Modern Conveniences Are Making Us Weaker

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    1. metalheadrobb

      Seems like science, is actually something the Shaolin Monks, Buddhists, Taoists, have known for thousands of years.

    2. Jupiter

      Can you build muscle on one meal per day, if that meal is eaten within an hour after working out and has sufficient nutrient content? Is there any reason why this couldn't happen?

    3. Nick Paul

      Humans are not the only animals that use tools. We're not even the most intelligent species.

    4. Nick Paul

      Humans are pack animals very similar to wolves. We need to go back to living in these small packs of people we can trust with our lives.

    5. Nick Paul

      Yeah let's all make money off of people's depression and misery...

    6. David Weddell

      Where’s Wall-E- ?

    7. Ellington King

      Seems like this guy needs to take his own advice, letting his 80 year old dad out work him😂

    8. Ay_Ay_Ron

      This guy is full of shi*.

    9. Luis

      Does the skipping meals thing still work for people who have naturally fast metabolisms? When I do that I feel like I’m going to pass out or get hangry.

    10. Paul Howden

      No fear of going over the top

    11. Dan Tooine

      I thought it was lazy to trade in my horse for one of them hand crank deals. Now kids are talking long distance without ringing up Flo the operator and flying virgins to space. I don’t know how these kids today can even walk, they have stairs that move for them now!

    12. Xbulelo - Profound Punk

      “We built this world.” If by world, you mean system of rules, yes. If by world, you mean earth, we didn’t build shizzle. It was gifted to us & we continue to destroy it & take it for granted.

    13. Dr. Pre-Rolled

      and dumber

    14. Dey Env

      Joe "guys in the Amazon walk around with no feet" Rogan

    15. Frank Coley

      I didn't need to study anything. I live in the same world. I've know for a long time that Convenience/ Easy/Comfort. We will do ANYTHING for these things. The issue is we are driven to innovate based on two simply things. Not even just Tech wise... Comfort and Fear We want to have things and be comfortable and easy. At the same token we do many things out of fear. We're motivated by ... What it feels like an Endless Cycle.

    16. Mari Pineda

      why does the guy look like the animation from resident evil

    17. D Kel

      As a kid growing up in a rural area, I never wore shoes unless I was going somewhere they were required like school. The bottoms of my feet were tough and my feet never hurt. When I joined the military everyone kept getting foot pain and stress fractures from running and rucking, but my feet were fine. Fast forward several years out of the military and I always have shoes on. I went to a friends party with a no shoes rule, take my shoes off and stand around on hardwood floors for a few hours, my feet start to ache horribly. Needless to say I stopped wearing shoes all the time to toughen my feet back up. I couldn’t believe how soft my feet had gotten.

    18. Mike Milly

      I mean everyone knows that struggle makes people stronger. This isn’t groundbreaking information, it’s just what you do with it

    19. Conor Redmond

      Listening to Joe Rogan nowadays makes my brain weaker

    20. girl2h4u

      bold of him to even think civilization will be around 100,000 years from now

    21. Rob Smith

      If he would've said, "you can reverse human aging" at the beginning I could've saved exactly eight minutes and forty-two seconds of my life

    22. thegrimyeaper

      That's quite the hot take there.

    23. Jason

      Wasn't that very point of technology is to make life more convenient

    24. The Wedge

      is splay a real word? never heard it used before

    25. Petch1

      I've downloaded Spotify twice and tried to watch the podcast, they say they have video, but I only find audio available. I've deleted Spotify again.

    26. Dick Longfellow

      Yeah no shit

    27. Roger Minnema

      We? Nah bro just intellects like you. Imagine saying technology is hurting us and we need technology to fix it 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ “Sometimes progress needs to fail”

    28. reeser

      David's resveratrol not working so he resorted to botox.

    29. Les W


    30. Rob Link

      Always bringing up Same stuff every time w different people .. house cats .. and spreading toes… no one cares joe .. talk about something different

    31. Rob Link

      Joe why do you talk About the same topics over and over again

    32. TIM Dawson

      Me sitting in my recliner watching on my phone and eating chips: "Yes, humans need to eat better and exercise!"

