Quentin Tarantino on Pulp Fiction's Influence

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    1. Jared Galarza

      QT just doesn’t care about your feelings and thats why i LIKE HIM 🤣💀.

    2. Alfie Allanach

      Very overrated film along with once upon a time in Hollywood

    3. Indigo Sunset

      remember when tarantino was on coke? man he was crazy in those days, glad he got off the powder

    4. ЕБН

      It pisses me off that Spotify podcasts are not available in Russia! Is there any way I can get around that? Как в России фул найти?

    5. Wilson23

      Most overrated filmmaker in history of cinema. LOL. Pulp Fiction is winking pastiche with zero creativity. It's copy paste. All hype, no substance. 90s was decade of copypasting, zero creativity, parasitic filmmaking. If you watched many films from 1930s/40s and 1960s/70s (and not just american carbon copy films), you wouldnt find anything deserving any attention in Tarantino's work. I would only give his Jackie Brown adaptation some credit. It was his only real work. Rest is pure shitposting.

    6. Santiago Thomas


    7. Ginger Bread

      Tarantino is so awkwardly honest 😂

    8. Wiky Gonzalez y Los Bandiditos de la Salsa


    9. Ren Lee

      Did he ask this creep about his trip to pedo island with Jeffrey Epstein?

    10. Himora Genma

      ALICE......... Well KISS MY GRITS, Quentin Tarantino on Rogan's podcast!!!! "Na that's a HARD MUTHA-FUCKIN' fact of life, but that's a fact YO' ASS gon' have to get realistic about!!!"

    11. Mike Hatzl


    12. Douglas Hunt

      The first Tarantino movie I saw was Pulp Fiction(only part of it at the time as you will find out). I was at a friends house. The dad would buy movies as they came out. We are watching the movie up to a certain basement scene. The dad gets up out of his chair. Walks over to the VCR. Hits eject and walks the tape over to the trash can and just drops it in. It was a couple of years later before I got to finish the movie.

    13. G S

      1970s movies were great stuff. More like an event 🎥

    14. Nathaniel Brewster

      He was recording joe feet under the table

    15. yakidk89

      And to think, Forrest Gump beat Pulp Fiction for best movie at the Oscars... LOL.

    16. Craig Ross

      Pulp Fiction is staggering. And it's the old rule: the script's the most important thing.

    17. virtualraj

      Quentin is not Gen X. He's a boomer.1963 (3:45). Great Interview.

    18. Bago Meat

      joe never heard of true romance... says it all really.

    19. Tag

      This episode was something else man. Had me interested every single second!

    20. guest101ism

      Make no mistake. Quinten Tarantino’s biggest fan is Quinten Tarantino

    21. dcsmokedown 91

      Blew my mind with him comparing himself with spaghetti westerns and westerns. Mans really does make spaghetti gangsta movies.

    22. mondrasik

      One might at some points think he got a bit bigheaded, only to realize he is actually just stating facts, objective af :D what a flex

    23. Monte McCarty

      Sadly, QT will stick to his plan...only 12 films. He will move on to write many best selling books. If he writes 1 he really really wants to make into a film..he might...might do another. It would have to be his biggest film ....to justify doing another film.

    24. Sam Sung

      Love reading comments.

    25. Jeremy Pomeroy

      Tarantino inspired playlist in Espanol! open.spotify.com/playlist/7FyEAucrkFjOVxdwqYPIXE?si=fff165acd3f44ab2

    26. cursed1

      Please stop bitching about Spotify. More people probably use Spotify than FIblock these days. How is it controversial in any way? And the whole “Spotify is censoring him” is bullshit too, considering how much stuff they remove and bury with their algorithms here on FIblock.

    27. Kevs442

      I LOVE Q, but, people are just as influenced by him as he is influenced by Sergio Lione, Samauri films and violence. Imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery.

    28. HurtsWhenIP

      Dude, get Sylvester Stallone next 👌👍

    29. inter modus

      Who TH is that⁉️that's Quentin ⁉️⁉️ Hard to believe😓

    30. Textual Predator

      *Glad Quentin hasn't been canceled. Using N-word in every movie he has ever made.*

    31. Mr Pucklepops

      I still use Pulp Fiction quotes in my everyday conversations, that's how cool that movie is. Yo FUCK! "Naughty word" ! What the FUCK! did you just do to his Towl" Man ?!

    32. WanO Omar

      Pulp Fiction.. maybe 6-7 times I have watched it .. crazy2 movie

    33. burbs l

      Gen X is infinitely better than the boomer generation

    34. Pinny Ostreicher

      Did anyone eat at Terry Blacks Barbecue?

