Joe on Conor McGregor's Leg Break

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    1. Thomas Tatham

      Tough sob

    2. Bounty Killa

      The bones are not keeping up with the steroids

    3. gb 74

      Joe is like a big pimple

    4. H3 Simp

      Joe you are such a boomer you don’t even know . The elbow didn’t cause the break. And you missed the facts it bends before he steps wrong and it breaks. Boomer .

    5. Mr. Troll

      Every Time Conor McGregor Lost His 🤫 At Weigh-Ins

    6. ldoubleg2006

      "Break a leg champ"

    7. Dr. C.T Ph.D

      You should invite Frank Turek on your show

    8. Matthew Melendez

      Uriah Hall just picked up the Weidman Curse, it passed from Anderson and now Uriah is next.

    9. Joanna

      Crazy how people fighting in a ring and end up with broken bones.... CRAZY!

    10. Ruan Designs

      Spot the lie - great 10min episode.

    11. Scotty N

      Is this a career ending injury? That was nasty to watch can't imagine the pain he felt.

    12. Ptao Tom

      Breaking News: The Dairy Association of America has withdrawn their sponsorship of McGregor.

    13. elecron200

      🦇THE BROKEN SHIN CURSE🕷👹 Give me a break man!! Now a whole other meaning.. Will be brought to you SOON.

      1. Joanna

        Ooga booga

    14. Piggy King

      It's because of having to quarantine. The bones are weaker because we're moving less now more than ever

    15. Logan Cruz

      Imagine how great connor would REALLY be if he stops LOSING fights.

      1. Ptao Tom

        and so both our shins made a violent contact. The hit really hurt me, but the other guy left the court in a wheelchair with a broken shin ! Drink your milk guys ;)

    16. tap6354

      All that shit talking and that performance, really only leaves him one leg to stand on…

    17. krazyhartin

      Hmm, could it be the physics of how the legs are used to execute a kick, that is causing these leg fractures?

    18. Jimmy Jazz

      Conor is awful in defeat and awful in victory. No taste at all. An embarrassment to Ireland (although he’s not lived there for 7 years)

    19. Thramidus Official

      Thramidus likey

    20. opzz xsin

      "Oh, he need some milk." Octagon Edition

    21. joe diamond

      No one will be telling Conor to break a leg before a fight anymore..... Or will they 🤔

    22. Jeff Liwag

      Hypotheses: 1. American MMA fighters do not condition their shins enough, at least not as well as Muay Thai fighters and Dutch kickboxers 2. Some “supplements” may cause deterioration of bones As leg kicks become more common, one or both of the above lead to leg breaks

    23. Juan Valentin'

      Interesting , I got question on different subject matter , how many books on 10th planet did Eddy bravo do ????

      1. opzz xsin

        I’d re-subscribe if not. I’m not going to pay extra for no commercials just to still hear commercials on the podcast itself.

    24. C - ST4R!

      What is a check in this context?

    25. Egualde

      am I the only one that has noticed that the last 3 times Sean O'Malley has fought someone goes out with a fucked up leg?

    26. Lillianne Riccatone

      Ooga booga

    27. VolatileDisposition

      This is not a sport like boxing, it is for very young people and has a very short window. These guys will suffer a permanent injury far worse than any boxer I’m not really make much money out of it, they’re basically expendable with no one lasting too long as champion

    28. SCRYNDZ

      How are people missing this? The elbow from Dustin broke his shin. He moves his elbow into Connors front kick. He was trying to end his career.

    29. cyberjonesy therocks

      Reminds me of that time when I was playing soccer with the army. Im a guy who drinks lots of milk and I've always had the presumption that my bones are stronger than most people. so during the soccer game, I was running the ball along the side line and this guy came running towards me to kick the ball offline but I protected the ball with my shin and so both our shins made a violent contact. The hit really hurt me, but the other guy left the court in a wheelchair with a broken shin ! Drink your milk guys ;)

    30. aswer huio

      "Oh, he need some milk." Octagon Edition

    31. Jerenzix Online

      Andrew is Robert Whittaker if he got a PhD

    32. Stuart

      it was fine, connor is making bullshit excuses.......

    33. p c

      It's because you have all these malnourished fighters, no wonder they're bones break

    34. The One

      He's done..that money done ruin his soul..made him sweet in the feet.

