Richard Branson's Space Trip

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    1. pkr pdl

      This space exploration idea is completely idiot and dumb. They don't even know what is there in core of earth. And now these idiots are trying to settle in Mars. Why don't they search what is there deep inside oceans and core of earth? Nobody knows what is there

    2. speedy 02

      The dude looks like he has a beak for a nose.

    3. Skyler Carbary

      This guy's nose is "Space"

    4. Colin Hay

      Well Elon's involvement with, and promotion of Solar Roadways powered by Tesla Powerwalls definitely qualifies as deceptive behavior; you could call it lying. The entire concept is a scam. All the engineers involved understand that the cost of maintaining the solar road FAR outweighs any possible energy benefit (the physics involved make it unsustainable), so it very quickly becomes a massive failure and safety hazard. So you hype it up, get people to invest, calculate when the non-Tesla business in charge of the project will crash, then right before that you sell your shares and have the proper people bet against the company on the futures market. As a result, your return is exponentially higher than your initial investment and the infrastructure of the road itself is permanently damaged, because no business or agency wants to touch it with a 10 foot pole. So idk. I wouldn't say that Elon never lies...

    5. Mstacks

      Jeff still in space😂😂 thats a new man

    6. Thramidus Official

      Thramidus likey

    7. Joe Luna

      Joe Rogan critiques UFC fighters (big egos and can kill us easily), and he is afraid of a plane ride? I would ride a plane into space before criticizing some of those psychos (Quinten Jackson, Vitor Belfort, Jon Jones on juice). 🤣

    8. Arg Meg

      Is that thing real?

    9. N-e-o

      Elon is honest? 😂😂😂 I can't wait for the day that people realize Elon is nothing more than a Jesuit pawn. Do the necessary research and you will find the same conclusion. But even without the research it's pretty obvious but hey this is the planet I live on. Millions of people who believe billionaires have their best interest.

    10. Barefoot67

      I hate that spotify plug in the end, sounds like Joe is ordering people

    11. ernesto martinez

      Damm that dudes nose is distracting

      1. Fahid

        Lol ikr

    12. bleustraveller

      WHo is this dork?

    13. Connor Roberts

      this guy nose all the answers

      1. Fahid


    14. Carlos Ferguson

      When Joe had musk on the podcast he looked really guilty picking up items looking hard at them to take his mind off the guilt but then see the obeject as one of mans last creation before the re- set or maybe I'm wrong and he just installed a new sympathy filter app for his micro chip head implant up grade latest installment widows696 planet x nasa na!No! Tech combined with big momma pharmakic uncle Sam sci-fi suedo big brother and any and all entities from any or all dimensions physical or in unseen forces dragons demons angles jinn energies genes spirits souls shape shift reptilian humanoids elf elves trolls fairies shadow peps gargoyle ect ect

    15. Oliver Lane

      man that guys nose is hard to look at

    16. Furda

      his nose is... exceptional

    17. Daron Ruiz

      Elon’s have blown up 😂😂😂😂😂

    18. Daron Ruiz

      Please change the beginning of the fucking episode.

    19. JUNG BOY

      Wtf is that thing in studio with joe?!??

    20. True North Strong & Free

      I'm immune to edibles too! I thought I was the only one lol

    21. Ash Drums

      This dude looks like he can sniff lines off his chin.

    22. K Lo

      Lol his nose is pointer than big bird.

    23. James Eckman

      Dude.....This guy interrupts Joe ccoonnnstanntlllyyy it was so hard to listen to.

    24. Erik Valencia

      Shut up Jamie

    25. Allah O'ahu

      I clicked for the nose

    26. Vanessa N

      who needs police dogs when u have this fine specimen

    27. Gage Campion

      The earth is flat tho right ?

    28. Tina Bates

      We should of all been dead in 2012 the sun gave off sweat balls 3 of them the size of mount everest just before they was going to hit us something pushed them out the way

    29. Mike D

      Joe Rogan-- "Elon Musk is a brilliant guy who never lies." Adam Something-- "Ok, what if he had a brilliant genius like Elon Musk, but instead of Elon Musk it would be...."

    30. Jason Butler

      We're currently living through a climate emergency (anyone notice?) where the overwhelming scientific consensus is saying there's much worse to come. I don't think these billionaires and their childish dreams are setting the right example. Makes me wanna puke!

