Joe on Sha'Carri Richardson's Olympics Ban

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    1. Andres Janson

      She tasted positive for weed = 100% horse sh#t??? Ok Joe!

    2. Shawn Paul

      Sad she knew the rules. I think she should still be there.

    3. Mermaidreviews469

      I get it’s a rule but it shouldn’t be is what think joe is saying but she said she was wrong and she takes responsibility for it. And honestly I would have smoked to if I just had a reporter be the one to tell me my mom just passed away in a interview but I’m happy she’s said she understands why she can’t run. also for some reason CBD is okay for them to smoke even though it’s an enhancer I find that odd

    4. Conrrado Torres

      If the subject is about weed. Joe will die on that hill defending it.

    5. FabioFanAccount

      based joe as usual

    6. Iulian Dragomir

      Not only she shouldn't be banned, she should get an extra medal. Anybody who got high on weed knows that running a sprint is the last thing you would be better at out of it.

    7. Thramidus Official

      Thramidus likey

    8. Adam Cheney

      I dont feel sorry for her she knew the rules and broke them anyway.

    9. Ryan Hudson

      This lady. Joe would have said "kid" if she was white 😂

    10. Craig Moon

      Weed would make her slower!!!

    11. bpstyles

      Now I know it's changed because of the new shit with NIL but Rogan would have a stroke if he heard what the NCAA was doing with athletes.

    12. Freddie McLane

      If you are too stupid to pass a pot test too bad so sad.

      1. Bruh

        You are totally missing the point here. The point is, why the fuck is cannabis on the list of prohibited drugs in the first place? It doesn't improve your running performance at all.

    13. Raymond Reddington

    14. Louis Withers

      It’s ridiculous and I completely disagree with the decision of being band for weed however it is the case that weed is sometimes used to mask the traces of PEDs but considering what she was going through in her life at that point I don’t believe that this was the case

    15. Paul O'Toole

      Knowing about the Olympic drug process that conspiracy theory makes sense? I get caught doing a drug no one really cares about however it means I cannot go to the Olympics and my previous Olympic samples will now not be retested using the latest tests.

    16. JT

      College sports do the same thing

    17. Aaron Barlow

      These dumb fucks talking ignorant shit about so called 'conspiracy theorists'. Conspiracy theorists just happen to be among the most intelligent members of society, detecting patterns and connections that others miss, making the valid inferences and deductions to come to the right conclusions and not fall for the obvious propaganda. Of course there are dumb, crazy conspiracy theories out there like Flat Earth, reptilians, Trump/Russia collusion etc but people that peddle that shit are easily dismissed. Some CTs have mountains of evidence to back them up, like man made global warming being a sham, 911 being an inside job, The Deep state planning a communist world government that requires the destruction of the west AKA 'The Great reset' etc. You know how in the movies, the conspiracy theorist is always right? Well it's mostly like that in real life. Especially when conspiracy theorists have nothing to gain and lots to lose, their jobs, friends, family etc whereas the people frantically smearing and censoring have a lot to lose as they're the bad guys who the theory's about, it's in their interest to 'debunk' the conspiracy theories. Follow the money is a good maxim.

      1. Bruh

        Man made global warming is hoax? Wtf are you on?

    18. Sean Dever

      Joe I agree with you except the fact that this is America, the olympics have a set of rules to get the chance to represent the US, she knew the rules ahead of time. They should allow weed, but they don’t and it’s known.

    19. Bauer J

      So, in other words, l'il Joe is flapping his lips, with no actual knowledge of what he is talking about. The athletes get money. They get substantive money, especially if they win medals. They get direct USOC payouts for medals.

    20. Andreas

      now rogan is a financial advisor and knows about olympic economics ? :D

    21. James L

      Funny how Joe can’t use the same logic to get UFC fighters more money…

    22. Not Interested

      Elks are desperately trying to evolve a blood toxin that reacts negatively with THC.

