Joe on Briefly Meeting Trump at the UFC

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    1. Juan W.

      Would get a whopping 74-75 million views at least guaranteed. Then get Ol’ Joe on….and see if he can get 81 million….I highly highly doubt it.

    2. Fild Kroqi

      This guy looks like Woodie the Woodpecker

    3. HASSPREDIGER20/Wurst-Achim


    4. T A

      We want Trump on the the show Joe come on shut it down

    5. J.A. FTW

      Joe appears to be trying to placate the activist lefties at spotify.

    6. NamesIcarus

      Have Trump on your podcast, you’ve been bragging about how Spotify is giving you more freedoms than FIblock.

    7. Anson Garcia

      I hope joe doesn't make the mistake of forgetting the other side of the internet. He needs to get alex jones back on with Count Dankula as guest number 2.

    8. roy jackson

      Shout out to the dead enders

    9. Shinethelight

      Get Trump on the podcast

    10. Boomatic

      He has regular sized hands by the way. hahaha

    11. XORRE


    12. Jonathan Wotka

      Great story up until that asshole at the end.

    13. Ginsu Diaz

      This guys nose

    14. Alex Meade

      Nobody else is gonna say it? I have to say it? This dude's fucking nose...

    15. Al Spider-Man Horford

      That nose tho

    16. L C

      Listened to the podcast. Came all the way here to dislike it. This guy is a horrible guest

    17. Wesley Warsmith

      They try so hard to convince themselves. They can't unsee that Trump was the most popular president of modern times.

    18. Shoaib Rasouli

      Why was it weird?

    19. walk short

      this dudes nose it crazy

    20. Eamonn Blake

      Joe's next guests to bring him to New levels, Trump and Mc nuggets

    21. GoldenCheese

      Some "dead enders" uhhh... Ok si thats what I am now then. Ok

    22. wavfly

      Joe is to worried about his rep as a comedian to get a selfie with tdog

    23. wavfly

      Like that guys fake nose lol 👃

    24. Mati Dudek

      thank you Fred. this is fax

    25. Bojokowski

      Trump was sent by jesus to show what jesus can jesus

    26. Johnathan Carlton

      Wish this dude got lost on a "Dead end" and didnt make it to the podcast.

    27. Tim Ach

      Trump dosnt wear shorts, or dress up like a Hee Haw guy in Iowa. He is a real DON. NYC thru and thru. OG gangsta

    28. Dre B

      That's one harsh nose 👃

    29. rickwalrus

      Deadenders. Haha. I listened to some of that podcast and this dude was a terrible guest. He'd of agreed black was white if joe had said it.

    30. Chinese Globalism

      All I can say is that I’m very fortunate that I don’t have a nose like that

    31. tripalong

      "Some dead enders" that guy said. Literally just made fun of the whole building of people who support the UFC and president Trump.

    32. Frank Scales

      Dead Enders, who the fook is that guy?

    33. Tyler Ennis

      Dead Enders?? You talking about patriots that want to see the re-elected president in his rightful place in the White House and this pedophile, Alzheimer’s patient in jail

    34. lazmaniandevil

      i get the feeling that Trump WILL be on the podcast in the near future. As far as "dead-enders"...well i don't think this is gonna age well.

    35. Psythr

      Sucks that Joe sold out to Spotify. Cuz I will absolutely never use that app. Even if im held at gunpoint i will not use that shit. All because the damn logo isnt straight. Its slightly tilted and it pisses me off cuz how bad my OCD is with it

    36. Niko Niemi

      Still not coming to spotify, thanks.

    37. K.T. Nowak

      O Joe , don't be ashamed of your friend Donald XD

    38. Kyle Morgan

      Joe should man up and just say hes a trump supporter. Oh wait that'll mess up his cash flow....... A lot of integrity on that side of the aisle.

    39. Noah Robson

      Look at how big that guys nose is lol

    40. DaBossNation

      The pot can call the kettle black, but just because the pot is also black does not make the statement incorrect

    41. L5P JP

      I came for the nose comments

    42. CRAIG5835

      Alex Jones and trump on yhe same episode would be Yuge, Joe Rogan, they are both good guys and fierce Patriots, what more can you ask of a bloke?!

    43. Karan Phull

      Trump coming on this podcast would break the internet.

    44. Mostly Peaceful 1776

      He will be president again. Just wait.

    45. Diesel Ayres


    46. Judas Pence

      This guy got Helwani beat by a long snout 😀

    47. Thramidus Official

      Thramidus likey

    48. F*ck ThePolice

      Anybody who sucks up or kisses DT's ass is just as fake as DT.

    49. Chuck Norris

      you can tell this guy looks down on trump supporters, he can't see them past that nose, but he looks down nonetheless.

    50. andrea murphy

      The grumpy act phytochemically watch because freezer kinetically bury towards a clammy lentil. callous, medical manicure

    51. Tayyab Iqbal

      Is JRE not available in third world countries like Pakistan? I have been looking for JRE full episodes in Spotify but nothing comes up... :-/

    52. Aruka Lowell

      Rogans Fanbase are pure Alt-Right at this point, wow.

