Phony TV Psychics

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    1. J.

      “Phony TV Physics” “And here we have this peasant who believes that rolling a metal ball off a wood plank will not equate to F = MxA” 🤣🤣

    2. Mrleejunman

      Why do Americans say war wick when they pronounce Warrick? It's pronounced worick or wa rick.

    3. Dominyc Seifert

      We gonna be together forever right? Rogan had me rolling lmao 👍

    4. Karebu Shmarebu

      "my fuck off is for fuckery" - Jesus of Nazareth 32AD

    5. Mr. Mysterious

      Joe “Oh my God the audacity (why didn’t I think of that?)” Rogan

    6. rabid beaver

      How is this shit not illegal, these fucking places are all over Bramladesh now

    7. Neverhate Yourhome

      Psychics are real but they would never expose themselves.

    8. Kevin Schmidt

      That spotify ad is way too loud and annoying. I seriously can‘t enjoy even watching these clips, because I am scared of that ad coming at the end.

    9. North Paw

      of course psychics a psycho. but arent some of his passions like certain supplements and psychedelics kind of playing with spiritual believes too? another degree, but dudes... really? i am not against them in general, but there is some fuckery in it, using the vacuum religion in ppls minds by creating other believe structures. and making mad cash, yo. xD cultish-ish.

    10. Saad Hasan

      Kyle doesn't know who Dione Warwick is?

    11. Jay Dawg

      The Amazing Randy .. Outed Peter Popov.... btw can't we talk about 'Aliens' some more .. lol ... was such an 'anti-climatic' cut-off .. sigh .. and i don't even know why i'd like aliens here anyway, lol ...we have so many problems already .

    12. Christopher Waldrop

      .... That guy is rich..... I'm a charlatan's kinda way. I mean just look at CNN?

    13. Christopher Waldrop

      It's another American SCIENTOLOGY spin-off shit show.

    14. Christopher Waldrop

      Don't ever have guests on like Kyle, of he/they are unfamiliar with Dion Warwick..... Lol!!!!!

    15. Baret Strieter

      Joe “I have no opinion. Just tell me what to think and I’ll agree with you” Rogan. It’s kinda wordy but it might be a better stage name.

    16. XxXFlyingArmBarXxX

      Coll me now for ya free reading

    17. Fit4Life Nick Zagorov

      Little do u guys know Joes mom was a Psychic card reader! Look it up.

    18. Satan Official

      "Strategic searches of psychic sea turtles can prevent scandals of metallicity and frozen watermelons. Electroweak stars and other logical explanations of structured grocery stores are the rational conclusion for the existence of spaghetti. Information delivered in the proper order controls the need of pasta sauce seeking vacuum cleaner opacity. Objectives of sun dials have purpose in aiding time stream memory plates received by incense sticks developing an endless capacity for staircases. Numerous forms of toe nail clippers have the extraction characteristics of electron degeneracy." ---Albert Einstein

      1. Satan Official

        Fact checkers say..."Correct!"

    19. LSB

      the thumbnail looks like they are scanning each other!

    20. Callum Bush

      Scrapping the bottom of the barrel with this guest!

    21. Andrew Scott

      Fake atheist

    22. Larry Bobarry

      His heads small. Small head means dumb

    23. Alex Trusk

      Vaush, contrapoints and sargon on joe rogan

    24. BLUE BIRD32

      They are fake , frauds and charlatan's who always make excuses when their predictions not only don't come true but make things horrible for everyone. But that is socialism for you ! And psychics are almost as bad but with a slightly better accuracy rate.

    25. Brad Sully

      That Peter Popoff dude looks exactly like your everyday modern CEO of a large company. So yeah, he has to be evil.

    26. Jsythe *

      Guest is kind of cringey

      1. Callum Bush

        He’s awful!

    27. John Jackson

      rogans got tons of fuck off, but i agree with most of it .

    28. 2TrillDCena30

      Hey it’s the one day out of the year Joe Rogan is a Bernie supporter.

      1. VaxxeenTV

        Joe “Guest Chameleon” Rogaine

    29. Austin Hall

      "My fuck off is for fuckery"

    30. big fish

      You just haven't met a person who truly has a gift. My wife can predict some future events down to small detail. She has also predicted over 40 people's deaths accurately to within a few months to a year. Even of the person will die many years in the future. Not joking, I don't care of u don't believe it... iv seen it. She doesn't like to tell people and she isn't always comfortable with the fact that she has this ability, and she would never try to use it for profit

    31. iAceNation

      Please lemme come one the show!!

    32. usmc72409

      Joe Rogans #1671 w/ Bret Weinstein and Dr Pierre Kory is an “emergency podcast” that Rogan posted 6/22/21 on Spot ify. You will not find clips here bc they are being censored. It is an extremely important episode and every single one of us need to hear this especially if you have children. It talks of covid, censorship, issues with the vaccines and ivermectin as an alternative treatment. They are trying to withhold the truth from the public and not allowing the experts to challenge and ask questions. This info is very important. Spot ify is free and so far they are not hiding information that challenges the safety of these vaccines. I’m an not an antivaxxer and I didn’t vote for trump (didn’t vote for biden either). This is not political. It is factual.