    23. MoneyBag

      Joe should criticize USADA… but joe is right the athletes should get paid a lot more… Weed isn’t legal in every country so the Olympic Games will never not ban weed

    24. Leomerya12

      People have been saying Serena has been doing steroids for ages, and she's never tested positive. But you know who has? Sharapova, and no one accused her of anything.

    25. Anthony Torres

      Weed isn’t bad but if it’s the rules, then it’s the rules. Simple.

    26. Harry Funmaker

      People do watch just because it's the Olympics and without caring about the athletes, or at least they used to back when there wasn't as much stuff on TV to watch. My mom and grandma were that way. It was more of a pop culture thing. I think he's wrong on that side of the argument. I agree they should get paid better, but the Olympics are more of an advertising thing now than an actual sporting event. They create an event that people want to watch, and the athletes are sort of a side story.

    27. joe fuentes

      But yéti she is ban for pot and a dude will be in the wormien weight lifting competition

    28. Jeffrey Pickering

      Joe your winning athletes do get paid, not much but gold medallists get 37,000 silver 22,000 and bronze 15,000. As for your ridiculous pot argument, all professional athletes in Australia if found with recreational drugs in their system get suspended and fines for their breach of contract. I've smoked pot when I was young but we can't have role models teaching kids it's OK to do drugs mate. Come on I thought you were a pretty common sense bloke but this is stupidity at it's best. Come back down and Get back on the planet .

    29. Darran Jacobsen

      Nothing like another stoner trying to fight a cause the guilty isn’t even making a fuss about. BTW Joe, they get paid nothing? I see some awful well kept athletes. Hair, nails, make up. How about all the endorsements, the appearances? College athletes I think is where you were thinking. Smoke another Dube bro

    30. ernest smith

      When you know the rules ahead of time you can only blame yourself.

    31. Luke Hatten

      Joe, you should really think about getting Ryan Crouser on the podcast. He’s the world record holder for shot put, we need to expose the world to non mainstream sports like shot-put, discus, and track and field.

    32. Tom Andriani

      Kept off the relay was to reward another 4 athletes that followed the rules unlike her. There are rules. She broke them. I don't agree with it, but those were the rules.

    33. Mitchell Milkov

      The saddest thing here is weed never makes you faster. It only stops inflammation in the muscles and calms the mind that's it

    34. Alpha zen

      Olympics stopped being cool after they got rid of Sam the eagle.

    35. Victor Bartlett

      She's clearly not the sharpest tool in the box!

    36. Tony Rocco

      Just tell joe weed can only be detected with picograms. And picograms can go up and down even if you smoked weed 18 months ago.

    37. Einzelfall

      Ufc doing the exact same thing.

    38. stephanie behrens

      They do fix infrastructure issues that's part of choosing cities. You can't be mad that the world has a standard for themselves. As a country we don't care about pot but that doesn't go for lots of other cultures. I think its amazing that you have a place where Isreal and other Middle Eastern countries can be in the same room in one goal. Peace and fair competition. And the athletes can be professional and earn endorsements so they can make money. I think it is important to have something that van bring the world together to remind us we are one world. With many faces and to be proud of that. Peace.

    39. R W

      Honestly, I'm glad she's not competing. I don't like the way she carries herself. Classless.

    40. Giovanni Itchee

      Since when is dope performance enhancing?

    41. Soppiest Wang

      joe rogan complaining about people believing in conspiracy theories...

    42. Reinhold Everest

      The stoners are up in arms- your freedom to light up is supposed to make you a docile cow, that's the deal. Joe really is a meat head.

    43. Alex M

      Most countries Joe?

    44. Corey Burnett

      I believe that Joe's feelings on the Olympics may be correct regarding how corrupt it is along with how ridiculous it is that Marijuana is on the list. However, on the list it is. He didn't speak to the fact that despite how you feel about it being on the list, if you want to participate you MUST follow the rules. She didn't and as a result, she doesn't get to play anymore. Maybe this is a lesson for everyone that while it may be righteous to stand for something, there can be consequences that must be faced.