    35. Edward Yeung


    36. Mamun Ansari

      My buddies and I had the EXACT same reaction as Joe when we walked out of the Dorval movie theatre here in Montreal back in 1994. We questioned what we just witnessed. Great film.

    37. pat adam

      Tarantino is a weirdo cop hater

      1. Flimsy


    38. Aur Wood

      worst movie ever

    39. DAVID LANG


    40. DAVID LANG


    41. Ronnie Burgess

      If it looks like at nonce it’s probably a nonce

    42. Cyrus krissam

      I could listen to Quentin all day long

    43. ViTo

      i wouldn't mind spotify but the interface is so annoying, u can't even adjust the video size u can only go fullscreen for bigger picture and all the controls are somewhere else not on the video, Spotify should make it EZ for ppl to switch and that are the things that make ppl not comfortable when trying it out

    44. Forms In Space

      great point about gen x and tv. we really were the tv gen. I seem to always reminisce with others about "kung fu, knight rider, airwolf, streethawk, space ghost, he man, gi joe"" ect.

    45. MNM2

      Never been affected by a movie more than Pulp Fiction - I was 19yrs old when it come out & at 46yrs old it’s still the most EPIC movie I’ve ever seen 👍🏻🇦🇺

      1. gatoblanconz

        Same. I was 16 and my mum lied to get me into the theatre to watch it. Just an amazing movie.

    46. PrisonCipher

      I mean....Kevin Smith did it first, it just wasn't a crime/action film (Clerks).

    47. RJ Long

      The last of his kind

    48. Lady Bohemia

      He's definately in the top five. Maybe even the best.

    49. Joe Silvaggio

      Tarantino is an overrated? Style over substance!

    50. ifStatement

      When I was a kid I thought Tarantino looked mean and weird, but even then I kind of had the sense there was something great about this guy. What a great director?

    51. Jacob Lara

      I just want a conversation with Quentin just one

    52. don isgood

      When he says "the world is different" I think he means the film world? or the western world? or what? because I know for sure there are people from different places around the world that have no idea who Tarantino is, or his movies. The world is a lot bigger than hollywood yeah

    53. Jthrillz 728

      Basterds is better than Pulp Fiction. Pulp Fiction doesn't hold up well after seeing it dozens of times. It gets outdated and annoying to see afterwards. Unlike Basterds you never get tired of it.

    54. Walter Reed

      Explain a Tarantino film in 1 word........ dialog.

    55. Adam

      i remember people walking out of the cinima when the basement scene happened in pulp fiction.

    56. J Asd

      Sergio Leone get some well deserved respect

    57. Dumitru Chilianu

      F off

    58. Audio Nature

      This is where the internet gets what it wants...

    59. Nasa The Longest Science Fiction Show


    60. E P Ramos

      Pulp Fiction.. My first date movie my wife and i watched when I was in HS. She picked the film because Uma Thurman was in it.

    61. Mr. $elf Destruct

      Royale with cheese

    62. Solid _fire93

      invite JCVD to the show !

    63. Danny R

      I do wonder how and why Tarantino included the scene with Zed and 'The Gimp' in the basement, and the reactions in the movie theatres once Butch, with Samurai sword in hand pushes that door back to witness 'that' moment.

    64. Turtles138

      Maaan I reaalllyy hope that Tarantino’s last movie is a Sci-Fi in space. I really want to see what his vision would see in space. That’s like the only thing he hasn’t really touched on.

      1. Quentin Tarantino

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    65. Eric Son

      Clam down Joe, it's a good movie. You probably where high when you saw it.

    66. Nada

      There's a quote about if you dont see the book you want to read on the shelf write it. Tarantino does that with movies.

    67. Keith Walker

      He is dead right about the tv shows and movies in 70's and 80's

    68. Baron Thomas

      Tarantiino is Gen-X? I thought he was older

    69. Threedog

      Two movies I can watch multiple times and get something new each time; Pulp Fiction and Fight Club.

    70. Ron Page

      Sucks he didn't ask about Star Trek 😭

    71. Built Ford Tuff

      Quentin is the biggest moron to ever make movies. It's mind boggling.

    72. teddy archer

      Joe Rogan "It's WILD" "That's WILD" "That was WILD man"

    73. Unappreciated Treehouse

      Pulp Fiction is the only Tarantino movie I could bare. I tried to like Reservoir Dogs but it was snoring boring.