      1. aswer huio

        probably broke his ankle so he's going to be out for a year it's going to have to take calcium supplements to speed up the healing process

    35. Sara Kaitlyn

      DATME: -p-o-r-n--s-e-x----۞ CHOOSE YOUR DREAM GIRL !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです! #この日のライブ配信は、 #かならりやばかったですね! #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑) #やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾

    36. Jozef Wida

      that what u get for being a clown... lets be honest he made a circus out for the 2000 years old sport. what an embarrassment....

    37. Brian Cecil

      I got Spotify premium when JRE moved. The first episode I listen to had 5 minutes of commercials on the actual podcast by Joe. I canceled immediately. Is this still happening? I’d re-subscribe if not. I’m not going to pay extra for no commercials just to still hear commercials on the podcast itself.

    38. Billy The Piglet  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🐷

      Moral of the story is, just take the leg kick when it comes your way 🤷🤣

    39. Douglas Hagan

      Yeah you're finding a common denominator that's just pure dirt and if five guys going to do a dirty block on me you know then you tell me to use a dirty blow you know a lot of dirty blows are you know you hit the guy twice with a single blow I've seen guys do that you look like you're going to do a lower body than you just ram with his elbow you can do a five strike with your punch using different types of fingers wrists elbows you can do a five strike in kung fu which is dirty as hell but that's part of street fighting

    40. Douglas Hagan

      Yeah I think it's just recent they're starting to do dirty blocks more now they're referring to dirtiness

    41. Douglas Hagan

      Other practice in the art of dirty karate cuz they don't want to fight fair that's the whole thing about martial arts is supposed to be the respect between the the practitioners now there is no respect him you can see the guy didn't respect the guy he said he was a dirtbag and then he uses his dirty checks and stuff and then breaks the guys ankle and shit so you know that's the dirty part of fighting and UFC cut clean that shit up

    42. Douglas Hagan

      I think people are doing illegal you know elbow it's going to do some breaking it breaks tiles it breaks ice blocks I mean and the way these guys check block these people that they're entering them they wait until you attack them then they give you elbow or knee and it's going to break your foot or you're just going to break your hand so yeah it's just dirty I think it's dirty I mean I was in a classic guy comes up does a roundhouse kick on your ribs and breaks your rib while you're trying to learn a lesson from the teacher I mean it's just that's called dirty pool man

    43. Douglas Hagan

      Just snapped above the ankle there oh shit that's got to hurt

    44. Douglas Hagan

      Yeah this guy's using check blocks on them like elbows and knees and stuff like that and that causes damage that's kind of dirty karate I mean I used to do karate and the guy would be blocking it with his elbow or knees and stuff like that where he tells me not to make contact yet at the same time he's checking me with elbows knees and stuff

    45. Douglas Hagan

      Oh yeah that knee hitting that foot right there caused that break you're right no Stephanie is the hardest part of the body in the elbow maybe the skull your head

    46. minij hooi

      Crazy how people fighting in a ring and end up with broken bones.... CRAZY!

    47. Douglas Hagan

      Yeah those checks they can cause you to make improper contact with a foot and that can cause a break yeah because we have to make absolute proper contact either the ball the foot the back of the foot or the heel the foot it's really critical cuz when you're kicking hard objects your foot will break easily if you don't make contact

    48. Douglas Hagan

      The problem with hairline fractures the heel slower than a regular break the body has difficulty and identifying the hairline crack whereas if you break your bone it heals fast actually so it takes a little more time with the hairline cracks probably get a hairline crack in a single and then he kicks something and then that opens the crack up so he probably broke his ankle so he's going to be out for a year it's going to have to take calcium supplements to speed up the healing process

      1. minij hooi

        When is conor going to be on the podcast?

    49. Ups

      He needs to have more calcium. Need more milk and premium

    50. cptm r

      If he knew about the leg before the fight he should protect it during the fight and use some other tools than legkick with that leg.The result is his own fault the way I see it, but I hope he learned and get back soon for a Diaz 3 :D

    51. Audac1ous

      why is leg breaks happening more often its pretty simple bad weight cuts... Think about it fighters kill themselves to make weight in short amount of time and when you lose weight that fast you also lose a lot of water and are body is made up of a lot of water if you sweat of a lot of water to make weight first ur organs have less protection and on top of that less water means ur bones become more brittle so easier for injurys before hand in training and then something goes wrong in the fight or during the fight the injury happens. plus are legs support are weight so they are always taking impact

    52. Khalid Jones

      Conor. Jerhjugjyijkk Conor leg He is punch drunk .