    53. mauricio reyna

      To those who say it would be the biggest episode that’s cap , we all know it would be Connor mcregor

    54. Mike Pinnell

      Dead Enders? Trump was better than this shit show..

    55. HuginAndMunin

      dude, that guy's nose is distracting me so much....

    56. Ron Bunggo

      i cant imagine being a dead ender with that nose. imagine following a fart to its source and with that kinda suction power being stuck to an anus

    57. Christian Garrison

      This guy is a shill

    58. Josh Enoch

      “He has some dead Enders that wants him to win” what is that supposed to mean? Who exactly do you want to win pencil neck? Let me guess you get you news from CNN in that case buddy you are the dead ender! By the way get some testosterone and you might get some hair on that baby face 🤣

    59. bobbi bob

      Cult leaders are very charming

    60. Angelic Gay

      I'm a gay guy and even I support Trump; just saying....

    61. David Heller

      What happened to his nose?

    62. OkayiLagged TTV

      if trump was on the podcast I might actually go to spotify to watch it lol

    63. MMA FAMILY

      Dead Enders I mean I don’t give a Fuck if he is an arrogant asshole! Did he do a good job that’s all I care about. When someone is hired to do a job you want the best guy not the guy that does a shitty job but man he is a nice guy so let’s hire him. Most of these ppl hated him hey I get it again but his policies were great for the country n the proof is out there.

    64. Tee Rilla

      "He has some 'dead-enders' that really wanna see him be president again" Umm hello? The dude had 70+m REAL votes 🤌🏻

    65. Joksim Radovic

      Ur nose is dead-end mate.

    66. Billy DiBono

      Joe has a hard-on for Trump

    67. October Sun

      Go trump make the leftists cry

    68. stiltoncheese21

      Some dead Enders? Like your face on tinder I guess pal 🤭

    69. Andrew Washburn

      You don't need a selfie, have him on the show!

    70. william remi

      120 milliin dead enders dh beeker pike down boy

    71. BL Ranch

      Potheads are tribal.

    72. Cam El Toe

      "Dead Enders" Quothe the Raven, Nevermore

    73. Brian Cox

      When is Rogan going to ask Trump to come on the JRE? If Joe reached out to Trump via Dana and asked him to come on, Trump would accept at the drop of a hat and show up. It would be the biggest JRE of all time. It would be the biggest podcast of all time.

    74. Brian Cox

      Trump won. Period.

    75. Phill Conklin

      So chill. lol

    76. magic mark

      Guess all the real guests were busy that day.

    77. Jon Westfall

      Someone’s a little salty about Trump 😂😂

    78. ArtGuitar 101

      'dead enders" .... lol. Just get paid to say you gotta say man.. lol. Never heard of you and it really doesn't matter. lol, I will listen to the other guests.

    79. Kalei

      When is he going to save this nation...

    80. Alexander Guevara

      So Joe the tumb Rogan describes a normal encounter as weird but thinks it total normal to have a swordfish humanoid on his podcast. DMT is a helluva drug!

    81. -Troy Silvester

      Deadenders? Fix yo nose

    82. Drew Huff

      Is gargamele from the smurfs on joes show?

    83. Greg's Kitchen

      Joe has road kill on his show now?

    84. Renee Santiago

      😳😳😳😳 What in Gods name is that on his face??? That poor guy! I'm sure somewhere along the lines he could have gotten a nose why suffer like that???

    85. Damir Bato

      "He has some dead enders"yeah ok more like majority of the country who elected him only to be robbed by the establishment and their brain dead supporters like your self.If it was "some dead enders" he wouldn't be getting standing ovations,40-50,000 crowds on the normal,biggest following of any politicians in history,the most votes in history,while the person you claim as the president cant get 14 ppl in cars to show up to watch "his speech".And thats with 13 of the 14 being family members of his staffers lmao ..The greatest president in American history and im a refugee from Bosnia living here.

    86. oldman

      Trumps a legend lmao

    87. Chomp Normski

      Synopsis: “the media is full of shit”

    88. Sean Ryan

      Anyone know if there’s a video somewhere of them meeting at the ufc event?

    89. Kevin Pardon

      Please have trump on JRE!

    90. James Bezzina

      Where did Joe find this marionette?

    91. Bigbunero

      Face masks? Ask Donald that 1?

    92. Timothy Schule

      This dude just called the fans “dead Enders”. I don’t think they understand who the actual offensive people are in this country

    93. Luke McCormack

      Still Hate Spotify

    94. Eamon Quinn

      GET HIM ON!!!!!!

    95. Redd Taylor

      Joe is full of crap, he had Bernie Socialist Sanders on the show & endorsed him! You're far from being politically homeless!

      1. just_scot

        It will be funny when Joe is forced to relocate AGAIN once Austin implodes from the same (Democrat) issues that plagued LA.

      2. Redd Taylor

        Bomb youtube hq!

      3. Redd Taylor

        Loser society of followers who vote for corrupt politicians & opportunistic celebrities!

    96. Jesse Ryder

      This guy sucks! You never should have allowed him on the show. Waste of time.

    97. Kage Hughart Productions

      Dead enders? Who are you bro??😂

    98. The Last Of Us

      Trump on JRE would be YUGE

    99. Geeter Dun

      That guy nose nothing.