    45. Andrew Looney

      Kind of odd for Rogan was so against the ban. Mostly because it is one that was a clear breaking of the set rules that all other Olympic athletes had to also abide by. Personally thought Rogan would have been able to keep the logic there.

    46. F*ck ThePolice

      1stly. If The Olympics and Professional sports admits that Cannabis is a P.E.D. then science and medicine admits it has Medical value. Basically removing any argument for cannabis to be on the Narcotics list entirely. 2ndly The Olympics isn't void of scandal and problematic behavior just like F.I.F.A and other sports Leagues.

    47. Evie Ryan

      It's really stupid. If anything, it should have slowed her down. Can you imagine how fast she might have run without weed? Her 30 suspension should not even prevented her from going since the Olympics starts after her suspension is lifted. I'm not even going to watch the Olympics this year because of this miscarriage of justice.

    48. Five Eyes

      Rogan immediately pedals a conspiracy Rogan most countries do not try and find a way to "juice their athletes up" !!! Just because Americans cannot get their heads around their own cheating and corrupt culture does not mean everyone else thinks like AN AMERICAN.. Most countries have never had a "Juiced UP Olympic Athlete. Nor an athlete on marijuana or any other drug.. Is that so hard to understand? But it is A FACT..and there you go..

    49. Tyler Estopinal

      99% of jobs you cant smoke so why is that crazy? Why tf can nba do it and make millions ?

    50. Konstantin Koverchenko

      Imagine how fast she could’ve ran on coke, lol! >_

    51. coelho sports & rec

      "Nobody's watching the Olympics because it's the Olympics" Then don't participate in the Olympics and make millions of dollars racing peoplein the street. Duh... Babe ruth didn't make major league baseball. Without ruth, someone else would occupy the same space in history. Without Major league baseball babe ruth would be a taxi driver. There are track and field events all year every year and if the Olympics wasn't worth it nobody would participate. MLB has the WBC and doesn't need the olympics and the NHL has the IIHF and the NBA could skip the olympics and participate in a world club championship or other tournament if they thought it was worth more and would draw more fans and viewers. 99% of Olympians have nothing else to live for.

    52. Will Speakman

      I really don't get all the hate about ufc not paying athletes. They earn more money than the average person doing what they love. Some of them earn more than I will in my entire life for 1 fight.

    53. idonotknowanynames

      Change the rules so it isn't an issue in the future

    54. daedralord1

      Rich man saying they should be paid millions of dollars when us suckers are broke

    55. Diggs4ever

      Buddy just called half of rogans fans idiots

    56. SecretiaTV

      So glad that Joe Rogan is on the right side of this issue and once again Rogan is right. No one should be put out of the Olympics over weed. I stopped watching the Olympics decades ago. The Olympics suck

      1. Desi

        You missed Bolt, then. So sorry for you.

    57. Jorge Palacio

      I smoke weed as an performance enhancement so i get it

    58. Albert Kreis

      I ran division 2 track and I can say that he's right. It's a dirty sport full of EPO and steroids.

      1. Tyler Blanton

        I was in pro sports bro juice was everywhere they know it's just don't get caught if you do everyone acts like they didn't know

      2. R W

        @Albert Kreis That's insane.

      3. Albert Kreis

        @R W actually the testing is such a joke in D2 compared to D1. I went 5 years with 0 tests.

      4. R W

        Yeah, and it's even worse at higher levels because there is more to gain.

    59. dukibear

      If I could get fired for smoking weed why cant they 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    60. dukibear

      If Olympic athletes should get a cut then so should all university athletes

      1. Matthewjared Cox

        Maybe, but one difference between the two is professional/amateur status. Olympians are pro, college athletes are amateur. If the college athletes get money, they become pro.

    61. aneesall

      Hello from Tunisia.. And no she should not be banned. But she new about the rules ...

    62. unwrapping by mimi koteng


    63. lil bee

      So some weed is somehow "AN ADVANTAGE" but fully grown men who went through male puberty isn't?🤡😅

    64. Jason Martinelli

      Did the governing body confirm it was weed? Or were taking the athletes word for it. Saying it was weed sounds better than juice.

