Jakob Dylan on "The Record Business"

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    1. Michael Corby

      Just because his dad was a famous musician, doesn’t protect you from bad people or bad decisions. There are lots of children of famous musicians who made bad decisions or were taking advantage of.

    2. PhilosoRapper

      "it has nothing to do with my background.... I never got screwed over though" -Son of Bob Dylan

    3. Irving V

      Patrick Carney from The Black Keys would most definitely disagree with this guy. Jakob doesn't even acknowledge that his dad is Bob Dylan and maybe it was a little easier for him not to get "hoodwinked". Give me a fucking break.....

    4. Gigglemania Runnin’ Wild

      Its great to hear it from that perspective

    5. Trippy Trading Cards

      I heard he was late to the show because his car only had one headlight.

    6. Jason Ablah

      Billy Corgan was on JRE explained his experience with the record business. Prob a little more realistic than this.

    7. LoonE

      The answer to how record labels push their artist: Joe almost had it, they have connections with the DSP’S & they get you on their curated playlist.

    8. Beautiful Surprise

      Him answering that question about people having bad experiences with record labels is the perfect example of being privileged and not even realizing why your own personal experiences are better than other people. If he only knew how condescending his response sounded to the various other news musicians who’ve been taken advantage of because their fathers aren’t one of the most famous musicians and the planet then he wouldn’t have answered that question that way. I don’t think he meant it the way it comes off but he just doesn’t understand the privilege that his dad’s many successes in the music industry has afforded him. That’s basically the way all privileged people no matter the issue feel.

    9. Ryoon

      Industry rule #4080. Record company people are shady

    10. bristlefist

      I bet he has killer boots

    11. microtechmachineshop

      Im still rocking cds in 2021

    12. Keith Gordon

      This Jakob guy reminds me of someone....and I can't quite put my finger on it 🤔🎸🎤🎼

    13. The Wrist Fund

      no video on spotify

    14. Noah Scanlan

      Yah, you really rapped your way out of the hood, selling mix tapes from the trunk of your car. Spare me the wisdom from the ivory tower.

    15. A R

      These comments!!

    16. Jef Varnadore

      Btw I loved the wallflowers back in the day but Jakob Dylan kinda seems like a douche

    17. Jef Varnadore

      Get trending on FIblock or a big push on Tiktok that’s how labels are manufacturing hits now

    18. theylied1776

      As someone who was schooled in the music business in Nashville, by working for a producer. He got his name on several records as a co-writer. He would always say... "The real money is in songwriting". And as Dolly Parton famously said, when asked about Whitney Houston making (I will always love you) her song, ... "I absolutely love Whitney's version, and I don't care who sings it, just as long as I get paid". When it comes to radio play, only the songwriter gets paid.

    19. Adam Fellers

      Nobody can control where they come from. He never used his dad to promote his music. He mostly went under the guise of a band name and his dad is still what most people bring up about him in a negative manner. SMH

    20. zaczane

      Vinyl has the Audio quality I want for Chillin

    21. Art Linnick

      Jakob Dylan had to live out of van and beg for studio time during his early years as a musician. I liked the Wallflowers, he seems like a decent guy, but sit down about any struggle with the music business.

    22. Mike Walters


    23. Nephilim Heart

      Springsteen fucking blows, always has, and has never had an authentic bone in his body. Dude sold himself as some kinda blue collar working class hero, but hes just another spoiled yuppy brat. Condescending to his audience, and now endorsing anti America politicians.

    24. Matthew

      Upchurch doesn't need a record deal and he makes millions. Along with others.

    25. dillpickle


    26. Edward mulholland

      Didn’t know anything about Jacob before this interview. The whole podcast is worth watching. He comes across as very level headed and a good bloke with a sense of humor. I like him.

      1. JOSEPH

        The Wallflowers was a decent band in the 90's. You should check his music out.

    27. willy arkansas

      should have had jack white on the show

    28. Chordacopia

      Take a chord progression quiz: fiblock.info/face/videot/ZGl4fYBjZ4O2dXo.html

    29. HeffewiezenDudeGuy

      Jakob "Laptops don't have hardeives anymore" Dylan

    30. Luke Dogs

      This episode was disappointing. I'm a big Wallflowers fan, and it would have been interesting to hear just a little bit about the band? Some stories behind certain songs, albums, I don't know. They just seemed to talk about a lot of what Joe has already talked about with other musicians and guests (Stand up comedy, record businesses etc.). If your a fan of Jakob Dylan or the Wallflowers, don't bother. There's some mildly interesting topics throughout, but overall.. Fairly dull.

    31. UncleGreen SkateSoda

      Cars and computers don't even have disc drives most the time anymore

    32. UncleGreen SkateSoda

      the better thing for bands in the 90s was with no internet and instant streaming people had to actually put a little effort into listening to music....and would support the best original acts to come up through the scenes....now it's all streamed and instant and controlled by the majors, no one cares about organic success now. It was easier for bands before streaming

    33. UncleGreen SkateSoda

      Biggest labels DO provide the structure and resources to get their artists as famous as they do.... not saying it's right or awesome... there have been tons of amazing independent artists over the years too though, who have turned music into a profitable career... maybe not as rich as a label may have gotten them, but they're job is music and that's pretty cool.

