Joe & Tim Dillon Discuss UFO Revelations

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    1. Larry Manke

      Just a thought. What if !! These things are Graham Hancock's. Lost civilization that we assumed were long gone but actually are still here.

    2. Bill Lumbergh

      It's a blurry video from like the early 90s. It's a big nothing burger

    3. Geoffrey Hales

      The first thing out of Rogans mouth,when it was all going great in the Obama Admin,doesn't that say it all to people that understand USA politics,now known as the Biden banana republic,thank god we don't live in the shit hole the US has become,you did it to yourselves makes it even worse

    4. nrich51

      Oh Joe ... I almost don't know where to begin to try to get you up to speed but ... any lifeform that is able to travel between star systems by definition has to be far advanced ... what you are failing to grasp is HOW advanced they are. What they are able to do is God-like by our standards. And as Bob Lazar told you - "we sort of have an idea how it works but we just don't have the stable element 115 nor the metallurgy to really make our own. So we test the ones we found."

    5. Spicy Meatball

      i found that videio:

    6. carlos marcos

      8:23 sounds like h brings Eddy Bravo n Tim Dillon to sound like the reasonable block evry now and then

    7. Andrew Sokol

      Does the military really need patents? And would they reveal classified projects in detailed patent filings?

    8. David Reid

      This is exactly why I don’t watch this meat-head nonsense anymore!

    9. glz1

      To bad

    10. Anthony Wade

      Some people think we are alone in the universe.others are convinced aliens must exist.i find both hypotheses mind blowing.arthur c clarke said that

    11. mecro cosme

    12. Rick Hammel

      google Project Serpo for all the answers

    13. John Evans

      If the UFO had any mass, and it would travel several thousand miles an hour in the atmosphere, wouldn't the friction with the atmosphere generate an enormous amount of heat and give it a 'heat signature'?

    14. SonicVibe420

      Jamie cant find crap if he cant find men in black vid lmao

    15. SonicVibe420

      great convo you guys but Joe we know you sold out worship Satan but do you really need the t shit to show it smh

    16. Alpaca Male

      Bro that is from the tv show FRINGE

    17. JJ Walking

      The only aliens here on Earth is us it's that simple.

    18. JJ Walking

      It is all bullsh1t with scripted details and corny black and white videos so people get your heads out your asses listening to this junkie enforcing this nonsense for his followers and money. Joe is a sellout period.

    19. Tony Ruggio

      The "probably military tech" theory is bunk considering the military and the government are the ones that have no fucking clue. You've got senators looking into this. If this was tech of ours or another's country's, they wouldn't have to look into it. They would just know.

      1. Christian

        Idk man, the B2 bomber amazing tech that was classified in the 80s and 40 years later it’s still our “premier” bomber. I mean we are still using planes from the 1960s to carry out missions today. Think of how far tech has come along in the public world since then. Imagine what we have cooking up that people don’t know about.

    20. Al's hot rods and rat rods

      I saw a movie about the men in black. Ironically it was called the blues brothers.

    21. Lori Hamm

      I think aliens do not exist. Probably some foreign satellite playing tricks, how would you know? I will believe it when I personally see it. Scare tactics possibly?

    22. Izzi family Adventures

      It’s a hologram. That’s it. Whooooo big deal.

    23. James Foland

      I think the best theory is that these are interdimensional beings. Which in part helps to explain how quickly these crafts appear and disappear as a 3D object traveling through 2D would seem to appear/disappear as it traveled through space. 11 dimensions have been theorized and a fourth is almost certain.

    24. B Bhima

      Proof our public schools have failed.

    25. joeandjoe2

      80,000ft to 0ft in less than a second. That's a sensor issue. It's already been established that it was jamming radar. How well calibrated was the equipment. Was any of it new, old or freshly installed. Did anybody have MK1 eyeball confirmation ?

    26. Music: Prahelika-1 & Prahelika-2.

      “…if there are more than one stars, (more than one) planets, (more than one) solar systems, (more than one) gas giants, (more than one) black holes, (more than one) galaxies, therefore, there should be more than one life hosting planet like earth out there in this vast universe. It’s just common sense, and it’s that simple.”

    27. SMUDGE EEE

      i found the men in black in 2 seconds...Jamie sucks.

    28. pkr pdl

      Dumb people. First try to find what is deep core of earth. Nobody knows that. This space alien is dumb concept and it is all fake

    29. R Paulson

      Two morons, one conspiracy, let’s get into it.

    30. P.A. Speed

      Tim Dillon is convinced by that?

    31. TheOmengod

      Government hoax!

    32. gojirazilla1

      I'm not 100% sure but... You know that "real" MIB clip shown oddly reminds me of a scene from one of the episodes of J.J. Abrams' Fringe tv show on FOX back in the day. Maybe I'm must a touch cynical about my fellow human beings but... I think that clip was used and sold to the FIblock audience as authentic when in fact it could just be a tv show clip.