    65. Kevante Reese

      People shocked he didn't agree with the ban doesn't know Joe Rogan 😂 you most likely watch his political shit not all of his content

    66. Kinko Roman

      She wasn’t gonna win anyway! The Jamaicans would go 1&2, she’s not even close to running the times the Jamaicans run. She broke the Rule.

    67. ArgentAbendAzure

      The Olympics can look so beautiful, and seem so inspiring. But they let the Russians make fools of them by running a massive cheating operation. They got conned by the crazy trans movement. And are now allowing actual MEN into women's sports if they claim to have 'lady feels.' Now they bust a great runner for.....weed. They love to play tough cop over minor drug violations because it's so hard to catch them for effective doping. The Olympics, and WADA are run, and ruined, by some real fools. Too many incompetent people who want to be involved in the Olympics for the glamour of it. They need to clean house.

    68. Shedy Dee

      These "systems" all stem from the biggest historical money maker: The transatlantic slave trade.

    69. Valerie Aylward

      Joe Rogan you are a wonder! Too bad more men aren't like you, you inspire me and make my day! Your wife is a lucky woman as are you for her! YOU ARE A 'REAL MAN'! KEEP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING!!!😘

    70. Jacob Wise

      Most of the comments blast JR not the absolute thievery in the Olympics

    71. Timothy Willis

      I agree, it is BS , however its a rule and she broke it, you break rules there should be consequences

    72. Rich83

      Disgrace what they did to that beautiful human being!

    73. Josh

      Drugs are drugs. She broke the rules. Wtf is the world becoming

    74. Boyd McCollum

      I love you Joe but go vacation in Bali and bring a kilo of cannabis for yourself and your friends. Tell the custom officials even. You'd be facing life in prison or even death. Weed maybe legal in certain states in the US but it's illegal at the federal level and in most countries around the world. Imagine that the IOC being consistent with that. Hey, btw, remember when Paul McCartney was arrested in ... wait for it.... Japan? Don't think much has changed.

    75. Rhyan O'Neill

      And yet a male can compete in the female weight lifting. I'm pretty sure testicles are a better performance enhancer than weed is but don't listen to me I smoke meth.

    76. Ron Williams

      Go ahead and preach your weed usage. Just to let you know that at the highest levels of medical research such individuals no longer discuss "if" cannabis has negative effects on psychosis and the propensity to violence and the rates of mental illness of minds that are still developing. The data from over a decade's worth of research from numerous nations around the globe is so sound that they KNOW it does! It's no longer discussed. But the media and even certain sectors of the medical community will not allow this conversation any air time because there is serious money to be made. If you use the stuff because it helps you deal with the pain because you've got a terminal illness then I have nothing to say but if you are a teenager or young adult you are absolutely placing your health in jeopardy by using it. As an athlete I'm sure that it helps you deal with the pain of pushing your body to the limits via training, I've been there myself and used the stuff long ago on occasion. You're supposed to grow wiser with age, not via euphoria, so start reading the high level research on the matter. There is more politics on this issue than any other.

    77. TR TR

      I agree the rule on marijuana needs to be changed. However, I have zero sympathy for someone who knew the rules and consequences that threw away being an Olympic superstar and money because she wanted to get high.

    78. Pime TheMan

      The best athletes in the world... Who all dope and break rules... which goes against the spirit of competition which is what the Olympics has always been about. People are letting it down... no one likes it anymore because they're jaded and don't care about what it's about... it's just about the athletes who all dope, countries are banned for doping, they let a Trans person in the women's Olympic weightlifting... there are people who can't make the cut in their own country so they get propped up and "live" in another country and play for their country. The Olympics used to mean something but people are tearing it down brick by brick and ruining the concept of the entire spirit of the games. People protest it coming to their cities now... people know they are all doping... people hate this, people hate that... Fuck "the people" ... they are ruining EVERYTHING pure nowadays because they are petty, narcissistic fuckholes and we don't deserve this planet anymore tbh. The levels of idiocy we display on a daily basis and then pat ourselves on the back thinking we're amazing blows and staggers my mind. I hope the Olympics and sports fail because they're all destroying the POINT of it... the spirit of competition but now it's all about winning, it's all about making money, it's all about someone else fucking over someone else because people fucking suck.

