Quentin Tarantino Analyzes the Differences Between Bill Murray & Chevy Chase Movies

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    1. denroy3

      Scrooge? The classic Dickens tale about a man seeing the error of his meanness? That's his example of an 80's movie changing from it's beginning? Hey, he has an interesting point of view, but this "analysis" in it's entirety was shit.

    2. iggypopshot

      Fucking hell, Morrissey has let himself go.

    3. Keaton Denker

      Look maybe I’m off-base here, but it kinda seems like Quentin is saying he dislikes movies in which characters grow and change, maybe become better people. Again, could be me, but he’s being really dismissive of the concept of self-reflection or personal growth, it’s really weird…

    4. Joe Simon

      Chevy Chase never changes over the course of a movie not due to some artistic integrity. It's because he can't act well enough to show a plausible change of character. Chuck Norris movies show the same guy throughout the whole movie for the same reason

    5. Rainbow 101

      Love 80s cinema. The Thing, Terminator, Lost Boys, Aliens, The Hitcher, ET, Robocop, Trading Places, Ghostbusters, Back To The Future, Breakfast Club, American Werewolf In London, The Fly, Nightmare On Elm Street, Goonies, Stand By Me, Big Trouble In Little China, Predator, Rocky IV, After Hours, Raging Bull, Angel Heart, Scarface, Batman, Empire Strikes Back, Raiders, Heathers, Beetlejuice, Long Good Friday, Willow, Clue, Once Upon A Time In America, Akira, Untouchables, Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, Shining, Never Ending Story, Gremlins, Labyrinth, Elephant Man, Karate Kid, Dirty Dancing, Das Boot, Mississippi Burning, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Beverly Hills Cop, They Live, Coming To America, Lethal Weapon, Bladerunner, Running Man, Wall Street, Evil Dead, Die Hard…

    6. Adam Grunther

      3:12. I think Quentin just described Chevy as a person in general.

    7. American Happiness

      "Operation Mucking Bird"🥸

    8. Cory Kuroyama

      i love 80's movies come-on now

    9. Brennan McGee

      A practical effects sci fi for #8 would be 🙌

    10. Ren Lee

      Did he ask this creep about his trip to pedo island with Jeffrey Epstein?

    11. Bottom Surgeon

      80's movies were King. He just hates the 80's because he's a political tribalist and despised Reagan

    12. Curt Tuckfield

      Yes, but at the beginning of Groundhog Day, Bill Murray's character was miserable and by the end, he was finally happy because he had changed. That's what it was about.

    13. Curt Tuckfield

      The 80s were a bad time for movies?? Most of my favorite films are from the 80s.

    14. Joshh F

      Watched The First Space Jam Last Night With Bill Murray. Butthole Role In The Beginning Nice Guy At The End 🤯🤯🤯 Totally True

    15. Luke Inman

      listening to quent while watching Django on showtime. thank you joe

    16. Deathbrewer

      If he's complaining out political correctness from the 80s, I wonder how he feels about the late 2010s and the 2020s, lol... it's super horrible now.

    17. Shawn

      Chevy is just the Man ...Period

    18. Billy Corvette

      When I go try to watch this video on Spotify it freezes up every time. Wtf

    19. Ralph Alf

      Just watched Chinatown for the first time, after seeing this clip last week. EXACTLY on point to his description of movies in the 70s.

    20. Josh Gregory

      About 2 hours in Joe realized he doesn't love movies as much as Quentin.

    21. mike pearson

      Tarantino just identifies as a supercilious asshole and projects it onto others, so naturally he synergizes with those types of people and their limited perspective. Case closed. Very boring director. And angry. And boring. And predictable. Case closed. Next!

    22. C. A.

      Didn’t Joe had a Chevy Chase on the pod cast one time? In this bit it sounds he never spoke to him.

    23. Amy Grindhouse

      f*ck spotify, hickdead.

    24. Mr. W

      He pretty much nails the difference between Bill Murray movies and Chevy Chase movies, and this is exactly why directors are fascinated by the idea of Chevy Chase and also why even at their best Bill Murray movies are predictable.

