Quentin Tarantino on the Bruce Lee "Hollywood" Controversy

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    1. Rafael Borges

      Two things I learned from this interview: 1. Conan the Barbarian is a Texas creation; 2. Linda Lee Cadwell is a liar.

    2. Omniback20

      With all respect to Quentin, I have to disagree with him here. Sure if Cliff had a knife or a gun, he could kill someone with martial arts training. Take a US marine, take away his weapons and have him fight someone from the UFC. He's get beaten 10/10 times.

    3. yokai

      People fail to realize that Bruce is a real person. Try to mimmick what he does and you will hurt yourself. You gotta know what you're doing. Yes, the image that he was portrayed as on film is an exaggerated version of what he already can do, but he is still doing it IRL. He's an actor being himself. The flashiness is just for the cameras, which he was aware of. He's an actor. His fighting philosophies are based on life principles, not just some made up fantasy world. Instead of just calling him a "philosopher", actually listen to what he's saying in his interviews. You will bypass all of the bullshit and you will see that its the same person. He actually trained and developed his own approach to fighting. In a real fight, no one is going to try to be flashy, which is what he explained himself. The amount of training and strength that it takes to do what he did isn't easy. Also, he contains himself for a reason so that he doesn't hurt anyone. If he truly wanted to do damage, no doubt he's gonna do so.

    4. DJ Darkcell

      *_I'm very surprised that Joe is such an hypocrite. Where is the:"Tarantino don't know much about martial arts", "Tarantino don't know who's Bruce Lee,and i don't think that he like him", "Bruce was a friend of Jim, and was so respectful with the stunt mans", "Tarantino is such an egomaniac". I'm very disappointed, because i'm realizing that you saying things that you are not sure about. But the more surprising thing for me, is that i don't knew that you was i fake ass. And for me it's very sad to see this from a man that i was respecting so much for the person that i was thinking he is, and also for is knowledge that i was never doubting about_*

    5. Seldom Pooper

      Oh look out. There are Bruce Lee fan-tards in comment section. Human body limit, physics, logic can go out of the window when it comes to Bruce Lee. He is uNbeAtAbLe no matter how much his opponent weighs and conditions himself !!!! :D

    6. QUADREX

      well as Joey said, Hollywood is full of dirty fucks. Tarantino knows some crazy shit.....wonder what he has been involved in.... whatever.... peace

    7. QUADREX

      Joe Rogan - Coco voice

    8. Shavaughn Hendrickson

      I Loved That Scene .. None Of Yall Actually Know If Bruce Was A Actual Fighting Master Or Not .. There's Only Rumors And Hear Say ... That Scene Skims The Line On Weather He Was Or Was Not A Actual Fighter . That's Why It Ends In A Draw ...

    9. Jared Galarza

      Everyone really thinks Bruce Lee is invisible 😐. Like thats the whole point what QT tryna say.

    10. 이승현

      joe your show isn't available for spotify users in korea. by moving to spotify you're abandoning a lot of your listeners

    11. bruisedBhole

      JR is 5ft 3

    12. Strenght Bracer

      I dont get QT's example with jungle. If they were hostile units aimed to kill each other they wouldnt just approach each other trying to engage in melee combat. Especially considering the weight difference. Ancient tribes werent fighting mammoths with their hands, they used tools, cunning hunting techniques, neanderthals were supposedly wiped by homo sapiens with innovative ranged weapons like throwing spears, despite the physique difference (we would have never made it in hand to hand fight). Vietnamese werent engaging in open warfare with US forces, they used guerrilla tactics. A lot of things are going into consideration when it comes to survival, not just the bigger the better, or that if Bruce was used to arranged ruleset he would apriori be worse without them

    13. Armondo Serna

      Apologize to the lee family already.

      1. August

        Nah :) let them complain and attack tarantino for being white.

    14. Armondo Serna

      So qt is a martial artist then?so he is a military man?soldier if you will.

    15. sehhi vooty

      After the thousandth “wow” on the subject of films, joe was probably thinking “I should probably watch more movies”.

    16. Ryan Kohls

      QT is so full of crap.

    17. Joby manuel

      Uma Thorman wanted to use a stunt double in the driving scene in Kill Bill, but you said you wwnted it to look real, Quintin. Will you make a movie about that too?

    18. Altered Beast

      Hats off to quentin tarantino for distinguishing between badasses and wimps.

    19. Robin S


    20. Joaquin Vargas

      The movie was awful, the Bruce Lee controversy, if not for that, the movie should be in the 99, cents bin at walmart.

