usually you work on the show to experience what the show's like" Unless you are Pete Davidson gurgling Lorne Michaels balls on private vacations.

    29. The Electrician

      Having to work for SNL seems like punishment. I have no idea why ANYONE would want to work there. This dude dodged a bullet.

    30. Joseph A

      They always don’t want to be on it or do it after they get canceled. Weird stuff

    31. Joseph A

      For him to throw joes name around like that they must be boys. Hahahahahahahaha

    32. Joseph A

      That’s hilarious how joe changed the joke up to not embarrass dude. Hahaha. Dude didn’t even know. Lol

    33. Mike Davies

      Rogan was doing his shopping list in his head an maybe thinking about how he's gonna bang his wife while that joke was told

    34. Redmonster

      Only if Joe was a comedian he would've understood the joke

    35. The 1.

      Joe is very serious with comedians and very goofy with smart people.

    36. billiondollardan

      Wow that Joke... OK now I understand why every damn comment is about the joke

    37. Sunny_of_Oz

      I think there are fish nets built into this business meant to throttle voices before they become loud and powerful

    38. Bruce Wayne

      It was never about Joe, its his guests that keep me listening

    39. Dan C

      Joe totally big timed him on that joke.

      1. PowerfuIJRE

        Hi, thanks for commenting,I received and appreciate you for reaching out. Where are you from?

    40. odiedodieuk

      Joe calling Cancellation - “consequences” is cuckholdery of the highest order Edit. I changed my mind. This guy saying “I don’t wanna be free speech guy” - after getting cancelled. THATS ultimate cuckery

    41. manichispanic999

      Joe acting like he’s never heard a snl audition story before

      1. Ed Goodwin

        I think he’s trying to kind of give him his moment, as he does with most guests. Otherwise it could potentially come off as rude.

    42. Drew Merka

      Oof. Dude needs to work on his delivery. That was a mild heh at best, not a stop the conversation for laughter moment

    43. Stephen Conley

      He was fired....but remember they hired him that should tell you everything you need to know about Shane's Comedy.

    44. Ordinary Pete

      I don’t know who this man is (Shane) but I’ve been seeing his name lately. However, Rogan showed him 0 respect in this clip. He dissed his joke and even told him he’s not as funny as dude who uses face swap.

    45. Roger Allen

      what a loser

    46. Pandas are cool

      Norm Macdonald was fired for being too funny

    47. Emma H

      Damn young Jaime was fucking up this podcast beginning middle and end

    48. CJC 83

      Relax, this wasn’t funny, joe didn’t think so either. Simple.

    49. Tyler Jeffries

      oof. What didn't Joe get? Not only did he not laugh at the joke, he seemed to take it kind of personally that Gillis would even think of the joke in the first place.

    50. Dave

      JOE have you watched THE FALL OF THE CABAL? PLEASE do and coment on it Would love to hear YOUR TAKE. you have a FAMILY maybe it will resonate

    51. Patrick Connors

      That joke was probably one of the 5 funniest jokes ever uttered in over 12 years of this podcast….. and Joe didn’t even listen to it. C’mon Papa Rogan, you’re better than this

    52. AppleseedVending

      Joe is not a comedian, dude told him a joke and he just sat there

    53. KillaCam

      I don’t get the joke either Joe

    54. KTMGUY95

      Geeze Joe...Leave him hanging in the wind there.....

    55. M M

      Why is everybody freaking out about a bad joke

    56. punker88

      Shane has that oldschool..o.g...snl vibe.. like Akroyd .. when SNL was geared towards more of an adult audience. SNL now... is geared towards the early to mid gen-z range. And I know... there are gen-z'ers that are technically 'adults'... but ... the maturity standards have gone down.

    57. JustIn Credible

      Wasnt as bad as comments are portraying

    58. Danky Skull

      SNL sucks

    59. Terrance Mooselips

      Well that's enough awkward for me tonight

    60. Johnny the Jeweller

      If Joe doesn’t understand why something is funny, he immediately goes to Kyle D to prove he gets funny stuff

    61. Jesus Valdez

      I understand why Joe didn't laugh 🤷🏻‍♂️

    62. Torso Lovers

      Someone please explain the joke @9:00 that Joe missed to me, I also missed it

    63. Sumer Rana

      Ariel is a man child who wants ufc to be like wwe and a Conor d rider who does biased reporting for him so yeah I really don't care.