    79. zioncartel

      Are the ufc fighters getting paid millions? Thought so fucking hypocrite!

    80. Eli M

      He's right. The Olympics is a scam. But an even bigger scam is the NCAA

    81. James Smith

      Could easily replace “IOC” with “NCAA” here about paying athletes

      1. Do Bap

        I agree, but there is an emphasis on “best athletes in the world”

    82. Andy Ortega

      I don’t like the episodes where Joe is high. They are usually not as good shows.

      1. Mike Luke

        Maybe that’s why he’s defending her because he was like oh shit I just smoked a joint I can’t say shit about her 😂 🤷🏾‍♂️😏

    83. Alberto Gutierrez

      The rules are the rules.

    84. Cdb Cdb

      "How do you get away with not paying your slaves, suh?"

    85. Theo Nion

      I'd love to watch the drug Olympics... Stoned sprinters vs meth sprinters etc

    86. Sharky's Machine

      🤑🤑🤑🤑Olympics are *WORLDWIDE MONEY LAUNDERING!!*

    87. teto

      She lost her shot... She knew you cant fail a drug test.

    88. Benny2Toes

      This is such a populist cop-out by Joe. "Good athletes shouldn't have to play by the same rules." This girl has been handed the opportunity of a lifetime, there is not NFL equivalent for track and field...this "corrupt" opportunity is literally what you trained your whole life for, and she pissed right in its face. I would rather she gets the boot and learns some humility before she goes and represents our country than give some privileged diva any shot at greatness when she clearly doesn't think she should follow the same rules as everyone else. Bye Felicia.

    89. A. M.

      Who cares? I thought Joe was against MEN competing as women?

    90. Stephen Pennington

      That ain't no lady.

    91. KD 2021

      Don’t smoke weed, problem solved

    92. Tokes Alotta

      Right, but Joe himself worked for free for the UFC, and while the UFC basically paid their fighters near nothing.

      1. LetTheWritersWrite

        Insert "That's true" Kramer Gif

      2. Ye4rZero

        True but the Olympics is all* sports

    93. Seth Westbrook

      Joe I think the rule is silly...but I think all we can do is attack the rule. Technically, considering the rule was in place and known, the olympics did nothing wrong in this specific case. She broke the rule. We can point out all of the olympics issues..which I agree with you, but in this case....olympics upheld their rule.

    94. DirtyThirst

      Burying the lead here. She gets banned for weed and yet men can compete with women because they are trans? Corruption from top to fucking bottom.

    95. Philodox

      Joe is a MASSIVE hypocrite on this. He spends 15 years telling the world that pot is an amazing super drug that makes you snarter, faster, stronger cures cancer, makes muscles recover quicker and 1 million other amazing positive things and at the same time has ZERO bad effects... but now that someone says that pot is banned because it gives you an unfair advantage? Joe is all "hay man its just pot, pot does not do anything man" make up your mind, pot is either a wonder drug or its not.

    96. Christain Lawrence

      I wish I could smoke weed,but I would lose my job; therefore I don't! Sad face...

    97. Shawn Pringle

      The more and more I look at her the more I see a Man and I'm back and I do like her achievements but something ain't right about her or he hell I don't know 😳😳😳

    98. SR

      The rules for international competition are VERY clear. She chose not to follow them. The rest is just excuses generated by the woke masses and those with investments in weed companies. Joe, hint, hint...

    99. Justin Kase

      The fact remains that, at least for now, weed is a banned substance. She knew it was banned, and she used it anyway. Maybe it is dumb that is considered a banned substance considering it has been decriminalized most everywhere, but it's also dumb to use it knowing that it will disqualify you.

    100. Calvin82

      Also people really think this girl was gonna win the 100m when all the women on the Jamaican track team beat her best qualification time.