    21. seeni gzty

      “I don’t want this to be the only thing pulled from the show” becomes most viewed video of press tour

    22. Justin Earl

      Bruce Lee's reputation is pretty well unassailable, but just as all the characters in the movie are versions of historical (and still extant) figures inhabiting a slightly different universe, where Manson's minions fail in their demonic duty, the Bruce Lee we see is thoroughly deserving of getting hurled bodily, ignominiously, into a parked car.

    23. Literally

      I understand Tarantino on this, however I just know something like this is always instrumentalized by real a--holes... And in that sense I think he is presumptuous himself, as he's sort of taking a personal stance on something and making it seem universal, also giving it to anyone else to instrumentalize in a cheaper way as they like. (Then again, I guess it's not really so big...)

    24. The HolographicSweater

      it was a controversial choice to depict Bruce Lee as a lesbian woman 🤔

      1. seeni gzty

        Imagine our conversations

    25. 훔바룸바

      Old white man being disrespectful

    26. Joe Simon

      Bruce was used to stunt men in China where they hit for real because they all were so desperate for work they took abuse. I don't think he disrespected American stunt men specifically. He was used to working that way and it does look more real. Bruce was great but he was only 140 pounds or so. A 190 pound stunt man could easily kick any 140 pound guy's ass....don't kid yourself. There's a reason fights have weight classes.

    27. Andrew Harden

      In Hong Kong style filmmaking they always do contact fighting Jackie has tagged people, it does look real cause it is

    28. Anatole Navarro

      Bruce Lee trained every day and created JKD. He learned from IP Man and many other martial artists during that era. He trained actors in Martial Arts. This fictional character 'Cliff' is not a martial artist and doesn't train daily. So to turn around and say Bruce Lee is just an actor or athlete, is supremely ignorant to his history and extensive training especially during the 60's & the '70s. There were no mixed martial arts in the first UFC! Bruce Lee was way before his time adding, boxing, fencing, taekwondo, judo, and much more. He understood the concept of mixing styles together. Tarentino should let his pride go and not have this false narrative of who he is or was.

    29. James Daly

      Worse film he ever made...

    30. Brian

      "I’m really fucking tired of white men in Hollywood trying to tell me who Bruce Lee was. I’m tired of hearing from white men in Hollywood that he was arrogant and an asshole when they have no idea and cannot fathom what it might have taken to get work in 1960s and ’70s Hollywood as a Chinese man with (God forbid) an accent, or to try to express an opinion on a set as a perceived foreigner and person of color. I’m tired of white men in Hollywood mistaking his confidence, passion and skill for hubris and therefore finding it necessary to marginalize him and his contributions. I’m tired of white men in Hollywood finding it too challenging to believe that Bruce Lee might have really been good at what he did and maybe even knew how to do it better than them." -Shannon Lee (Bruce Lee's daughter)

      1. August

        She's so racist

    31. qopoy dnon

      After the thousandth “wow” on the subject of films, joe was probably thinking “I should probably watch more movies”.

    32. Habibabdul

      Bruce Lee helped popularize martial arts in the best ways possible with great methods and philosophies. he had intelligent and inspiring statements and spoke of interesting philosophies that align deeply with common sense. But acting like bruce lee was some untouchable entity who could win against anyone in a fight is severely silly and not the point of what bruce lee was about. Curb your fantasies.

    33. Alan Adrian

      Wouldn't it be cool if he made a 3 musketeers or zorro movie? Just imagine if he gave his vision.

    34. KingTRoss

      Joe asked if he researched this lol this man is as film buff as it gets

    35. Eleazar Tellez III

      Also. Final Film to end all film. Ghostbusters

    36. Eleazar Tellez III

      How did us 4 meet or even get along

    37. Eleazar Tellez III

      Imagine our conversations

    38. Eleazar Tellez III

      If anyone has Tarintino’s number. Let him know that the final 4 that he has to direct is Me, Paul Rudd, Daniel McBride, and Courtney Craeyon

    39. JR GAMING

      Bruce lee was and still is the greatest martial artist of all time. Hands down

    40. Ultor Vindex

      !@#$ whole episode Quentin swollows and gulps so much it sounds like he's running a gloryhole.

    41. Scuba 85

      I wish Joe asked Quentin why he hated Enter the dragon.

