Jakob Dylan on Meeting Prince

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    1. D Legionnaire

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    2. Trevenclaw

      Of course Delray was there lol his memoir one day is gonna be insane with all the famous people he knows.

    3. Sri Baba Marley Jones

      Jacob is an excellent actor! He has got the Jonathan Richmond look going on with the hat. Road Runner! Road Runner!

    4. Lucas O'heyze

      How weird is Joe buying albums by people he's never even heard before? That, to me, is pretty strange behaviour.

    5. Ole-Morten Johansen

      hello shirt

    6. Keith Gordon

      Imagine being the waiter at that table....if that place even has waiters LOL!!!!

    7. Ryan Mcgee

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    8. Trev Gibb / King of the Sea

      I watched the whole thing and it didn't get very deep, was quite disappointed. I think Joe was desperate to ask about Bob, and Jakob was chatty but his guard was up.

    9. Johnny Boone

      Prince was 5’4” and weighed about 120, but he was larger than life.

    10. Sydberg

      I was just listening to The Wallflowers and here he fucking is. JRE reads my mind.

    11. maxter312

      Audi Fox? Yeah i don't think so... maybe Volkswagen Fox... that's an actual car👍😂

    12. Zaho SanFran

      Well…isn’t Bob Dylan your father? It’s clear he wanted to sit with a piece of a legend more huge than him.

    13. chrisk23 23

      I clicked cuz I thought it was Howie Mandell

    14. Diane Thibeault


    15. Guatemalan Dude 69

      Jakob sitting next to prince reminds me of Charlie Murphy sitting next to prince.

    16. Johnny Lavery

      One Headlight

    17. Andrea Marcotte

      He sounds so matured. He sincerely said " talent isn't hereditary." fluidly and meaningfully. "Talent comes from anywhere." Being Bob Dylan's son and coming across this genuine and totally sincere.

    18. Jokerz Gallery

      "I don't need to see Prince, I saw the real thing called Jimi Hendrix" -Lemmy

      1. Trey

        Prince better

      2. Horrorpowerfilms

        I really don't believe Lemmy said that, but Prince was praised by every cool dude from Bowie to Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Trent Reznor, Miles Davis, Gilmore, Frank Zappa, Jhonny Rotten, David Byrne, Dylan etc. if Lemmy really said that, well he is now less cooler.

      3. deacon8754

        Respect to Lemmy, but no need to compare the two they are different and each legendary in their own way.

      4. exithero

        With all do respect…I love Lemmy and Motörhead. There will never be another Jimi Hendrix. He was from another planet. Prince was from another universe. A truly amazing talent that could play everything and anything.

    19. Nickolas Tessier

      David Byrne from talking heads is the perfect example of being outrages while not being able to sing that well

    20. Deep Cycle Garage

      I had a hot Brazillian girlfriend years ago and we met Prince at The Lounge in Mpls and he complemented my GF on her samba dancing and asked her to come to Pasiley Park to dance in a video. She turned him down! I said Amor, that is Prince! And she said, I don't care, I'm here with you!? I looked at him and shrugged my sholders and he shrugged his shoulders back to me and smiled.....

    21. Tom Jones

      I watched the echo in the canyon film and it was good but I had no idea this guy was Bob Dylan's son very cool he had a super unique childhood even if he doesn't acknowledge it. And I bet it was awesome lucky guy I'm sure he knows it but very gracious when speaking of it. And the echo in the canyon highly recommend watching it some of the older guys on there can play some insane rifts very cool to see.

    22. Chas Post

      Man I remember the first time I heard I Wanna Be Your Lover. Definitely one of my favorite Prince songs. One of the best songs ever.

    23. steamaweed

      I was in my mid teens and went to see the Purple Rain movie when it opened with a girl. I am Australian so I loved hard Australian rock and thought Prince was a bit soft for my taste at the time. I thought it was a bit of a chick flick to be honest and thought it would help my chances. THEN I saw Prince play 'Lets get crazy' in that movie. IT FUCKING ROCKS. The man could do anything at the highest level.

    24. Jean


    25. Kaddywompous

      A bunch of record companies turned down the Beatles. Imagine.

    26. Honey Badger

      Audi Fox FTW!

    27. Mr Keith

      I wonder what Dean Del Rey was doing/saying during this meeting?

    28. kymberly saar

      I Love Jakob.

    29. Mr Pucklepops

      I love these podcasts I've learnt so much stuff not to mention all the words of wisdom from the people that have been around the block 10,000 times and more.

    30. Will Castro

      I remember the exact moment I first listened to Prince. It was watching Tim Burton's Batman.

    31. Dayana Lopez

      SOS Cuba! We need help! Please Mr. Rogan, be the voice of the Cuban people! They are being killed and tortured!