    25. Stephanie Butler

      Ironic considering his whole thing is sympathy for the devil

    26. Alex North

      Tarantino has plenty of strange opinions. His "PC" spiel is just nonsense.

    27. Hrothlorien Gaming

      Quentin I Look like a real fucking Frankenstein Tarenweirdo

    28. Philip Holmes

      Murray movies-Funny Chase movies-Not funny

    29. phillip hanna

      I wonder if he was just trolling when he acted black on those talk shows

    30. OcelotDAD

      He's on the money about everything. People saying 80's movies were great because of films like "Back to the Future" are just proving his point, lmao.

      1. Kds Cool

        And what point?

    31. Tunderpimp

      Does Tarantino not know about character arcs? Chase has been typecasted into flat character arcs while Murry gets positive arcs.

    32. Adam Robinette

      The same was true for TV shows being too censored. Compare sitcoms in the 70s and the edge they had, like All In the Family and Sanford and Son, and just about anything in the 80s. But his analysis of Bill Murray vs Chevy Chase is so spot on, and I literally never thought of it that way until I watched this. He's such a brilliant dude.

    33. Gnarrcan

      Saying the 50s was bad for movies is kinda false hitchcock did all his best shit in the 50s all the Brando films rebel and giant

    34. cursed1

      The 80s is overrated and overplayed. It’s time to stop, guys. We’ve had this nostalgia trip since the mid 00s now.

    35. cursed1

      Chase got that old man Harrison Ford vibe about him. “Go bother someone else, kiddo!”

    36. Fernando Moreno

      I'm 27 and I love Chevy chase. Spies like us is definitely one of my favorites.

    37. Luis Gomez

      Nobody can out nerd Tarantino when it comes too movie's

    38. RossDiamondThief

      Bill Murray always reminded me of the live-action Bugs Bunny. The smart-aleck put-upon guy.

    39. s staners

      I’m of the reverse opinion: I think Bill Murray is a brilliant comedic actor whereas Chevy Chase comes off as a stuck up pompous ass.

    40. Erod

      Tarantino couldn't be more wrong about any of this. Wildly overrated as a director.

    41. Cruel

      He is right though, many films stayed away from giving “bad endings”. Or making morally ambiguous characters who do at times awful things. You can argue there were films like this, like Once Upon a Time in America, The Thing, Scarface etc. had these types of darker grittier more realistic endings for the characters, but most films were like Ferris Bueller’s day off or Indiana Jones or The Karate Kid where the main character wins regardless in triumph. That was the dramatic change that came in the 80’s. Many Films that came before like the Deer Hunter, Taxi Driver, and even earlier films like Harakiri, are films with no resolution, no outward triumph, but real human flaws. Film needs more of that, its been selling fairy tales for far too long.

    42. Brian Bonnell

      I’m in the extreme minority here but I’ve always preferred Chevy Chase over Bill Murray.

    43. Arthur Franklin

      I have so many salty friends that like nostalgia and pretend that everything from the 80s is great and everything now is awful. Nice to see Quentin setting the record straight about political correctness

    44. David T


    45. DvD21mIL

      Hey where the hell do you watch Joe Rogan podcast? these are only short video clips, why not air the whole shows like before…. Is there a new platform were I can watch the Entire interview.!?!

    46. redline

      Bill Murray was awesome and still is

    47. J

      No-one cares.

    48. Lady Bohemia

      I could watch "What About Bob" over and over. It's always hilarious. #teammurray

    49. Jon I

      In Groundhog Day Bill Murray literally spent untold centuries reliving the same day. I don't think it's unreasonable he'd have a major character change given the enormous stretch of time involved

    50. Jon I

      This says more about Tarantino's taste than the quality of movies. 80s was great for comedies and action movies. Tarantino's mostly just upset movies weren't gritty enough for his taste

    51. M Duffy

      Yeah robocop was very PC

    52. Vorobey

      When will we see Bill Murray on JRE?? or does Bill just show up when he wants? that would be epic.