      1. Scuba 85

        @August He said he did

      2. August

        Probably because he doesn't hate enter the dragon

      3. I identify myself as a white African American

        @Me Ur mom gay

      4. Me

        @I identify myself as a white African American ur gay

      5. I identify myself as a white African American

        Because he is gay

    42. Andrew Obanor

      Jackie Chan also said the same thing about him hitting stuntmen too hard

    43. adam thoba


    44. ShonenFreakTV

      Quentin "Enter the Dragon is a piece of shit" Tarantino

    45. Bunny, Easter

      Chuck Norris only lost to Bruce Lee because he didn’t have the beard

    46. James Walker

      “I don’t want this to be the only thing pulled from the show” *becomes most viewed video of press tour*

    47. Gugu Quinn


    48. Paul V

      The movie was great though.

    49. Gene Tilghman

      He really hated Bruce Lee because he listened to other people talk about him instead of finding out the truth other people talk down about him because he pissed them off cuz he was so good but Quinton just went with the bad reviews and decided he was a bad guy no quitting you can suck a d

      1. August

        Where did Quentin say he hates Bruce Lee? Just because he's being honest about what Lee was like back then doesn't mean he hates him lol you don't have to be perfect for Tarantino to like you

    50. superbanks

      The last thing QT said was really dumb, what does he think chuck norris, kareem jabbar wanted to dod with bruce? They would definitely kill and bruce killed people in his movies. Wtf. Gotta say at first I was at his corner, looking back I think it was pure disrespect, for a cinephile he should respect Bruce Lee's memory.

    51. Al Bolfoni

      "He's not fighting me he's fighting his instinct to kill me"....

      1. Axel Stone

        Talking total nonsense

      2. CptJohnB Hewler

        @PJ Authur Possibly for a soy-boy like you.

      3. PJ Authur

        lol sounds dumb really

    52. fiegaro

      WTF is this weezle talking about like he personally knew Bruce..

    53. Logan Praz

      QT is so wrong in so many ways you can tell you didn’t even care to actually analyze Bruce lee and his personality

    54. Invest In Yourself

      QT clearly has a hidden disdain for Bruce Lee. Just can’t help but give him a sly dig the whole clip. I wonder what he could of done to him to make him so mad???

    55. Slabicus ‘Deadwood’ Headicus

      Fairly clear now how much of a hard on Quentin has for anything on the subject of Bruce Lee, and not in the way he normally has hard ons for other men

    56. Bruce Doyle

      Man i wished that Joe knew or realized or even Quentin, that Bruce probably did tag/hit them because of different Culture, not out of disrespect, cause even to this Day, Asian Stuntman are used to have a realistic film making, meaning real hits, not out of disrespect, i mean everyone who saw a old or even Todays Asian Martial Arts Movies, know that unlike Hollywood they make Body Contact. I mean also i do believe that Bruce was during that Time probably under alot of stress aswell, him being the first Asian Actor, the Racism he must had faced and the different Film Methods in Hollywood that he isnt used to. But we all know he wasnt a Disrespecting Hating Asshole, he was just a Human with ups and downs like all of us trying to make it, but instead became a Legend.

      1. August

        Green Hornet was Bruce Lee's first adult acting job. He literally had nothing to compare it to, and it was his first time doing action. He did the Hong Kong films later

    57. Arocedric

      There's nothing wrong with Cliff besting Bruce Lee in a fight. It's fictional - that's fine. The problem is that Quentin literally made Bruce Lee look like a bumbling idiot and pretty much turned him into a character to be laughed at.

      1. August

        You feel bad for laughing?

    58. Enrique Gonzalez 3D OG

      I always do my own stunts😎✌️❤️

    59. James Morales

      I hear this stuff all the time lol guys who come from military and stuff and say they train to kill and have an advantage over fighters who train under fighting rules lol! You think the guy who trained to fight with rules doesn't know how to break your neck!?!?! That's why in in fighting they have refs because the guys could literally kill eachother. Bruce Lee studied all mixed martial arts and was obsessed I doubt many people could just kick his ass lol

    60. nonya biz

      I believe the stunt man story... Bruce was an artist when it came to his marital arts moves on screen. That was his thing! He wanted to push the envelop all the time when doing his moves on camera. He felt if a few stunt men got some bumps and bruises so be it. Same thing with Jackie Chan he pushed the envelope a lot too with him doing most of his own stunts.

    61. JUNIOR

      Steven seagal would also fuck up the stunt men till he got chocked out and shit his pants

    62. Christian Meza

      Can't believe people saying Bruce Lee couldn't fight, smh. Just look at the time, they wouldn't allow a Steven Segall in those days.