    64. Ultimate Warrior

      No sympathy for a racist with racist jokes.

    65. Palaecro

      Wow... I think this is either proof that Joe lacks a sense of comedy or isn't self aware enough to understand the humor of it. I thought it was funny.

    66. Alexey Karamanidi

      Oh no, St. Rogies, don't leave him high and dry like this!!!

    67. JohnstasBACK

      the last sentence is everything 🙌🏻

    68. Max Wattage

      Your the but of a joke, not butt

    69. Turd Ferguson

      There's something really unlikeable about shane. This whole podcast was just gonna boring

    70. Max Wattage

      This guy has no talent in comedy. The host not the unemployed guy.

    71. Ant26Live

      It wasn't that bad. Everybody needs to chill

    72. RC GoRee

      9:06 joe: what? Love ya Shane Joe just an old fart now

    73. NewWorldFungus

      Reads all comments while listening to death metal.

    74. N J

      What's crazy is they don't have them sign NDAs before SNL's process.

    75. F Aa

      So he said sorry and he didnt mean it

    76. TheBidendotWIN

      He had me at g eigh and wee todd

    77. Apanther9

      Joes so weird

    78. Walter

      Rogan "Yeah I don't know...ever done DMT?"

    79. nafsiammara

      Joe so stoned he's falling asleep.

    80. Jimmy Richards

      I would go on spotify if Joe would have Dr. Chris Martensen would discuss counter arguments against the covid vaccine narrative, the american people need and deserve an open conversation

    81. Matt Dalton

      joe tired in this 1

    82. zants

      "ALC" lol

    83. Aussi Lightning

      If you don't laugh at your own joke don't expect me to.

    84. Topher Wilkes

      Joe literally has zero sense of humour. How is he a comedian?

      1. Topher Wilkes

        @NefariousPorpoise But that’s kinda agreeing with me. The podcast is where he should be funny. Like sure relax a bit, but he never laughs at his guests jokes.

      2. NefariousPorpoise

        One of my best friends is a 1 star Michelin chef, and he goes home every night and eats chicken nuggets.

    85. Shai Brill

      Super topical, glad Joe could have him on so soon after the SNL incident…

    86. Igor Borisov

      i didn't even smirk when he made the joke. why is everyone crying?

      1. Jack Beiro

        I think the joke is supposed to be that joe Rogan is more relevant than SNL. Either way it’s not that funny.. good on joe for not laughing.

      2. herishmerish

        Its also such a disrespectful thing to say. Like the guy is so important Joe is gonna have him on with zero notice.

    87. Altered Beast

      Sorry but the guy looks like Haley Joel Osmond after a bad crack stint.

    88. Danny Roderick

      I like this guy

    89. Augustus Betucius

      SNL has been dead for decades. It has been so lame and second rate since at least the early 90s. It's like Rolling Stone - past its prime, but no one has had the courage to perform the last rites.

    90. Dr. C.T Ph.D

      You should invite Frank Turek on your show

    91. pete asarisi

      Joe just Motumbo'd that weak layup in the paint

    92. Ryan Larkin

      How does one NOT remember their opening joke when auditioning for SNL?

    93. mart9898

      "U funny, but Dunnighar funnier, the shit he does, let's talk about Dunnighar for the next 5 minutes..." shut the fuck up about that face swap hack

    94. mart9898

      Joe interpreted that joke as a stab in the back or an attempt at exposing him. "I was booked" was the lamest answer he could have given. He's becoming a dumber shill than Seculat Talk.

    95. NeverDoubtMe23

      The tide is turning though, people are starting to turn on the left and cancel culture. You have a group of people with very low IQ's (the left) who replaced religion from sky gods to cancel ideology. The day of reckoning is coming for the left and the temper tantrums they have thrown.

    96. Bryan Torresdey

      The comment section gives me hope, people finally caught on to Spotify Joe's lack of comedy.

      1. Hattori Hanzo

        Eh, not a fan of Joe's stand-up. I know him because of his podcast. Same with Maron. Dig the pods but will pass on the stand-up.

    97. Bryan Torresdey

      Joe "I couldn't get you on, I didn't have ANY ROOM"--- yeah Joe OKAY, how about not having on Lex Friedman or Tom Papa on every other episode.

    98. Isaac Reyes

      The “joke” everyone is talking about is not funny lol what made it awkward was Shane expecting a laugh