    34. Jay Schultz

      Joe, you just described UFC contracts. There is a class action lawsuit on going regarding UFC contracts.

    35. C Jersey

      How bout we can record industry insight from an artist that isn’t the child of a record industry icon and who doesn’t have a monster inheritance to fall back on lol I bet his views and tone re: the industry pay etc are the infinitesimal minority of artists views. Next up, Vince McMahons kids discuss wrestlers pay scale lmao

    36. Barkanelli ChasingDreams

      Thought Joe Rogan went to Spotify?

    37. thefeelcompany

      “Joe, don’t remind Jacob he’s Bob Dylan’s son!”

    38. Scott Simon

      LAST 🤬💩

    39. Frank James Bonarrigo

      this guy has never had one head light in his life

    40. macfan128

      "I'm not in the record business. You're in the record business, I make music." pretty damn cool

    41. Johnny Lavery

      Amazing how differently the princes get treated than the peasants.

    42. Keith

      This whole interview - “I’m not talking about my dad at all”. Clint Eastwood’s son didn’t seem to mind talking about him. And this guy’s dad is Bob freakin Dylan.

    43. Harley Marshall

      Courtney love shouldn't be writing articles on music royalties, she's worse than all of them.

    44. thxbutnothx

      Listening to Jakob Dylan talk about how record execs have been good to him reminds me of when I met my wife and she told me about how her favorite singer Enrique Iglesias changed his name so that when he went into auditions to get a record contract the record execs wouldn’t know who his father was and wouldn’t give him special treatment, implying that he got his original record deal based solely on his vocal ability, lol I still laugh when thinking about that story to this day First of all who in the hell and how in the hell does an unknown singer with no songs, no touring, no recordings, just get a singing audition in front of major label record execs?!?! And secondly even if this story has any truth to it whatsoever and he did use a different name to audition I’m sure they knew who his father was anyway. Record exec #1: “Heeey, isn’t that…” Record exec #2: (whispers) “Yes it is shhhhhh, Julio called yesterday and said that little Enrique doesn’t want us to know who he is…” Record exec #1: (chuckling) “Oh, OK, got it… Welcome come on in… (looks at paper) Preston Humperdinck the third. What song will you be singing today?” Haha, what a ridiculous story… Oh how I wish my father was a legendary entertainer, my FIblock channel would definitely have more than 20 subscribers that’s for sure, lol. Hey that reminds me, I write songs too, check them out on my YT channel if you get a chance, let me know what ya think, I’m no jakob Dylan or Enrique Iglesias but I think that I have some decent ideas. fiblock.info/face/videot/qZytjYqhn3e2mmk.html

    45. Warstub

      I still buy CDs. Vinyl is too big, streaming has a potential quality issue. I'd rather buy a CD and rip it, or download quality flac files, and play direct from laptop/computer onto decent sound system.

    46. Shawn

      Dylan is oblivious of what is happening in the real world. Completely living the life of a spoiled brat.

    47. Angel Nicole

      This is the one headlight guy?

    48. J.B. Burke

      Joe should get Jack White on the show. I'm sure Jack has awesome info on this shit.

    49. Worms Ali

      I make a full-time living selling my music on the street in CD form. Because no stores sell them, I have a monopoly 😁 I sell about twenty a day I hear in Japan CDs are more popular than they've ever been, based on how their economy is setup

      1. Riley Cronin-Schneider

        That’s awesome! Good for you man.

    50. Charles Bukowski

      as lmK40s said below.... he has had good experiences because his dad is BOB fkking DYLAN ahahahhahahaahahahaa get da fkk outa here with this shit

    51. Gifted Astrology

      Do not agree at all!!!!

    52. Jake Riffle

      Still love the video of TLC calling out their record label at the awards show.

    53. HaikesXO

      Anyone pursuing music today, do not listen to this old senile man.

    54. Moraduke

      Really cool interview. More music guests, please!

    55. A Bird

      I think he's the first Joe Rogan guest wearing a flat cap, ain't he?

    56. wellbi

      Let's be honest, the most of artists who scream "I am being abused in this industry." are a) top players who pay for everyone else's shot at fame. b) New artists who spent all their Advances on cars, jewelry, fancy clothes etc. -> end up with an unpopular sub-par recording, no money, and debt for the Advances. ... Most of the people destroyed by the music industry are fully responsible for their own faith.

    57. Tasty Tenz

      joe wearing a button up? Holy Shit

    58. L B

      Joe, bring Kid Rock to show. He is one of those few who have not sold his sole for industry

    59. Hakusho Demon

      vinyl also sounds better since its analog sound and not digital

    60. d hurl

      my advice: don't go & listen to Gang Date on bandcamp

    61. Ross Payne

      I think we’re talking about kids with greedy parents that’s to me is the real problem , send them out and I’ll get paid .