    33. HELL KAT

      😂😂😂😂 if this happened during the Obama administration when things were great.😂😂😂😂. Fake News and Censorship didn't happen overnight Joe!!!

    34. Numeral lviii

      All foreign info on objects in our space is thought that there is no military projectiles. That is within our Alliance.. Beyond our surveillance.. We dont know

    35. Mark Durham

      We’re the bad neighborhood and our government really wants to steal their car.

    36. Square Pickle

      My great grandmother (who knew NOTHING about the Men in Black stories), told me a story from the 1960's when she took my mother to the bathroom at the Northwoods Mall in Peoria and they seen these very tall alien looking men dressed in all black going in right before them. My grandma and mother refused to go in until the strange men came out, but they never came back out. They vanished in the bathroom and their clothes were on the bathroom floor when my grandma and mother finally went in... Years later I heard identical encounters with the Men in Black. From the description my great grandmother gave to the disappearing bathroom tricks. Many people have told the exact same story as my mother and great grandmother. Neither of which were into alien stories or conspiracy theories and we're visibly shaken everytime they retold the story. They claimed these strange men walked within a few feet of them and my great grandmother always said, "I don't know if they were really aliens, but I know they weren't human". Now after hearing the stories from around the internet about the Men in Black, I know what my mother and great grandmother seen all those years ago. The Men in Black absolutely exist, and I'm saddened to say I never got to tell my mother or my great grandmother about all the other stories I've come across over the years. They passed away before these stories became mainstream.

    37. B. Scott Farthingsworth

      Dillon sucks. Dopey, and not funny.

    38. Damian Camarena

      Watching this episode on Spotify, I love how well informed and sure joe portrays himself, but then doesn't have general knowledge of undisputed facts...Tim: "Trump was telling them to go over there..." Joe: "Oh? Did he?" 🤣🤣🤣

    39. C

      Got news for you Joe , everything was not going great during Obama administration! Far from it! He’s the one who started all this shit the country is experiencing now!

    40. Soupbone 10 olgathecat

      It's ours.

    41. Mack Adam

      Like the scene in Community where Troy gets abducted and taken to the AC Repair school. No one would believe him when he tells them how "Black Hitler and a spaceman making panini were there."

    42. Barry Holiday

      Things were going great during the Obama years or joe just wasn’t paying attention!? How about the disaster in Libya, creation of ISIS, IRS corruption, Biden and his son making billion dollar deal with Chinese government, Fast & Furious debacle, border crisis, bailing out the banks, Solyndra, and the list goes on. I guess except for those things everything was great smdh. Joe can be disappointing.

    43. Dog Face

      I have a veiny tictac.

    44. Joe Mallis

      I'm yoked af on HGH and test and David Fravor said he saw a tictac and I endorse this.

    45. doctordrewl

      con job

    46. City Hunter

      i am sorry Joe Rogan, i dig your show, but i'll NEVER make a Spotify Account.

    47. Overman

      The public are not going to now say they were stupid to believe in the propaganda that aliens are conspiracy theories.

    48. T J

      The Chinese don't do patents, they just steal your ideas, call them something else and when taken to court they will say 'we don't see any similarity between our product and yours' and get off, no problem.

    49. N B

      If anyone thinks this is little Green men and not Gov Black Ops tech is stupid..They are militarising space as we speak , there has been a constant arms race between the top nations..Started at the tail end of the Reagon administrationor even before that..Who knows..

    50. Justice Stilley

      Gravitic proportion is thousands of years away we don't even have a grand unified theory so they are not building ships that can manipulate gravity.

    51. Mastermindyoung14

      Dillon fanboys are the new vape juice sucking Subaru drivers.

    52. N B

      But why suddenly the transparency from the likes of the Pantagon about it all this ? What's the agenda ?

    53. Alfred Stiffcock

      These craft have been seen for decades and yet we’re too believe China or the U.S created these….nonsense. It’s more disinformation.🤔

    54. bobbi bob

      They coming from a higher plane of existence I guarantee it. That's the only way there able to do what they do there in a higher level of existence coming into ours they can do shit that we will never be able to do in a 3 dimensions of reality.

    55. bobbi bob

      Oddly I believe there inter- dimensional things that can come into our reality and appear odd and incredible when they do I literally seen these things under my DMT experience I shit you not they been here since dawn of time.

    56. Jedi 21

      Joe Rogan is a skeptic looking for a reason to debunk what has been described and seen by US navy Air pilots. He speak as if his trying to figure out what these flying unknown really objects are. But deep down his mind set is like that non believing skeptic arrogant fool Neil degrasse Tyson. Its not Russia or China or any other country who has created this advance technology. This technology has been around for over 70 years. Which proves that Joe Rogan does not listen to what his been told. He has spoken to the experts who have experienced what they have seen. But Joe Rogan is still looking for something to debunk with his fake documents of China looking to create this advance technology. He is a skeptic who should stop trying to pretend that his not.