    53. Jerry Rice

      Mc Condom sold out long time ago for the money. he no longer cares about the prestige of being a champion and a stand up human being. that why my favorite fighters are jorge and max. good dudes!

    54. clarke cronin

      Conor McGregor: Total Trump of UFC. Got excuse for all short faults. Doesn't know how to bow out, (like Trump) gracefully. Oh ya know why? They love your money!

    55. Omni man Your husband is badass

      In Muay Thai this case is never happen, because they start at young age. So their bone is very strong.

    56. TSE Banks

      3.8 mill on a video about his leg

    57. Bow Wow Woof Woof

      McGregor has Zero Class. He has a pee brain & was a ONE TIME WONDER. Goodbye & Good Riddance

    58. tatum ergo

      The power of karate starts to show through!

    59. David C Dun

      Karma DOES exist. When you say to someone, you are going out in a stretcher...

    60. Mary Antonio

      whatever. he lost.

    61. hen ko

      "He needs some milk!"

    62. M C

      When is conor going to be on the podcast?

    63. ShotgunBear

      naah connor should just go pro in boxing,that ewe broken feet is the end

    64. Phil jenkins Jenkins


    65. Riggs187

      "Wonder if something's going on.. 🤔" 😂😂

      1. hen ko

        It's just crazy!

    66. Aarcus Is Loading

      I miss Joe but I refuse to go to Spotify 🙂 maybe one day you'll return maybe not. The Weidman leg break was mind blowing though.

    67. Cameron Schultz

      What happened to the full podcast videos?

    68. King of AMV

      This is what happens if you eat too much cookie dough

    69. Jack Cottle

      When is Conor coming on the joe rogan experince

    70. Steve Oh


    71. John Lafleur

      Conor: "I was boxing his bleeding head off!" Yes, Conor, that's why all 3 judges gave Dustin the round and 2 of them gave him a 10 - 8...

    72. Heather C

      Have they been vaccinated? Haha jk😎

    73. Emily An

      4 minutes and 13 seconds…another sacrifice I made in my life that yielded no results… I’m just kidding, I skimmed the video like I always do.

    74. TRUTH SKR

      "Joe on Conor McGregor's leg break" Joe: Conor broke his leg.

    75. Daniel Stonker

      Dustin really saw him break his leg and he goes to punch him when he’s down with a break

    76. mark kay

      i knew way before they said anything. the leg looked way too wierd, and the way he fell and held his leg, it was obvious something happened. i liked his strategy, but i did not like how improperly these kicks were being thrown. and regarding the bones breaking, i think the calf kick has a big impact on this subject. many mma fighters arent used to building up their shins and never had to really build their lower leg muscles, much less learn how to do defend the leg kicks. im 50/50 on em. theyre a legal technique, they hurt, theyre evolutionary to the sport, and are another tool for fighters to use. the negative is we will be seeing a lot more of this kind of stuff. the nerve down there, and the bones there as well, are very very weak. i think we will be seeing a lot of these injuries. i cant remember the first fight i saw, but a one that sticks out in my head is one of the volk/holloway fights.... like, is this what fights are turning into? who can low kick their opponent the most? bah.. i duno, i its here to stay, its legal, and it is what is, i guess.. but i am being less and less of a fan of these kicks. not sure if i hate kicks to knee or to the calfs more...

      1. mark kay

        @Emily An u forgot "in their sleep, while theyre goin at doggy style" why waste bullets

      2. Emily An

        Joe Rogan: “hey I know your legs snapped in half and you lost the biggest trilogy in mma history, but what’s up?” Conor: “I’ll kill dustins family”

    77. Ares Alakay

      Uriah Hall beats Anderson Silva in UFC retirement fight and breaks Chris Weidman's leg in the very next fight the tragic irony.

    78. Puppy Staffordshire

      Coronavirus did it.

    79. BK

      It's just crazy!