    62. Qwest Ion E very thing

      Who is this dude

    63. Yukon Cornelius

      This comment section needs to cool it with the antisemitism.

    64. Vahe Ohanian

      Spotify and "Deep State" have a script for Joe Rogan to promote Oxford's scientific papers conclusively proving that there is no extraterrestrial life within the observable universe. I wonder if Joe will get Trump in for an interview now to see if he would spill the beans on what Trump claims to have reviewed the documents, film, dissections, interviews with aliens, underground alien bases, and other tangible materials contained on UFO files.

    65. Angel

      Joe likes men more than dm trees

    66. Ben Sol

      Jakob Dylon starting to look like Howie Mandell🤔

    67. Chris

      u make too much money, that why u moved to Spotify.

    68. Ron Jones

      This is a bright fella, right here. Not one of the age's softies.

    69. Tony Walker

      Dylan's got a good head on his shoulders.

    70. BenAmbersun

      New World Order Official Announced. Covid Communist Evil wants to imprison you all. banned.video/watch?id=60eb98882434d355ba04c56e No longer a theory. Globalist murderers have emerged.

    71. Don't Care

      Joe Rogan ads are the most manly advertising ever. Sure I need a 20lb air compressor, some leather boats made in Texas, and throw in that pellet stove. I'll never use any of it but damn I'll feel like a man.

    72. A H

      If you’re untalented, you blame the record company. Period

    73. Tony Taino

      Ayo joe,,,can we have young Pharoah on your show????????.your white friend think the black race has violent genes,what a crock of lies...joeyyyy ya need to fix this....!!!!!

    74. TheAlphaBetapr13

      I had no idea he was in the Wallflowers lol

    75. Marcelo B

      Jakob Dylan made one of the best records of the 90's

    76. MarVill TX

      Joe Rogan: Record Labels are the devil. BD son: Record Labels are great. Joe Rogan: Yeah I love them too.

    77. Chaplin

      Jakob reminds me of the hot chick that thinks everyone is so nice to her because they're nice people. He never got shit contracts because he grew up in the music biz and is the son of a legend. They know they can't get away with it

    78. check ya chin

      Who is this? Never heard of him

    79. 1337S0lja

      Every person is responsible for what they sign, that's why it is called a contract. You can claim entitlement for Jakob but what he is saying is completely true in the sense of the subject. The musician makes music and the record label makes sure that that music is heard across enough platforms for everyone to be happy but what you do with that money is your choice. Blow it and you cant blame anyone on the back end.

    80. Surf wave Tim Ray

      Courtney did it fiblock.info/face/videot/nKdgdo2kc52yZ5w.html

    81. isaac s

      Pick your poison, would you rather have a million bucks and work for a record company (which is ripping you off), or make a hundred thousand this year and have total control over your music (but you might make 0 next year).

    82. Ben O'Gorman

      You need to interview Meet Kevin (running to replace Newsom as gov of CA)

    83. Morgan Life

      Joe needs Aaron Lewis to be a guest one day.

    84. Colie Brice

      Give me a fucking break.. I'm sure Daddy's legal team covered his ass in silk..

    85. Brian Johnson

      I've always been a huge Jakob Dylan fan, wallflowers and solo, cool to hear him on jre

    86. Simi Sami

      Joe Rogan doesn't have the intellectual capacity to hold interviews.

    87. MrJpage10

      Boy, Norm Macdonald looks good.

    88. Eggmond Chad

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    89. Nevertoolatetostart

      Joe you need to get David Draiman on sometime soon! Dudes the best and most versatile singer ever

    90. Daichi Harada


    91. Joseph Crapet

      Yo Joe I would absolutely love to see you interview Sadhguru. I would love to hear the conversations between you and a real yogi/mystic. If you dont already know about him definitely check him out! I would be surprised if you didnt know about him already.

      1. Daniel Williams

        The whole yogi/mystic thing is a scam - just ask Paul and Ringo.

    92. Mat Guerra

      easily, seamlessly, he says...

    93. Mat Guerra

      Oh wow, They didn't take advantage of BoB Dylan's son? Shocker. What a Douche. The point is they are fucking thieves, much like the government, you have to comply on some level bc you're getting screwed either way, (Unless you're rich or famous or both). Bob Dylan blows.

    94. Chris Brownson

      is it joe rogan or joe racist 🤭

    95. Yonny Mcgee

      I still Rock cds in the whip

    96. Chris Nigro

      Jakob Dylan loves himself some Jakob Dylan WOW.

    97. Kary Logan

      broooooo why u got a person on your show talking about black people have a violent gene whyyyyyyyyyyyy stoppp the lies ok

    98. DaddyBadBad

      Did Spotify make Joe do this?

    99. Allen McDonald

      Dude, like.. wicked. He didn't age well

    100. Steel Nation

      Get Johnny Depp on your podcast. Savvy?