Joey Diaz's California Screaming Moment - JRE Toons

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    1. ;)

      As a cyclist everything he said was 1000% correct. And yes plz STAY OFF YOUR PHONES WHILE DRIVING!

    2. Let’s go Pat’s 0


    3. Windowslovers

      Hahahhahahhahah :D

    4. hawktondog

      Be cool if spotify let joe bring him on again

    5. Tarot Read

      This here is one a them orbs Ari was talkin' 'bout. Purefection.

    6. Phoenix 2020

      Gotta love some Joey Diaz

    7. PRKR Sade


    8. benjamin kell

      Dont know nuntten but says he cares a gun as a felon 🤣🤣🤣

    9. Thramidus Official

      Thramidus likey


      *Kotaku - Activision BLIZZARD Sued By California Over Widespread Harassment Of Women.* *"In a particularly tragic example, a female employee committed suicide during a business trip with a male supervisor who had brought butt plugs and lubricant with him on the trip, before her death, male co-workers were alleged to be passing around a picture of the deceased's vagina."*

    11. michael smith

      just commenting so the next one will be the 666th

    12. Pro Fights Info

      I just wish someone would animate great clips of JRE into a 22-24 minute show that follows episodes of Rick & Morty every week. They’re always phenomenal.

    13. PhilosoRapper

      Wait... How much is Coke right now???

    14. David Rasmussen

      I have been watching JRE for a few years now and the ride has been fucking amazing. Joey fucking diaz is my favorit guest of all time. His story telling and charisma is out fucking standing - how can you not love this wonderful human being. Joey Diaz keeping it real and making me laugh on a daily basis! Thank you JRE & Diaz

    15. Niel Bezuidenhout

      This is the best way to watch the show

    16. Gabriel Walker Land


    17. Cameron Kwaiser


    18. David Gamble

      First of all, no people on the road at 8:15 am??? Secondly, get off the sidewalk, Joey.


      diaz is a serial #metoo -er

    20. Ian Hamilton

      Come on Joe, you know how much booger sugar is.

    21. Keat0n_

      Joey is the only reason to watch jre

    22. SlicedBread

      "Most advanced tunnel"... most advanced tunnel they have found so far.

    23. t thompson

      I love how she goes for the worst interpretation and she really doesn't know anymore than anyone else. When she talks about how they'll never let us know the truth she's just assuming that those in power actually know the truth and are keeping it from the public because.....that's just what they do. The government and military aren't in the business of speculation. If the Navy says they don't know what they are it's probably because they don't know what they are.

    24. wdmjig

      Don't put to many onions in the Sauce Joey... Funny guy..🤣

    25. Getting It In

      I got hit by a full size van at 50mph and he didn't stop. Lost my job and place while breaking 10 bones along with other injuries. PAIN pills shot ruined my life and almost killed me.

    26. Chris Tovrea

      Please someone animate the Joey Diaz life story, narrated by him

    27. Rya N

      He don’t ride bikes and an electric bike isn’t riding a bike

    28. Jay Juarez

      A 22 just in case- joey diaz

    29. Lance Karmo

      Why did I enjoy that more than the real version?

    30. Pete Olivarez

      I want to see Bruce Lee animated now lol

    31. Sippy Cup Johnson

      This animation is so lazy. Joey deserves better.

    32. Raj Gill

      Joey the only guy who bikes, does tae kwon do, jiu jitsu, diets and STILL FAT! hahah

    33. Okaythis Happened

      Slim Joey down he’s not that big anymore, keep it up Joey.

    34. SeaDawgOST

      Would love to see one of those anti-cyclist drivers start screaming on Joey.

    35. MichaelFred Cooper

      For the record just because Diaz was/is a felon doesn't mean he can't carry a piece..from wat I understand JD was convicted a long time ago.. decades TN, not sure bout Cali, or NJ, after 8 years you can apply for you Civil Rights to be restored if it's nonviolent..but I thought he got time for Kidnapping which I would think would be violent.but it mite hav just been for coke...either way Joe's right..he shouldn't putting it out there on Front Street..but if you can say one thing bout Uncle Joey, it's he doesn't give a F..

    36. Connor Devereaux

      Honesy who doesn't watch Joey Diaz karate videos without laughing 😆. Hello from Ireland 🇮🇪

    37. Ryan Mcgee

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    38. Whats On Your Plate?

      LOL I love this

    39. Texe Marrs

      1:41 Joe's jacket propagating for NASA with their forked tongue symbolism. NASA is a fraud run by Freemasons covering up the Flat Earth.

    40. Woody Chelton

      Diaz is a based cyclist

    41. Misty Brooke Martin


    42. Brian Hammaker

      Wish I could like this twice 😂 uncle joey is the best

    43. Joseph Berry

      The look Joey gives the dude at the end after “that’s how the vampires get in” 😂😂 he would totally make that face too

    44. Stevie Obie

      Never realised biking was so dangerous 😅

    45. Javier Warner

      Saying thank you is not enough, carlos_1uptradee []n \lnster;gram you’re the best. Imma refer my friends and family to you. What a good helper.