    33. Iván Méndez Ortiz

      So this guy David Sinclair just seriously put out the fact that our feet are made for shoes.......

    34. Identity Unknown

      I feel like modern conveniences are making us crazy too.

      1. D Legionnaire


    35. Ghost of Art Bell 09

      "The industrial revolution and its consequences something something...."

    36. Rajan Pat

    37. Kematu leader of the Gorilla Gang

      Unpopular opinion Joe Rogan=Ronald Reagan 2.0

    38. Mason Crandell

      Yeah I miss being stupid as fuck, and fighting animals to the death. Those were the good ol' days.

    39. Gage Duke

      anyone else not able to listen to the podcast anymore?

    40. Roman Gelman

      We’ve got feet that fit shoes 🤣🤣🤣

    41. Cel Tic

      bruh what's this guy's accent. British, right?

    42. Darren Falla

      No shit. These woke lefty types need a war to relearn them what’s important

    43. Luis Brouwer

      “You can reverse aging as well” Video ends.

    44. RawBert Karlson

      "Have you seen the guys in the Amazon, who walk around without feet?" -Joe Rogan

    45. John Morris

      People have it too easy nowadays. That’s why you get what’s happening in usa.

    46. Chronic Facial

      How bout I just continue eating bad and being lazy and welcome death. The tradeoff will be worth it. Who wants to live for 90 years anyway. Sounds exhausting.

    47. Bob Winters

      What? Did Joe lose his amused stubborn-ness? Or did he just get bored with the red set?

    48. Joe Boike

      Life expectancy has been rising.

    49. Joe Boike

      IQ’s have been rising for decades.

    50. Steph B

      I don't buy the fact that we couldn't live in the wild any more. It would take training but of course we could. Also, we're not pathetic, we're just not strength or speed hunters. We have more endurance in hot conditions than almost any animal. The San Bushmen still hunt by splitting an animal off a herd then chasing it til it collapses. The main thing that makes us so formidable though is how cooperative we are. Tribes would look after an injured member til they got better.

    51. Boris P

      Throughout history there have been many people and groups of people (slaves, poor, etc.) that have been cold and hungry for a prolonged period of time and whatever they did eat was organic, non-GMO, not processed etc. Obviously this was not by choice and there is no data to show that they lived a longer life. Today we are pitching the same lifestyle/diet to wealthy people claiming substantial health benefits, yet nobody addresses lack of benefit observed throughout history.

    52. JZ Gringo

      The mental health industry is crap, the pharmaceuticals used for mental health are extremely dangerous

      1. JZ Gringo

        @Soul Taker they are one big cartel

      2. Soul Taker

        Big pharma is in the business of creating addicts. They only care about profits not people.

    53. Vikas Biliye

      Lillypop physique lol 😅😅

    54. Corey Smith

      I'm all about reversing aging,where do I sign up!

    55. Gewish Worm

      "Age is just a number" I fucking knew it, I've been telling y'all the whole time.

    56. shanmank

      Chimps are actually only 1.3 times stronger than humans. It is not impossible for a strong human male to choke out a chimp. Joe would probably suggest calf kicks.

    57. TheVeganBerkeleyBeauty

      We still have long intestine, what is he talking about?

    58. Brad Cagle

      Stress hormones are released to save your life in the wild. However we no longer live in the wild but the stress hormones are still released in our bodies, and they are now killing us. Facing a deadly predator in the wild? stress increases your chance of survival. In contrast facing a deadline at work? stress does just the opposite. You must burn that energy off that the hormones triggered in your metabolic system. Overeating carbs, and sugar? It's from stress, it makes you crave carbs, and sugar because they are needed for the fight or flight response.