    57. Stuart McAlpine

      Discussion? Really? Off the cuff chatting…..

    58. Tweety Bird

      I would watch a channel of Joe just reacting to paranormal, alien, etc videos

    59. dirtydelta7

    60. God Jupiter

      IT is chinese tech. They are holograms.

    61. Bones

      If its from another government, why the pointless games? Lol. Kids playing?

    62. Evan Hume

      F all these fake stories! Have you ever heard of the stoned ape theory?

    63. Accumulator

      Come on Joe if you start creating the narrative that it’s a secret military project then people are gonna start ignoring it again because they’ll just say it’s the military, which would be the same loop we’ve been going in since the 50’s. Which causes loss in public interest, which in turn causes people to mock people who say they saw a UFO. We’re just gonna go in a loop again.

    64. George Moshington

      Does anyone here think aliens exist? Maybe they think were gonna harm them. Or its use from an alternate dimension and were visiting ourselves. Like that movie with that girl who lost her dad and he came back to tell her its them from the future. Mind= BLOWN. RIGHGT RIGHT?????

    65. TonyChrist

      It ain't aliens. It's human technology. We have figured it out. Frequency. I believe all major powers have this technology and are using it to spy.

    66. Marsden Balaska


    67. Marsden Balaska

      Joe Rogan like do you think your Bob Lazar? Like you wished that you understood these UAP craft which mostly Are Alien and ET's but when they say ET they are actually talking about Humans Coming from Our Future!! And the way that these craft float or hover is bc of Radio-Mag.etc Wave energy created with Anti Matter technology!?👍 Yepper

    68. jay johnson

      Tim Dillon reminds me of a frat boy version of Trump

    69. TheHighlanderprime

      Joe, anyone can draw an exotic idea on paper with theoretical ways they can work. But without knowing how to generate the power to operate them, it’s all just ideas. The real tic tac are not just ideas; a power source that we don’t have, operates them.

    70. Greg Beaver

      The men in black was on weird things caught on camera videos

    71. Live, Learn and Teach

      If the government says aliens exist then its time to admit they probably don't.

    72. Trent Cox

      "That proves it to me" Within two minutes he realizes Joe is not on board with the story and so he starts mocking it too in order to fit in.

      1. Angel Flores

        Yup, he's a complete tool

    73. Swansen Lock

      UFO comes to earth sees Biden in charge and says fk that. This species is stupid as fk CYA!

    74. Mikey Aaron

      Probably some area51 shit the government made

    75. Wayne Butler

      Admiral 🐦

    76. Mitch Moffett

      #OverturnTerryvOhio , Delete Lawz

    77. stischer47

      Why do people talk about these UAPs as if they JUST started to appear on 2004? Sheesh, Kenneth Arnold reported them in 1946.

    78. Anthony McGettigan

      Jamie sucks!

    79. RetroQuest

      If this shit is real, then someone, (or something), has figured out how to cancel inertia. That is monumental, that is like the discovery of fire.

    80. Richnfg _

      Tim says there's no evidence for UFOs so he didn't look into it, seemingly ignoring everything that's happened and been confirmed by Pentagon over past 2 years

    81. Allan McClelland

      If it is the government it has to be a ai controlled supercomputer

    82. jimjim

      I'm surprised they didn't recognize the Observers from the Fringe tv show. They may be based on real conspiracy but this is BS

    83. John Midnight

      This is the US Navy pattern (, very similar to what Bob Lazar says.

    84. Jake Watson

      100 bucks says, it’s just a damn fly that zipped past the camera lens really fast.

    85. nyalarhotep

      What the hell, he smokes on youtube???? This is an outrage. It is even worse than when Boris Becker called a woman pretty during a live broadcast. Where is this world heading to?

    86. Ripper Maggoo

      Man there chemistry together is the best!

    87. chigasaki06

      The idea of God is so crazy, yet Joe believes that aliens are real based on fuzzy videos with no physical evidence, lol.

    88. Aaron Rose

      Navy Pilots

    89. GaLoS

      No one cares because it's not real evidence for aliens yet.

    90. Tony Bologna

      "Going good like in the Obama admin". ??? I guess, If dropping bombs and collateral damage (women and children) is good..

    91. Tr3 GUUNx

      Car wreck through fire didn't feel nothing

    92. Tr3 GUUNx

      Ray gun

    93. Tr3 GUUNx

      I played a lot of call of duty over the years

    94. U.H. D.

      ummmmmmmm can someone find the patent for the SR71? Advanced skunk works would not be patented.

    95. Phuć Ú

      “Pentagon doesn’t know what they are.” Government- 😃 gotta love plausible deniability.

    96. comptonproduction

      Joe Rogan????