    31. B Q

      Wait is that a fake nose?

    32. mister Knister

      When Gozilla wants to feel stealthy and sneaky. it hides in his nose

    33. C.J.

      Look at the beak on that dude. Damn.

    34. Lianna Pfister

      Jesse’s nose is something else

    35. Jack Gallagher

      Ye Joe... he willingly blows up his own rockets . No better way to get data.

    36. Capt Tokki

      Anybody gonna comment on that fucking NOSE dude?

    37. Sky The Knight

      At exactly 59 seconds in young Jamie pooped his pants

    38. Sky The Knight

      Just here for the nose comments😂

    39. Lonni A.

      This guy calls himself a journalist but he doesn’t even know that Planned Parenthood had to admit in court that they sell the aborted organs for profit. A journalist lol

    40. They call me Bam Bam

      Joe “Elon doesn’t lie” Rogan

    41. Mike Alpha

      I thought this guy’s nose was a deep fake.....😦

    42. Rene Bueno

      Eddie knows he would get suicided either before he was schedule to go up or they would just blow it out of the sky before it made it to space.

    43. Edward Kipp


    44. Javier Warner

      Saying thank you is not enough, carlos_1uptradee []n \lnster;gram you’re the best. Imma refer my friends and family to you. What a good helper.

    45. Sugar Walls

      Maybe focus on improving shit here first. Then go play with your expensive toys.

    46. Paul Gomez

      Am I the only one that is annoyed by this guy’s nose?

    47. cya hick

      That feeling you are getting, the uncanny valley, the subconscious cue that something is off, abnormal, perhaps even dangerous, like the frog gazing into the face of the moth's wings. There's a reason they trigger that feeling, just as the moth has evolved a "face".

    48. D0PEF1END

      No point buying tickets for Eddie. He would just tell you it was “one of those simulator machines they have at the arcade you know!? With the hydraulics and the screens? We never even left the hanger. Pshhh people are so dumb”

    49. frawldog

      Get me on your show

    50. KEVdiggs

      That Marvin Hagler shirt though. 🔥🔥🔥

    51. sikosis999

      new shirt Joe . . . " . . . filled with rocket juice!" :)

    52. Zachary

      Eddie would go

    53. Rob Link

      Joe stop it

    54. Hunter Marze

      Nice of Pete Townshend to make an appearance.

    55. Michael Cole

      Jesse by definition is intellectually dishonest. I didn't enjoy the interview but, good form Joe, per usual.

      1. Michael Cole

        @Vanessa N Ha, I see what you did there.

      2. Vanessa N

        I think he nose what he’s talking about

      3. Vanessa N

        How so?

    56. cktable

      imagine how much cocaine that nose can snort

    57. Justin Brewer

      “I’m not going to fly in a rocket to space until they have it down to a science.” Hahaha I’m pretty sure building/flying rockets is a science already my man. I follow you on waiting until it is so perfectly dialed but uh.

    58. Mikeyg22

      These comments are ruthless lmao 💀

      1. Mikeyg22

        @Temple of Doom I don't remember asking?

      2. Temple of Doom

        I'm 44. Rogan fans are mostly your age. 90% posers

    59. Nicole Sprankle

      Omg I don’t get high from Edibles either. I received Chemotherapy and radiation due to cancer after that I could not get high anymore from Edibles. I only get high off actual weed and it might be for like four minutes. I only weigh 105 female. I can smoke any man or woman under the table. It makes me sad 😞 Can a girl stay stoned for a whole 30min.

    60. Andrew Rose

      Elon Musk is exactly a liar. He's a salesman. He's never invented a thing.

    61. john doe

      "I still don't know how airplanes work" lmao

    62. Daniel Cambisi

      This guys nose is normal for where hes from

    63. TheHailstorm77

      This guy needs to fix his nasal passage way because that Gru nose is Despicable to me. He could play the next Joker with that sharp nose or Freddy Krueger. Even Tucan Sam would be jealous. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a problem picking the booger out of his right and left 👃

    64. SuS. GAMING

      Alex Jones while listening to this:- this guys damn nose is a conspiracy theory in itself

    65. SuS. GAMING

      This walking nose with a body was a horrible guest. All he did was self promote his own grandiose ideas and completely try to shut down anyone else’s including Alex Jones.