    53. MrBuketman

      3 hour interview that will go down history. All I need is film equipment and a Master Class from Tarantino.

    54. Charles Mendias

      Blade Runner/Empire Strikes Back/Aliens/Terminator/Platoon/Year of the Dragon/The Thing/Tron/E.T./Big trouble in little China/9 1/2 weeks/ the Last Emperor/ Manhattan/Wall Street/Raging Bull/Fatal Attraction....on and on love the 80's❤️❤️❤️❤️. Today it's crap. F9 one of the worst movies I've seen in my life.

    55. Display Chicken

      Nothing But Trouble is my favourite Chevy Chase movie

    56. Alex

      From what I hear Chevy Chase is just literally that dude in real life - unapologetic ass to people, inappropriate comments etc.

    57. Rick Saunders

      Their movies were pure stupid Didn't watch for great acting They were funny thats it

    58. Isuzu Buyer

      Bill Murray exemplifies the struggle of all of us hoping we finally get life right, Chevy, is just an asshole and will never play a character that changes because he thinks everything he does is already perfect.

    59. Nick Ruechel

      He's a really gifted filmmaker but I really didn't like the way he talked about Bruce Lee and doubled down on calling Linda Lee a liar. Not gracious or cool. Let it go.

    60. drake128

      I love Groundhog day however it's a little bitter sweet to think he was held hostage until he toned down his true nature. Almost like a lobotomy of some sorts. It neutered him.

    61. Nick D

      The 1980's was the re-descent into the Dark Ages, thanks to triple whammy of Reagan, Thatcher & Mulroney in Canada -- union busting, deregulation of industries & corporations, sell out of national integrity (NAFTA) to foreign ownership, wiping out any sense of public interests...to the point i have to list them: fresh air, clear waters, clean nutritious foods, safe workplaces with livable remuneration....

    62. Jack Lowe

      Well, the 1980s were the decade of "Here's one good film; now let's copy it 1001 times." Multiple unnecessary sequels. A shitload of half-assed teenaged films ripping off the three good ones John Hughes did. Brainless action flicks (name anything Stallone did after 1984). I don't recall the PC-ness Tarantino mentioned. Maybe he's thinking of the Tipper Gore posse, but that was music, not film. Sure, there were some interesting flicks, but you had to wade through a river of crap to find them.

    63. 1122stardust

      Don't get this guy. Pulp fiction sucked ! Horrible stupid movie. Everyone goes mental for headshot scene in car and travolta dancing. That's it ! Why ? Hipster movie.

    64. Nabeel S

      Wow, Tarantino has great insight

    65. Michael Coccia

      Gotta listen to Chevys comedy record. Way outta print now

    66. PlanetDisco

      I wish they’d made more Fletch movies. Plenty of source material, The books were great…

    67. Demgphi x

      I would argue that some really great movies, and a TON of amazing music came from the 80's, But he does have a point of characters being too squeaky clean.

    68. Cody Wright

      I love how Joe asked the last question, trying to pry a bit of information out of Quentin about his own behavior, love them both. Joe's a true genius at journalism, bruh.

    69. Matt O'Reilly

      God I love Quentin. Could listen to him talk movies for days

    70. Viajero Dimensional Oficial

      Ya no hacen películas así

    71. Cody Hall

      Fuck Joe Rogan but man QT is such an interesting dude.

    72. Yuck Fou

      Whoa! Whoa!! Whoa!!! Some great flicks came out in the 80s.... Don't shit on the 80s Quentin. They certainly were nowhere near as bad as the 50s....lol! Some of the greatest horror films of all time came out in the 80s. And when it comes to action there's no other decade that even comes close. And look at the comedy... Ya got Eddie Murphy, Rodney Dangerfield, Sam Kinison, George Carlin..... I can't even name them all at the moment. Wtf is Quentin talking about here?🤣

    73. Lupi33

      the worst era for movies is this decade and the last

    74. Subbu Ac

      Yes portray minor girls wrongly and top it off with casting them as prostitutes. That's what you want right, sir? I have no clue why this clip was in my suggestions. Crap

    75. Phil.T.McNastee


    76. DPR

      Tarantino is a big fan of Chevy Chase but thought the 80's was a shitty time for movies, when Chase was at his peak🤣 while the rest of the world loved the entire 80's From Karate Kid to Goonies.