    74. Θάνος Κολωνιας

      One of the best movies ever!!!End of discussion

    75. cessactdm

      saw Pulp Fiction for the 1st time a couple of weeks ago and I must say what an amazing fucking movie that was. such a ride. a rollercoaster of emotions here and there, everywhere! also, finally found out who that incredibly attractive smoking woman was in ALL those posters was. holy shit man. Pulp Fiction is like The Dark Knight to me. A movie I can watch over and over again and not ever get bored or over it. I mean really never ever.

    76. Greg Williams

      Pulp Fiction is the only movie I ever went to see twice in the theatre.

    77. Jesus Antaya

      Quentin Tarantino is the Shakespeare of movies. He knows what people want to see.

    78. L Hall

      PF is my favorite movie

    79. ARGENT 191

      Quentin Tarantino as George Clooney's psycopathic pervert brother in From Dusk Till Dawn.

    80. CLuv

      So where is the whole video?

    81. DankTheGank

      First time I’ve seen it I was like 9 and my dad had it on VHS. One of my top 5 movies.

    82. johnny gunzfilmbuff

      The 1st thing I ever saw of Quentin Tarantino was From Dusk Till Dawn. And his 1st film I saw one of his film he directed was Inglorious Bastards when I was in High School. I saw Pulp Fiction when I was 20 years old.

    83. TimeCop

      Quentin is very full of himself. And lets not forget Quentin made multiple movies with Harvey Weinstein. Not to mention Quentin and Harvey were very close friends. Even though Harvey's behavior was an open secret in hollyweird. Speaks a lot on Tarantino's character and what kind of person he is. Idgaf about what he said AFTER Harvey was arrested. That crap is meaningless. Tarantino knew all along what was happening and not only continued making movies with that slob but was his very close friend. Tarantino is a piece of a garbage and always will be. His movies being great or not should be irrelevant.

    84. Motorheadmike

      Gen X changed the world in many ways.

    85. Cory Smith

      Mr. Tarantino owes a lot of credit to Seinfeld because I was watching an episode of Seinfeld and then switch to a Tarantino film on Showtime, it literally blew my mind that the dialogue styles where literally the same.

    86. Cale The Nail!

      Braking bad is the best attempt at making a pulp fiction style TV show.

    87. Bloodyshinta1

      Joe just staring slack jawed unaware of all the asian films Tarantino ripped off to "create this sub genre"

    88. Robert Garcia

      I always wondered where did Vincent know how to dance like that!? (No obviously not Travolta, but the character Vincent).

    89. Nathan Shackelford

      Easily my favorite movie of all time. My friends get annoyed with me for how much I watch and talk about it. I've seen it probably 100 times.

    90. Wes T

      W That was really boring

    91. Rohan Agrawal

      Petition to bring -Eminem -Brad Pitt -Jimmy Page + Robert Plant

      1. Rohan Agrawal

        @Valamo Lamb a fellow creature of culture, I see. Respect :)

      2. Valamo Lamb

        Excellent choices! 👌

    92. Max Bateman

      He’s full of shit. Reservoir Dogs is a total rip off of Ringo Lamb’s City on Fire. Quentin has admitted this. But now he is being ripped off 🤷‍♂️ Pffffffff

    93. Andreww Breack

      Michael Franseze next please

    94. W5AWG

      Oh Shit he talks about The Sevemty's greatness I Spent the 1970's in a Mental Hospital. I Missed 1970s and 1980s. In Mental Hospital.

    95. Tye Tracy

      I flew from Australia to London but was diverted toAmsterdam waiting for my UK work permit. I went out alone one night and purchased some weed, noticed people putting tartare sauce on their fries in burger king, i smoked a doobie on the canals and went into a bar that unknown to me was a movie theatre, I bought 2 beers and a ticket to Pulp Fiction. The first 10 minutes of the movie blew me away.

    96. Rob Steffen

      Pulp Fiction my all time favorite movie ever !!

    97. Callsign: JoNay

      I'm not surprised he likes Sergio Leone. Sergio's use of timing, tension, and music is all over Tarantino movies. I love that Tarantino wears his influences right on his sleeve out in the open like that. That's the difference between copying and homage.

    98. Chris Mitchell

      You can’t make movies like that anymore 😢

    99. James Hebert

      I love how Quentin essentially told Joe to suck a dick for not liking the Bruce Lee part in Once Upon A Time. Joe separated himself from that opinion pretty quickly. 🤣

    100. Yvette Talks

      This episode on Spotify in it’s entirety was one of my favorites so far. Quentin is so interesting and tells such great stories. He’s a genius. I’m Gen X too, so loved all the references he made.

      1. Quentin Tarantino

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