    66. Gav Lar

      It’s just a hobby there not going anywhere this is the best planet for us but when people like Jeff bezos have enough money to cure world issues and change things I question why they don’t no one needs £90billion an fuck everyone smirk hey guys why don’t you pay your workers better for a start !

    67. jeffrey swasey

      Feel like Joe is holding in his laugh at his nose

    68. LoneLupin

      Elon’s definitely got the better tech for space. We win as humans either way though. In fact I hope they’re both successful and give us an idea how to improve it more. Jeff Bazos is a garbage human being though so 🤷‍♂️

    69. Chris W

      You can say what ever you want about Elon Musk, he is not interested in lying -Joe Rogan

    70. Savageness

      A Chinese bolt

    71. Holly Q

      I learned absolutely nothing from this podcast. It was basically Joe retelling stories we have all heard 1000 times, with a super neurotic dude


      Joe guest are funny, always right on the nose

    73. Rl J

      This guys node needs work

    74. Christopher Gupton

      Hey Joey boy… tell your masters the tricks aren’t working like that of old and tell them time is nigh……!!!

    75. Mega Man

      Yeah, selling space off to rich people. That's not something to be happy about. Turning into a plot of Gundam. Rich people colonization of space while the poor people suffer on a dying planet. Watch Russell's video on how he got the money to do it. Will piss you the f off.

    76. LSX Tapia

      dammm that guy prob has the worst nose in mankind

    77. David Lynch

      I am immune to edibles as well. I increased each time until I took 720mg of gummies and was a little bit tired. Blunts it is

    78. Hugh Jasoul

      Is that dudes nose real?

    79. Mic Blades

      That guy can't 69 with a girl without smelling her ass whether he wants to or not. lol

    80. Joshua Snyder

      Klingon in disguise.

    81. pjm

      We need Musk alive, not riding some rickety Branson shitbox. Branson is pretty much dispensable.

    82. pjm

      Who's that anti-Semitic cartoon?

    83. scented meat

      "Did you ever notice he's the only motherfucker who can smoke a cigarette in the rain with his hands tied behind his back? That nose is like a natural canopy."

    84. MR SCOOB

      This guy has a nose that screams " don't trust me!"

    85. Craig Jones

      Lol the guest is a LOSER

    86. Tc Linn

      Taking a space trip is Earth-centric thinking.

    87. Sarah Girvan

      Why would you wanna go to space when you a big hit here tho lol

    88. hoastbeef

      To see if someone is bullshitting you, just see what price they pay if they are wrong. When it comes to traveling to space: Elon in an interview: "A lot of (other) people will die." **does an awkward laugh after this statement** Branson and Bezos: "We're going to space on our own rockets." Can you tell whose the bullshitter here? Elon pays no price if he's wrong about SpaceX rockets, it's other people. Both Branson and Bezos pay with their own lives if they are wrong about their own rockets. Elon is literally a walking meme: can't be reasoned with, can't be bargained with. He's never wrong, you just don't understand him. Heads he wins, tails you lose.

    89. Brandon Hunt

      Branson went to the edge of space, not actual space. You can call it fucking space all you want, but it's still the edge of space. "Look I went into the pool" No you went to the edge, but didn't go in "Yeah, isn't it awesome how I went to space and how now I'm an astronaut". SMGH

    90. Adam Mcnamara

      This guy real nose’s his stuff.

    91. Lucifer Dicks

      THIS. GUYS. NOSE..

    92. Robert Cerins


    93. Ben Dameron

      Elon is a liar

    94. JC Energy

      I'm also immune to edibles, it's not fair lol

    95. rigo62982

      This guys nose is funnier than Brendab Shaub..

    96. Jonathan Ford

      If Elon rides the space plane we may see another Titanic event. Invite all these important men on a super ride and then they kill them all off.

    97. SmileSunshine 1

      He never went space 😂

    98. 393nimit

      Rich guys talking about their toys.Nice!

    99. Tyler Massaro

      This guy definitely nose something.

    100. j j

      Brave billionaires venturing into space in high tech-"they blow up" rockets😃 Fuggem....