    32. Lost valley Anime

      Joe your my guy but I need someone to push for wonderboy with me I really feel if that was a five round fight you would’ve seen a better Thompson he got that one pretty good spinning head kick I just wish you would’ve interviewed him after the fight because he’s to nice of a guy to say something but I want to see him fight for that belt

    33. Rafael -

      And you know hes prince but non of this matters because he's prince

    34. biff swanson

      The empire in my mind

    35. Mirza Ghalib

      Um Joe, audi fox's were fucking dope!

    36. Musa Lee TV

      It dont get no better than prince. 🙏🏽

    37. beyondeyes80 beyondeyes80

      You, don’t understand he’s says meet prince..I’m the real prince.. Without saying it

    38. CHIP7

      Got to dance on stage with a crowd of woman at a Prince show in the Hamptons . I got to go for free because my old boss designed the merch for the concert.Dude was super human.Best concert I ever saw.

    39. Silver Steel

      Joe in a shirt👀?

    40. Nevertoolatetostart

      Joe you need to get David Draiman on sometime soon! Dudes the best and most versatile singer ever

    41. Daichi Harada


    42. Josie D.G.

      Yes Wallflowers!! 💕

    43. DaKermitFrog

      When he mentioned night at the Roxbury I thought he was the main actor with will Farrell until I looked him up.

    44. Joe Felkins

      Man i miss all the guys..i watch joe on Spotify but its just not the same as it was before the move....got to get all the guys back together its been to long

    45. Organicone

      Joe Bring Andrew Tate on the show please!

    46. Jim Henry

      Rich kids 🤦🏼‍♂️ Get out of here bro No time for this. Privilege Never had to starve. Pay rent. Wake up hungry Foh

    47. M West


    48. Tony Mondola

      Moral of the story: When Prince says "Come sit"... you come sit.

    49. Susan Perron

      Prince is the best

    50. Christopher

      that dude was on Scrubs

    51. overthehills_ faraway

      He looks like his dad so much , cool


      Saw Prince open for the Rolling Stones, J Geils Band, & George Thorogood in L.A. Colosseum 1981. He comes out & people are giving him shit. By end of his set he got a standing ovation...

    53. Arlo220

      joe... you ever seen the tube of Theo Katzman playing his original "plain jane heroin"? just. awesome.

    54. DG

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      man prince is my hero,if joe ever wants a prince night i"m up for it..

    60. joeygamer4

      I've listened to prince's music and it sucks.

    61. Radu Debu

      Kali Muscle NEXT :)

    62. Raul Anaya

      CCP owns Joe Rogan. They own spotify! Forget these sellouts!

    63. Peace and Blessings

      Prince music is timeless

      1. Peace and Blessings

        Michael Jackson music has aged horribly

    64. Mark Thrasher

      Prince and the son of Bob Dylan meet, and have nothing to say... now that's poetry 👌

    65. Deejay Mongiman

      I Dj for Prince on dozens of occasions in BH....boy do I have better stories than that one....when Chick was his bodyguard.

    66. Meg Shimatsu

      Purple Rain is a masterpiece.

    67. ksbm78

      Cool, been a while since I watched. Glad the studio doesn't look like a spaceship any more 👍

      1. Kyle Robinson

        old man joe just expressing himself

    68. Chris Norman

      Jakob Dylan the legend of the 90"s my hat goes down to you my friend


      Still haven’t listen to a single episode of this podcast ever since Spotify. I’ve been a member of Spotify since 2000 and late. Why!!!!!?

      1. Elon Musk

        I gave up too

    70. Elon Musk

      Prince is a legend

    71. Demitry Songer

      Lawyer Bodyguard,"catch ten additional charges and these hands you be fuckin with my mans prince here" 😂

      1. Elon Musk

        @Demitry Songer purple rain

      2. Demitry Songer

        Make that man a movie Hollywood

      3. Demitry Songer

        Seriously though if he's good at both he has the discipline to fuck you up to the most legal and thorough way possible

    72. Thomas Murray

      I was particularly moved by his account of the music industry. He's never been shafted. I wonder why.

    73. Thomas Murray

      I didn't know he was so cool he didn't know he already knew everything. about everything...like dad..

    74. Blake953

      Audi Fox...my old man had one of those. It was a Audi VW mix...and as Joe said, a shit car if I remember...rusted badly.

    75. Tee Jay EL Songs

      Looking at bobdylans son and comparing him to Bob in the 60s it's striking. As a Dylan fan it's awesome hearing this interview

    76. Blaise Telfer

      Prince > Michael Jackson

    77. W Wiexenspei

      Paul Scheer and Jakob Dylan have slightly similar voices. Bob Dylan is still alive. Burt Bacharach is also still alive. Where can I find the full episodes of Joe Rogan?