    46. P. Esp


    47. animus

      thats how the reptiles come in

    48. Dominique Gonzalez

      “Is it really?” Lol

    49. Dominique Gonzalez

      Some would say it’s fake

    50. Lindsay Blunt

      “I wear a hooded sweatshirt with a 22.” 😂

    51. Allen McDonald

      Yeah coke is ridiculously high now

    52. Lance Lopez


    53. Tazer Games

      1:50 *dead* 🤣

    54. S Brown

      The look on Redban's face at 00:56 is hilarious.

    55. S Brown

      Joey Diaz knows about cycling. He's right about it all. These toons are easily the best thing about JRE.

    56. ron

      600 a oz wtf where was this

    57. Micheal

      Hahaha 🤣 this could totally be the adult toon series on Netflix

    58. Pin Head.


    59. Paddy C

      I also go against the grain. Tremendous

    60. Tim

      Wow so cocaine is the same price as gold ?

    61. Pitbull Sami

      I fucking loved this dog rant, and seeing the animated version is just fucking Tremendous.

    62. Christian F

      When Uncle Joey bumps Elon Musk from the sidewalk…🤣🤣🤣

    63. m L

      This needs to be a Fulltime series

    64. Matt Heavener

      Joey daiz>nick and nate daiz

    65. maryyjanee247

      “What happened 🥺”

    66. 215WEApON

      We need a full series of this animation. Funniest shit ever.

    67. MGTOW LEVEL 5

      Im a cyclist. Hes dead spot on.

    68. Evert from Nederland

      I was in LA 3 years ago and as a Dutchman i never felt more insecure on a bicycle than in the LA traffic. My cousin told me there was a nice canyon nearby and when they went on their short honeymoon i took his bike, put a backpack on me with some water and some smokables and on i went. Goddamn dude 15 minutes in, the bike lane just stopped and i had to cross some highway looking road full with speeding cars. This tourist went straight back to his house in Northridge. Never got to that canyon he was talking about. I just stayed in my cousins backyard and got high. When LA was in full lockdown last year that was THE PERFECT moment to fix that traffic shit, put in tram system, better bus connections, more and safer bicycle lanes. What a missed opportunity that was.

    69. Paxus

      1:48 the FUNNIEST BIT is at the END!! HAHAHHA - Joey's expression about Redban's comment!

    70. davidenko2468

      This should be a series on netflix

    71. bigmike 249

      God I missed these 🤣

    72. WeAre138

      Guy needs to get over himself. Annoying and loud

    73. ndgo


    74. MC CABE

      I love these classic JRE Toons! 😄

      1. Mateo Alvarez

        They really suck

      2. Ben Jackson

        Look up Elon Musk meets Post Malone It’s too funny! 😂 👽

    75. yellow ping

      Yuval noah on jre c'mon

    76. paladro

      cuz joey looks like he rides a bike... lulz

    77. Hey Google

      Cyclists are not human. They are cyclists.

    78. Rinzler :.

      That’s how the vampires come in, lol!!

    79. Foo King

      I thought you were supposed to ride towards traffic so you can see them before they run you over.

    80. Whistles to Animals

      That was awesome. Hilarious.

    81. Jun Juther

      Most people missed the point: a lot of people with dogs are better off with just Xanax lol

    82. Lyra Jones

      bike lanes are stupid and never made sense. Sidewalks are fine for bikers, Americans never walk anymore. Tired of slow ass bikers not moving away or getting mad at me that I can't swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid them.

    83. uchibenkei

      Hey Californians, vote Larry Elder.

    84. uchibenkei

      Ricky Gervais has a great podcast cartoon. 3 season's worth.

    85. Nick James

      I gotta agree with Uncle Joey. I ride a 🏍️ & am on road/ off road constantly a🛣️ & I see accidents from Y.U.P.'s crashing due to text+drugs almost 24/7.

    86. Domidayv

      The concerned look on Joe Rogan's face when he ask about the coke prices was priceless.

    87. Johnny walked

      Would be great to see Joey on a bike in Amsterdam! Going from coffeeshop to coffeeshop on a bicycle!

    88. TEE Sizzle

      “Who let the Dogs out”- Joey Diaz

    89. TEE Sizzle

      Joey Diaz is someone that I wouldn’t mind coming on the podcast once a week he is the fucking guy this is fucking hilariously “keep the fucking dogs at home”🤣🤣🤣

    90. Max Power

      I go against the grain. -Diaz

    91. Sam Girma

      When he got puppy eyes after saying what happened I died

    92. Richard Howard

      Joe, you need to get david paulides on.

    93. James Guthrie

      Halfway through this my Apple Watch was like "Breathe!"

      1. uncrownedoak

        I didn't know that was a feature, i could use something like that.

    94. TheRecordButton

      Is it obvious Joey is more a cat guy??

    95. Jeff Xanders


    96. peete 420

      He copy ricky gervais show

    97. Sir Great

      Would spend a tremendous amount of time watching a Joey Diaz cartoon series.

    98. YTisfullofcucks

      And every ducking dog on the chandler trail is probably a god damn French bulldog. At least in San Diego

    99. 20stevieray

      We need more...