    59. TKRS

      I think he's projecting a bit much

    60. Dark Storm

      You’ll never be as good as the jellyfish that gets old reverts back to adolescence again and again and again the only known animal that has this ability potentially there could be some that are tens of thousands of years old

    61. IC 680

      So hes gonna make companies that get us out of this “problem” most likely using apps 😂

    62. J Doe

      Not all of us are pushing for continuous innovation and progression I fucking wish I could remain the same, but it seems that society doesn’t really allow for it anymore

    63. Lean Nasty Pimp

      "We can no longer live in the wild". No, we just choose not to... big difference.

      1. Max Maybee

        Exactly, many people do. But why make my life 10x harder when I dont need too, never understood people who say that.

      2. Tobi S

        yea, i love that ahaha. the people complaining about who we've become are the same people actually benefiting off of what we have become. Not many people will stop you from attempting to live a more "natural" life in a tree-house. The issue is, you will want to come back to the conveniences we have crated for ourselves after a few months of doing that. If you occupy your brain 24/7 with "how will i survive in the wild today?" you won't have much time to come up with anything new or innovative to help you survive tomorrow. This is literally how we evolved. We discovered farming, which allowed us to STOCKPILE food for future use! That was a HUGE deal for the human race. We now allowed ourselves to sit down for a moment and not worry about how tf im gonna feed my offspring for the next weeks. That's when innovation truly took off. So many inventions and technological advances in such a short amount of time.


      I was blazed af one day and told my friend: What if we age every 9 months And not a year. Since it took us 9 months to develop in the womb 🧐🧐🧐


        @Carole Polter makes you wonder right lol

      2. Carole Polter


    65. Dave Alan

      He says “our feet were designed for shoes”.He confirmed he’s a bs artist and doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.

    66. BlackSheep I.F.I.

      joe rogan is like that guy you meet at a party that sounds really smart, but then you meet him again the next morning when youre sober and its like...ooooh

    67. TheMrgoodmanners

      i think its important to define weak in this context. i believe what david points to constantly is physical weakness and that is certain. what he doesnt mention is whether all the activities we engage in are making us mentally weak also

    68. Brandon Lights

      Took me this long to find this JRE channel lolol

    69. Soli Deo Music

      Quite often these chats are pure nonsense.

    70. Michael Woods

      I swear Joe mentions those damned splayed feet tribesmen every chance he gets...

      1. Vashtieve Designs


      2. Waichung Sham

        Thoses ostrich feet keep it in the family folks that live in mud huts?

    71. Richard Halaj

      "run for 10 minutes few times a don't have to run for an hours..." Honestly man. You've got to be kidding with such a statement.

    72. Andrew Lucks burner account

      I’m almost 100 percent positive that Brian Shaw could knock out a chimp before it kills him

    73. Blunt Ape

      See I don't get this. People were suffering from hard depression and all that way before we made technology. It is a problem but it's not the problem. The problem depends on that person's life style and or upbringing. Upbringing is a MAJOR part when growing up. There's people who are always on tech and don't suffer as much as others so thats why I believe it's all to do with your upbringing and or the chemicals not working right. It's like when they say don't look at your phone before bed or you will have a hard time sleeping. Well I look at my phone before bed and all that shit and I sleep fine. Think of it like peanuts. Some people have no problem with them but other it will fucking kill them. It just depends on the individual.

    74. Divionist

      It really does. In many many ways

    75. Svall

      there is a thing called gym,

    76. Yeah Mac

      This guy is 52 years old... I'm beginning to think he knows what he's talking about.

      1. Steve

        Holy sh-t you're right, I thought he was in his 30's

    77. Daoud

      I thought Wim Hof could hike the Himalayas naked?

    78. Daoud

      Always with the doom and gloom and the naysayers.

    79. inSpihr

      Ya tryin to force another 20 years of this life shit down my throat. Adaptability has made us strong, not weak. Just cuz we can't go toe to toe with a lion... Like what kind of measurement is that even? You're comparing us to the strongest predators. You're literally just trying to create a race of super humans. The rich only will get the age reversing dna manipulation just watch.