    78. Justin Stclair

      Alright Joe I know you are a person who is truly down to earth and genuinely curious I’ve chose you now I’m just going to be 100% honest and straight forward with you if you found out the Creator was on earth living one last life amongst the humans before judgement day would you like to meet Him ? You can contact me if you truly wanna know I’d be more than happy to show you and teach you amazing things about yourself like how to talk to all the creatures of this world gravity the wind ect.. get ahold of me Joe I will be here for another 10-25 years I ask nothing from you just a few moments of your life If I told you my son already has your life numbered in his book of the dammed and u truly only had one chance to make right If the FATHER! GOD ! Wanted a moment with you what would you do? Find me Joe like I said I’m more than happy and willing to show you I AM WHO I AM! You pick the polygraph and specialist to read it to you there are things I need to talk to you about This is why I have chosen you 99.99999% chances of you making it to Heaven Joe without me 100% no man is worthy to come to me without Jesus on his own This is why I have chosen you. I will give you my number once you get ahold of me then we can begin.

    79. OldHenry Lee

      So, ... did Joe get any details on Shadow Kingdom or not? 😉

    80. Zachary Propps

      He sounds just like his Dad. Lol

    81. Tavi Molina

      Prince was beyond savagery 🔥

    82. Joely Tacos

      "Even Prince had to hear that he was awesome". Yeah, when someone grows up with abusive parents, you can't hear it enough. I totally see that.

    83. Modern Aire

      Yeah, I don't think Prince was WANTING to be recognized or told Purple Rain was 'awesome', I think the body guard/lawyer wanted to spur a conversation between Jacob and Prince to break the ice over a well known album... you tell him... that you .. liked Purple Rain... or something. Prince wasn't insecure like that. Prince told many in his inner circle he had an album, unreleased that was BETTER than Purple Rain. An associated music collaborator musician in his band confirmed this recently and told of Prince topping in a CD-Rs of it, pulled from his Vault, which also possibly recorded in between Purple Rain and 1999 or soon thereafter. Anyway, no, I think that's just not really what what was going on. I would certainly say oh yeah, Prince was insecure about his fame or work, but nah. As for Prince not knowing what he was destined to do if I'm understanding it correctly, Prince himself said that he looked through the phonebook as a teenager when trying to determine a career or trade and didn't see anything he'd be interested in doing. It was music from the go and he knew he had it. You have to. When you KNOW you KNOW. And in my 30 plus years following Prince's career, art, music, closely, you can tell he knew and those that couldn't tell he had it, those were NOT the ones that would help him get to where he needed to go.

    84. Alpaca Male

      I don't give a shit about prince


      Handsome Devil

    86. Burt Blyleven

      VW Fox.

    87. stewart baker

      true genius is always on another level. mostly it is so weird you dismiss the encounter as crazy or weird but it will gnaw at your mind in a way nothing else will like seeing a color you never seen before and not being able to classify it. .04% of the world population fit this category last USA census 65% of citizens believe they are in this category.

    88. mrjamesgrimes

      Let’s be honest... Prince is f’n terrible. His music sounds like the soundtrack to 80’s soft core porn

      1. Elon Musk

        You haven't heard much Prince

    89. ThePoet

      Usa 🇺🇸+🧑🏽‍✈️+🛫+🚀 +2 trillion dollars = 🐈 ies disgrace themselves Afghanistan 🇦🇫 +🐫+⚔️ +no food = victory ✌🏽💪🏼👏

    90. White Mike

      Anyone know how long the spotify deal is for .. i live in Mexico and haven't seen a full jre since they took over

    91. Katie Spade

      I fast forward just to hear what Jakob has to say because Joe is a total waste of a human.

    92. Jon Gard

      It's been awhile since I've heard any Wallflowers music nor hear Dylan in an interview/conversation. Thanks for this 👍

    93. Patrick Mc Kenna

      He must really not like talking about his Dad. I guess because of how private Bob Dylan I wonder are they close. You can’t even find a grown up picture of Jakob and his Dad.

    94. John Paul Williams

      Didn't the Muslim woman Sinead O'Connor say that prince tried to kill her, by drowning here in purple rain.

    95. John Paul Williams

      Go Joe, let it flow

    96. Rex fkn Wetzel

      No Joe you were listening to "If you wanna be my lover"

    97. shatner99

      Did they have flapjacks too?

    98. Rob Lockhart

      1998 didn't seem like it was that long ago but this (seeing Jacob) sort of reminded me it was.

    99. Dan Tooine

      That one time with Prince and the DMT suppositories…

      1. Mamie Stanley

        What. Zo u must tell?

    100. Pete

      I wonder if he got pulled over by the cops on the way to the studio for driving with one headlight...