    63. Max Y

      Quentin Tarantino is completely full of shit. Bruce Lee trained to kill..."when fighting with no rules, you better train every part of your body."

    64. Charles Wofford

      No Bruce lee had immaculate control over his body he mastered his own form of martial arts, a random green beret, would never stand a chance.

    65. stunt fighter

      Ah now I know why QT made that unlogic seen with Bruce Lee. He is just pissed, that Bruce was better than, those Stuntmans. You shouldn't be jealous at someone when he or she is better in what they are doing than you. QT you should give Bruce the respect he deserves and stop showing us those lies about an unsporty, fat guy, beating the best fighter.

    66. Alexander Harris

      It's fiction, fictional character... Nough said

    67. Jason Franklin

      I always knew Tarantino was nothing but a douchebags douchebag

    68. Matt Lord

      Bruce was a good fighter, but he was a bit silly.

    69. killer7nintendo

      Asian hate is real and comes in many forms. Subtle racism is the most dangerous. Because more often than not. The people inflicting it don’t even realize it. Bruce defied the stereotype of the meek subservient Asian male. The minute an Asian man is able to stand up for himself. Even be proud of himself and his accomplishments. His name is dragged through the mud by the white male mind and told to sit back down. Because Asian men aren’t allowed or supposed to be any other way except quiet and meek. It’s where Asians are supposed to be. Because they aren’t allowed any other voice. For example: See, when Conor boasts of his accomplishments or his skills he’s praised and lauded. When Bruce Lee does it, all of the sudden he’s a braggart, cocky, some even say a liar. It’s uncomfortable for the minds in power for someone of color (not white) to be proud of himself, so they look for a way to tear the man down. (See? Subtle racism) Bruce broke all barriers and was a hero to millions. He is the Godfather of MMA. You can count Asian American heroes literally on half of one hand. There are next to none. And are hard to ever come by. The amount of shade this legend is being dealt right now is beyond ridiculous. For god sake the man is dead and can’t even defend himself. Have some respect whenever this mans name is brought up.

    70. Free Bird

      White hollywood don't want any asian male figure portrayed positively, except in a stereotypical role. I don't complain about it, it's just a straight up fact.

    71. Susan XYZ

      Now I know why Eddie Perez was in that movie. 🌸🌺

    72. Kaiserbowl

      The movies title is literally "Once upon a time...", anything, literally anything can happen in a fairytale. People seem to forget, to have fun with a film.

      1. nieooj gotoy

        I thought rogan has an issue with how bruce is being presented in that movie .. turns out he has no guts to speak out

    73. Joe Pepe

      Yeah...yeah....yeah.ok.and brad pitt could out bench press Lou Ferrigno.

    74. Karo Kratos

      Scene was great and funny.

    75. Ren Lee

      Did he ask this creep about his trip to pedo island with Jeffrey Epstein?

    76. Thomas Nikoleris

      Respect for Tarantino but is his input on Bruce Lee bullshit?

    77. Sash

      Delighted to get name checked by Quentin Tarantino (one of my fav directors) on @joerogan show. But to clarify, my biography of Lee DID NOT say that "Bruce had nothing but disrespect for American stuntmen." What I said in my book is that Bruce wanted to change American fight choreography so that the blows would miss by millimeters rather than by feet (aka the John Wayne punch) in order to better sell the technique. But in the process, Bruce did bang up some of the stuntmen on the Green Hornet, which pissed them off. So they asked Gene LeBell to settle Bruce down. It wasn't an issue of disrespect but a difference in fight choreography philosophy and style. For further reference, see 'Bruce Lee: A Life,' pgs 186-7. - Matthew Polly, fact-checking QT on Twitter

    78. JET RANGER

      interesting...i read articles and stories by William Cheung . he and Bruce Lee were friends in the early days of Hong Kong , and he talks about him and Bruce fighting for there lives more than once..so Joe i'd check that out for your self, Bruce was the real deal and faced real combat in the streets of Hong Kong. i Love Quentin work but he is a bit of a dick.

      1. August

        Back when Bruce was 15? Lol

    79. Alex Fiction

      Bro I swear reading these comments is everything 💀 the losers that watch Joe are soooo funny

    80. Diego Ramirez

      Thats hollywood, the masters of cultural appropriation and villainizing minorities.

    81. kolim jone

      "He's fighting his instinct to kill me" DAMN!

      1. nieooj gotoy

        After the thousandth “wow” on the subject of films, joe was probably thinking “I should probably watch more movies”.