    77. Unappreciated Treehouse

      The Vacation movies and Groundhog Day are the most popular and memorable due to holiday play. Their the only thing young people will remember.

    78. Lev Tutubalin

      Chevy just streets ahead

    79. Robert Douglas

      But scrooged is a parody of a novel about redemption. Surely that's a bad example to use?

    80. Andrew

      yes stripes does fall apart halfway through, but it’s a goofball comedy and I don’t take the story seriously at all. Groundhog Day and Scrooge’s it’s the point of the movie, but other than that I can’t think of any movies where bill Murray is this super ironic cool character turned lovable other than Groundhog Day and Scrooged which you can argue are the same movie. What about Bob he was lovable from the first part of the movie, even if he was annoying, he was still annoying by the end of the movie. Never was a big Chevy guy…But Chevy in Caddyshack is the role he was always meant to play and played it well. I just don’t see Bill Murray as the person being said here. In Ghostbusters he’s as narcissistic as he was at the beginning as we at the end.

    81. Michael Abercrombie

      Quentin Tarantino looks like the econo version of Richard Kiel.

    82. Steven Rollason

      Both extremely over-rated, but at least Chevy had Community.

      1. iggyotisjimisunny

        @StevenRollason But Murray had "Rushmore"

    83. T

      Hey fellas watch him with norm....he has just moved on...its beautiful

    84. Deiter Vonjibbler

      Maybe it's because Chevy Chase comes from an extremely wealthy family. Which gave him the option to pick and choose the movies he starred in.

    85. UndefeatedGaul

      The 80s had amazing movies. Straight up stupid

    86. Bill Petersen

      The 2000's, kissing up, to the CCP. Just watched Van-Helsing, they mention all the "evil" leaders, Hitler, Stalin, etc, but not the winner, Mao.

    87. Ne Plus Ultra

      "In the 80s; everything got politically correct and watered-down. Almost every character had to be likeable. Almost everyone had to have a redemption arc..." Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, The Thing, The Fly, Blue Velvet: "Am I a joke to you?"

    88. John Gute

      Why does Quentin look like he has lost all of his teeth?! Lol, I swear if he didn't show them every now and again I would swear he has a meth addiction.

      1. Matt O'Reilly


    89. Raif Johnson-Kennedy

      Glad he got this comparison rant out here and not in his next movies dialogue

    90. barrie

      I totally disagree with him...the 80s had the best movies ...easily

    91. raleigh gd

      I was born to love you. I was born to lick your face. I was born to rub you. But you were born to rub me, first.

    92. Super High

      By 50s he means 1950-66 2nd wave was 1980-89 3rd wave is 2014- My theory: current wave will end by 2034.

    93. Wave Cannon

      "Can I borrow your towel? I hit a Water Buffalo with my truck".

    94. Childe Harold

      Not sure I buy QT's Chevy v. Murray analysis. But he's sharper than me, so...

    95. florin burian

      That spam at the end though

    96. pete gonad

      He's right for certain demographics, but the 80s was the golden age of kids movies

      1. Comedy Room

        Adults too. Blues Brothers, Robocop, Rocky 3, Planes Trains and Automobiles.

    97. riley fair

      Proof the 80s are the reason for todays problems. Eveyone says the 80s were the best yet all the bs from the government and PC humans started in the 80s

    98. Sircumsczixszyo

      Excellent Points. Murray made some great movies absolutely. But Chase in the 80's was untouchable. And Murphy, Martin, and Williams all did similar themes to Murray as per this context.

    99. Megz DubV

      They’re as much of a part of 80’s comedy films along with the late great Harold Ramsy and sorry who I’m leaving out, oh Jeannine & Sigorne

    100. Megz DubV

      Ya guys left out John Candy & Dan Akroyd