    80. Mr. Toole


    81. sammy1995

      Frank Mir snapped Big Nogs humerus and ended his career. Mir also snapped Tim Sylvia's lower arm. Lower leg breaks are due to stress fx per orthopedic surgeons but arm breaks are due to rotational torque holds.

    82. R D

      people aren't built to do this forever. the end

    83. Eugene Mikhnevich


    84. Art Style

      Can you imagine Joe’s morning ritual? “Okay, I’ve done all my pills, supplements, minerals. shakes, drinks, injections, stretches, deprivation tank, CBD, and stem cell shots. Better go pick up the kids from school now.”

    85. Craig Kwedor

      Joe Rogan is awesome

    86. Ol' Herb

      As fighting grows, people get better, competition gets tougher, margin of error gets slimmer, training gets more intense and then you end up with stress fractures. When I was in the Marines, everybody I knew and their mom had stress fractures at one point or another. And then you get shit like this =(

    87. jack greenway

      And then for some reason, Dustin didn't see it, Herb didn't see it, the doctors around the Octagon didn't see it.... so Dustin literally gets a free for all on the bloke. Remember Silver and Weidman screaming in pain......

      1. Lutfi Khundakji

        Yeah, it’s so satisfying. Conor deserves it.

    88. Jamie_Ch128

      joe rogan more like joe Rogan am i right guys!

    89. Bit Finesse

      Many of our athletes have hollowed-out bones. Their diets are too high in sulphur. Ever had to change a gasket in your motor? Gaskets wear down because gasoline is made from crude oil - which has a ton of sulphur in it. Lots of it is taken out during the petroleum refining process but not all of it can be taken out. Sulphur dissolves material over time. 100g of red apple contains 2mg of sulphur while 100g of chicken contains 600mg of sulphur. High protein sources contain lots of sulphur. To deal with the excess sulphur, phosphorus is used to buffer sulphur from the bloodstream. The heaviest-concentrated source of phosphorus in the body is the calcium phosphate that makes up our bones. Athletes should be taking phosphorous pills while on a high-protein diet to prevent their bones from dissolving so quickly. NFL football coaches and trainers are seeing the same thing - more breaks and injuries. Reduce the sulphur or increase the phosphorous. It’ll help. It’s rare now to meet a 22 year-old who doesn’t have chronic back pain. This high sulphur dissolves the disks in our back as well. Nothing to see here - carry on 😕

    90. Tagoo Tuesday

      Joe Rogan: “hey I know your legs snapped in half and you lost the biggest trilogy in mma history, but what’s up?” Conor: “I’ll kill dustins family”

    91. Johnson Don

      Connor is Crack.He's a professional MMA Crack Head the dude is Soft.Proper2%got Milk.🛌Mcstretcher...😁

    92. alberto figueroa

      Conor's excuse is that he had MULTIPLE fractures in that leg, going into that fight. Which is absolute bollox!! Conor threw 14 leg kicks with that left leg in the first 90 seconds of the fight. Zero kicks with the right leg. Why would he throw 14 with the injured left leg, 0 kicks with the right?? Sounds like excuses. U lost again mate. Accept it

    93. Gabriel Mena

      Needs more milk in training camp

    94. Jamal Tenn

      Bone break's covid vax

    95. Henry Henry

      When he snapped his ankle they should of sprayed that spray they use on hurt soccer players, works everytime

      1. Ziga Vidmar

        @Trails And Tribulations Leg tapped out?

      2. Trails And Tribulations

        @Ziga Vidmar The ankle didn’t snap. LOL

      3. Ziga Vidmar

        @Trails And Tribulations ankle snapped, leg tapped

      4. Trails And Tribulations

        @Ziga Vidmar His ankle didn’t snap. Lol. It was his leg. The tibia to be exact 🦴

      5. Ziga Vidmar

        @Trails And Tribulations His ankle snapped. Conor McSnapper

    96. Jake Q

      So he was beaten by perfect defense

    97. Halunka Records


    98. William Lawrence

      No one mentions how extreme weight cutting is probably a factor. Weakening the bones. McGregor weidman silva and jacare all had done big weight cuts for a long time.

    99. War of Truth

      What about the lockdown Joe? Where you stand?

    100. Shino 17

      Hello Joe interview the TechLead Patrick Shyu. Such an interesting character with over a million followers on YT. Success driven guy