    33. Jared I

      Anyone else notice that the most important recent episode featuring Bret Weinstein and Dr. Pierre Kory on ivermectin to treat Covid is missing? If you haven’t heard it, please just get past your gripes about Spotify, and listen to the damn thing.

    34. Mage Morrison

      Joe needs to upgrade on this one

    35. I Am Ron

      JRE Bret Wienstein's Ivermectin interview is not uploaded on FIblock

    36. DeCarlo Calloway


    37. P Smith

      Read The Cosmic Serpent. It will explain all you see on psychedelics

    38. Ever Slow

      Talk to this young man please! @andreiJikh More millennials are on FIblock. Reach out Joe! You are a factor in humanity in this time. Many people have came onto your show and flat out told you this. Maybe not exact words but You’re doing amazing things sir! That’s my opinion. A fact though is that you bring in all different ages of people onto your podcast with all types of backgrounds and just have conversation. That is growth.

    39. Fallen7Pie

      Please give Jamie or Joey Diaz 1 million to run a new James Randi prize, it could be glorious

    40. John Ran

      If Rogan had any taste in the arts he'd have on Jodorowsky who would forcefully do a tarot reading for Joe who would then shit his pants in terror.

    41. Ry Mo

      Kyle is a socialist fool. He got schooled on healthcare by Joe in the full version of podcast. What a hack

      1. Callum Bush

        He’s a fake socialist anyway

    42. Brandon Angilletta


    43. Goofy8907

      Joe is not open minded, he wouldn't be pavlovian against socialized health care then

    44. Eiende

      Segway to Church of Religious Science, LRon Hubbard

    45. TheVerucAssault

      Joe stop being a puss and finish the Conjuring. At the time it came out it was the best horror movie that had came out in years.

    46. Greazy_Jeezus

      As opposed to those REAL tv psychics??

    47. Buffalo Soldier

      These guys have great chemistry or just really high 🤣

    48. Naya

      Kyle you gotta brush up on your culture w the Dionne Warwick


      I’m sorry but this is pure speculation. Where’s the proof of them being phony? I personally have been looking for solid proof on John Edwards for a very very long time and I found nothing.

    50. WelcomeToAlcatraz

      It took me a solid 4 minutes to realize I misread the title and they weren't going to be discussing "Phony TV Physics"

      1. J.

        Haha I said the same thing!

      2. Colby Zur

        Same 😂 I was like how is this going to tie into physics

    51. Kevorka

      "He looks demonic, like a ghost" HUH?

    52. Johnny Allright

      Mad Tv pretty much summed it up.

    53. Paul Newman

      Reaching levels of psychological maturity through spiritual pratices such as meditation, yoga,prayer,breathing… dissolves karma by the planet Saturn opening up the gates to higher levels of consciousness, raising your vibrational frequency. Through a teachers touch one can open up there chakras again raising there consciousness, or by worshiping demons,spirits,making sacrifices to certain Deities, this can also be achieved. Sending out tons of positive energy, energy manipulation, one can also be free of the Karmic grip. Raising your own kundalini. There are many ways to be free from the cycle of life and death, suffering. The one we don’t have and probably never will, mind-technology manipulation. I may be mistaken on this part, personal believe, being kamra free and enlightened are two different things, you can be karma free and not be enlightened, you can’t be enlightened and not be karma free.

    54. 0000 0000

      WHAT A SIMP KYLE HAS BECOME TO THE RIGHT. He's not Jimmy Dore level but he's getting there.

    55. Jonathan Yee

      No mention of Brett Weinstein. Harsh

    56. Feminine Eminem

      Joe literally has had the guy on that’s disproved Peter popov and the guy explained how he did it lol

    57. Adrian Fitzsimmons

      WAR-WICK?! Come ooooon, it's pronounced Warrick!

    58. indiglo1971

      Dionne Warwick used to sing songs at the end of the show. Like a psychic gospel. Esther Rolle, who played Florida Evans on Good Times, was seen on "psychic" infomercials as well.

    59. xenon2

      Where I can get this t-shirt?

    60. Andre Whyte

      Fake Progressive Kyle KULINSKI

      1. Callum Bush

        100% agree

      2. Kalle Ranta

        How is he fake?

    61. Connor

      Joe just pissed off the every single 21 year old white girl who watched this

    62. Alias

      James Randi was the one who exposed Peter Popoff. It's covered in his documentary "An Honest Liar".

    63. Butler Bees

      Kinda buzzed atm and I read the title as physics and not psychics. Kind of a let down

    64. Micheal Fox

      Kyle should be a regular on here! Love that guy! Sensible progressive that actually is likable...imo

    65. A.C. Mc

      2:26 he lying, he ain't heard that song before 🤣

    66. Terry Peterson

      James Randy totally exposed these "psychic" hucksters.

    67. Bryan Jensen

      Even worse Esther Rolle, who played Florida Evans on Good Times did the psychic thing as well.....