    82. Val Denoyo

      "He's fighting his instinct to kill me" DAMN!

      1. nieooj gotoy

        Very interesting how different Jackie Chan's story is, where Bruce Lee even went bowling with him because he felt sorry.

    83. Alex Rouse

      People just ignoring the fact that Tarantino is also an expert in his field (filmmaking) and it’s not that far fetched to believe Bruce Lee wasn’t highly thought of in the American stunt community and that is what QT has portrayed and his make believe film

    84. Javier Warner

      Saying thank you is not enough, carlos_1uptradee []n \lnster;gram you’re the best. Imma refer my friends and family to you. What a good helper.

    85. BenjaminWeaver

      I want to see QT direct a Wes Anderson screenplay.And Wes Anderson direct a QT Screenplay.

    86. Gosha Wen

      I thought rogan has an issue with how bruce is being presented in that movie .. turns out he has no guts to speak out

      1. Aman Red

        You could see.it like that but then he probably knew that if he challenged QT it would have gone nowhere. He knew from the beginning he couldn't reason with him or change his mind simply by the fact that QT basically said that anyone who has a problem with the scene can go fuck themselves. Sometimes it's not even worth challenging people who have that kind of attitude.

    87. Cr8ive Amboy77

      The scene is better in context of the film.. which is an interesting portrait of Hollywoodif not a fairy tale version.It is fictional and I am generally a QT, Brad and Bruce Lee is my hero, but a few things: 1. BL is technically American and bridged western and Asian Martial Arts Movies 2. BL did come to respect and integrate the Western way of stunt work & filmmaking with camera angles during his experience on the Green Hornet. (Watch his initial interviews from the period). He is a very considerate,

    88. kabilan

      Don’t ever disrespect Bruce Lee, whoever dafuq you are

    89. sinkingdragon

      qt trying so hard to justify his actions...😅🤣😂

      1. AydarBMSTU

        And not really succeeding XD

    90. Emir Yardimci

      Lee is unprofessional for beating people on set to make things look more realistic; Tarantino is a professional to tell things the way they are, and believes the only rightful person to complain about this is Lee's daughter. Who is he trying to kid? Great director, silly person.

      1. Emir Yardimci

        @August I loved the movie, as stupid and pointless as it was. And Lee's scene hadn't really triggered anything significant, apart from being an unnecessary take on the man. But Tarantino's defence sure might have triggered me right now😄

      2. August

        @Emir Yardimci I'm sorry the film triggered you to feel that way. I can't say I had the same experience

      3. Emir Yardimci

        @August not really offended, as I couldn't care less about his opinions on certain people. Just saying that he doesn't make sense here, that's all. He portrayed Lee the way he thought he was, and that's fine. Doesn't matter if it's the taggjng or arrogance. But if you take something out of it's context in the name of telling the truth (in this case, taking a tiny bit of Lee's legacy and literally cramming it into a lousy fight scene) and put it into something that you have made up yourself in the first place, is pretty stupid, tbh. Let's just admit that the movie was a lesson in movie making, but that scene was really bad, and his defence is even more cringeworthy.

      4. August

        @Emir Yardimci im sorry you were offended. But like I said, listen again. He was talking about Lee's daughter being upset about Bruce Lee's character in once upon a time in hollywood, the stuntmen discussion was later in the video.

      5. Emir Yardimci

        @August Oh yeah, he actually said that everybody else can suck a dick. I was too polite with my paraphrasing :)) We should all thank Tarantino for showing the real arrogant Bruce to the whole world. There are many ways to show that, he chose the most cheesy and lazy way.

    91. Armondo Serna

      When the piper wants his fee.its a muthafucka

    92. Armondo Serna

      And at the end of the day (climate change).f u Quentin

    93. Armondo Serna

      Its literally saying it's alright

    94. Armondo Serna

      He defended Roman Polanski on howard stern show talking about 13 year old girls

      1. Sup

        Yes, if you start looking at Tarantino's history and start piecing it together, it's clear why he and Harvey Weinstein were so close. They weren't just colleagues, they were like brothers. I don't think Tarantino is on that level of evil, but he's definitely twisted.

    95. Armondo Serna

      On line check receipts that say pay to the order of Quentin tarantino by big harvey

    96. Armondo Serna

      Harvey Weinstein pictures with Quentin tarantino FIblock he funded me

    97. Armondo Serna

      Go to howard stern qt roman Polanski

    98. Armondo Serna

      Howard stern interview quiten terintino roman Polanski defense