    80. Major Allen Espy

      Feet like that in Asia, too, especially among rural classes. Not wearing shoes, mostly sandals.

    81. J Mc

      Thats an oversimplification, some homo erectus left africa and interbred with the neandertals of northern europe the results of that union built the modern world.

    82. George Williams

      Feet spaying makes no sense. Animals walk around all their lives with no shoes and most of them do not have splayed feet. Also, how can he say our feet were made for shoes? Really?

    83. Christopher M

      Dr. Berg should come on the Joe Rogan show..

    84. Spare Parts

      So we need to build a time machine and go back and knock the stick out of that monkeys hand? Or did we already do that and it resulted in him doing something even worse? Maybe that monkey learned scorn and revenge from that incident and THAT set him out to create the iphone in a secret monkey laboratory knowing that it would destroy us?...just spitballing

    85. BlackSilhouette

      When I take my 5000 steps in 8:00 am, I stopped eating breakfast. It like sometimes I force myself to eat breakfast but after I eat it I don’t feel anything ,like I don’t feel hungry nor full at the same time.

    86. Mystery Comment

      “Walk around with no feet” Rogan

    87. Isaiah Bray

      They’re both sitting down and looking at screens

    88. CarryYourTeam ToVictory

      The urbanisation, farming and domestication, something shi zhengli referred to as the modern origins of infectious diseases... only theres even more to discover too. My national institute of allergy and infectious diseases and orthotropics are the keys to our future well being

    89. Chris Ashcroft

      The easy life devoid of any hardship, in which all challenging ideas are cancelled, and all physical discomfort is removed, is the fast lane to an early grave. Embrace hardship. It's actually your friend. Cold showers fire up the body.

    90. Matthew Wilson

      This guy is full of s

    91. Snalem Snolek

      Industrial Society and it’s Future

    92. MontalbanJR

      He lost me when he said our feet were designed for shoes. We are definitely not meant to wear shoes.

    93. N Sareen

      I’m sitting on my bed eating chips while watching this . . .

    94. Cam

      Then don't use them, go live in the forest by yourself and stop complaining... if you want old-school life, there it is... stop preaching to people... They're free to do as they like.

    95. Jonathan Jobickson

      There is no magic pill to reverse human aging if anything it will reverse the time you have left aka shorten your life there are no short cuts.

    96. Dot Dot

      Why are there no clips of the Bret Weinstein and Dr. Pierre Kory episode? Something smells fishy.

    97. J Sawyer

      I disagree. It's not modern convenience. A refrigerator was a modern convenience in 1941. Americans were still strong. It's the life we lead that makes us weak. If you don't have to get up and work hard you don't. That makes you weak. If you go to college and worry about the past more than the future, it makes you weak. Plenty more, but not convenience. It's human nature and it's predictable.

    98. YoungMommy14

      Stresses of using stairs instead of jumping from one floor to the next... Stresses of using cutlery as opposes to eating yoghurt with your hands... Stresses of using a car instead of walking from New York to California... ;-)

    99. DonkeyKong66

      Hold the hell up. Why can’t we go back? Aside from the little bitch inside us that goes “me want to keep iPhone” what’s stopping us from reintegrating ourselves into the wild? Surely if we see we’re going in the wrong direction, the obvious thing to do is to go back. Or change it.

    100. usmc72409

      Joe Rogans #1671 w/ Bret Weinstein and Dr Pierre Kory is an “emergency podcast” that Rogan posted 6/22/21 on Spot ify. You will not find clips here bc they are being censored. It is an extremely important episode and every single one of us need to hear this especially if you have children. It talks of covid, censorship, issues with the vaccines and ivermectin as an alternative treatment. They are trying to withhold the truth from the public and not allowing the experts to challenge and ask questions. This info is very important. Spot ify is free and so far they are not hiding information that challenges the safety of these vaccines. I’m an not an antivaxxer and I didn’t vote for trump (didn’t vote for biden either). This is not political. It is factual.