    68. KLSeba

      Kyle Kulinksi - *lesbian softball coach*

    69. Bryan Robinson

      Joe's one of the biggest hypocrites when it comes to growth hormones. His head has doubled but when bodybuilders use it competitively he body shames them

    70. Ryan H

      The audacity of pretending to by psychic with 9/11 victims but it could've been worse it could've been holocaust victims

    71. 17 Sent Me

      Ms. Cleo had to make a fortune off of that shit

    72. TheModer8ter

      Jesus of Nazareth, who was God in the flesh of a man, died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to apply to you and trust Jesus to save you from hell then you have everlasting life in heaven. As Jesus says in John 6:47 "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me hath everlasting life."

    73. jeff h

      Just think.. if you have enough money you can make anyone say whatever you want

    74. Raven Rabbit

      Love the new environment! That ventilated tube you were in looked a little airy.

    75. mhud220

      Why is that idiot growling

    76. D Legionnaire

      THE MERCENARY Hyper Violent Head crushing Martial Arts Action starring a former FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION sniper now on AMAZON PRIME

    77. Solomon truth lover

      OMG the more DMT I take the more I like Rogan's way of expressing his thoughts

    78. foreign warren

      Would love to see Bill Burr and Joe have a chick voice off....

    79. Mad Action Media

      Joe is an much a thief as everyone he hates on sadly

    80. Erica Tejas

      I love Kyle

    81. 9 Of 9

      “You’re the most open minded person ever” instantly proceeded to be not open minded af 😂

    82. zenny

      "hi, i need some steaks for the psychotic friends network barbecue."

    83. TRE D

      I usually like Kyle on the show. But doesn’t he seem a little off here? Like he’s trying to kiss ass too much. Laughing way too hard at Joseph’s comments n such

    84. Freddy Marcel-Marcum

      The psychic crowd wasn't the only one to make a buck off of 9/11. I shit you not, I was living in Richmond Virginia in college, freshman year just out of the Navy, went to DC to see a friend that Thursday, she and I walked around and I swear to God they were selling souvenir 9/11 t-shirts on K Street, Penn, the Mall and these were the third printing, for $20. Shit, I somehow had a twenty and I've still got it. They were made with a certain amount of spray paint and stencils and Kmart Hanes shirts but hey, that's city life👍

    85. Freddy Marcel-Marcum

      Crossing Over was the bomb for my Gran, she was waving pom-poms for John Edwards 😜

    86. Nuketheicecaps

      Ivory Hecker interview please?

    87. chaosavenger2

      Joe's getting tired of doing the podcast.

    88. Paul Dale

      A reported $100-million Spotify deal, and it's still not enough money? Way too many obnoxious ads on the Rogan Spotify podcast with a premium membership. There are 3-5 ads at the beginning, and then the podcast is interrupted an hour in for two more ads. Does Rogan really need this additional ad revenue on top of the $100-million? I find it offensive, and anyone else with a premium Spotify account should feel the same. People pay for premium Spotify to listen/view content ad-free. Podcasters have the choice to include ads in their content. Bad choice Rogan!

    89. Rachel Ross

      5 yrs ago John was doing HUGE shows in Vegas

    90. User not found

      Joe Togan is 5’3”

    91. Larry Craimer

      Were glad your gone joe we never loved you or cared for you and don't come running back to LA when texas gets fuked !!🤣😂😂😂

    92. Zut Alors!

      I think Dionne went bankrupt after that...

    93. MMA HotPoint

      UFC 264 McGregor Vs Poirier Promo on this channel ❤️

    94. Jesse Reimer

      Dude has a shrunken head

    95. Kevin Dasilva

      finally something "Secular" about Kyle's talk 😂

    96. CyberVoid

      My favourite comment of all time: Sometimes Joe is so open minded that his brain falls out.

      1. xeepromx

        @CyberVoid Graham Hancock is the ERICH VON DANIKEN!!! of the (cue echo effect) TWENTY FIRST CENTURY!!!

      2. CyberVoid

        @xeepromx wait is it good ?, I have to watch it

      3. xeepromx

        if you've never seen Joe being that open-minded, you've never watched him interview Graham Hancock. 😁

      4. CyberVoid

        @Andrew Jordaan yes you got me, I'm mad 😡😡

      5. Andrew Jordaan

        @CyberVoid Who's mad? 😂😂😂 are you mad?

    97. Alex Shakespeare

      Joe shits on these fake psychics like he's too smart to be fooled by them, then he promotes liars and obvious frauds like Hancock? Hmmmmmmm.

    98. Slack Hackman

      Rogan sure lost my support when he turned on our boy Trump.👎

    99. Gustavo Serrano

      My mom does this and I used to feel bad for the people that came to her. But these people want to be scammed. They will get mad if you even try to talk sense. They want the magic and they’ll go to someone else if you don’t provide it. A lot of the people just need counseling lol

    100. Beardly 01

      I am a psychic(not one of those fake tv psychic) and I predict chill vibes in the future of everyone who replies to this comment.