Iliza Turned Her "Fake Yale Graduate" Story Into a Movie

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    1. Sky Grace

      So much love for her💗

    2. Johnathan Calderon

      Shawty straight cappn

    3. Tangueando Toulouse

      Where is podcast #1671 ?

    4. Matthew Kasdorf

      why can't we find this actual guy? shouldn't be that hard? c'mon internet!!!

    5. manuel_alfonso85

      I would like to meet her!

    6. Doug Sees the World

      Joe: "How does one stop and become an honest person when you're lying about that many things?" Answer: You don't. I always told my kids when they were growing up, as soon as you catch somebody in a lie about something that doesn't matter, get the fuck away from them, because they'll never stop doing it.

    7. Gemini Jake

      Wow, this is supposed to be the um uh ‘Bret Winesteen’ (

    8. Cheryl Ferry

      what a boring story.. what a life she has to have never encountered a lie before

    9. Thiago Reis

      I couldn't finish this episode. It's basically 2+ hours of an hyper privileged white woman complaining about rich people stuff. Boring.

    10. FRNKNSTNmusic

      This is a great exploration of this subject for real. Both are adding a lot to this.

    11. Matt Trafton

      Funny movie. Funny lady. Seems like a good person as well.

    12. Southern Heat

      Had a driver of mine tell tour groups he was the owner of the company. Still makes me laugh

      1. Mark Hooker

        A security guard at General Dynamics confided to me that he owned the entire company.

    13. N K

      I think it's not so much about the Yale but the part where he lied about his Mom having cancer to win her sympathy. That's next level psycho!!!

    14. Lara Person

      What a mistake to tell so many lies to a comedian, of course she was gonna turn it into something.

    15. Chris Studer

      Why do you care so much? Why so shallow?

    16. chekoisowned


    17. Maria Skabardonis

      The lying about cancer is what really puts him in the jerk category. It's one thing to lie to impress but it's a another to lie about a family members disease

    18. arenasification

      "you went to Yale just like my cousin did" - "so normal"

    19. TJ Amos

      She lying if he woulda said Jr college she woulda been outta there

    20. sailaway285

      hes just a pathological liar lol

    21. Captain Omoplata

      Damn Hollywoo must really be hungry for content to crap out

    22. N.A. McIntosh

      the original title for the movie was, "How I Got the Other Kind of Herpes"

    23. Apologia5

      Sounds like a feminist who hates men. What's with all of her gender comments and references regarding men. She comes across like she is some expert on the topic when she is not. Humble yourself girl.

    24. Kyle Richardson

      My Facebook says I studied rocket science at Yale and am a line cook 😂

    25. S T

      The misogyny from the beta males in these comments. Joe knows his fanbase has a lot of beta males, but he's rolling in the dough so he's not going to say. He just laughs when his guests say it. :D

    26. Daniel Jones

      It’s a dude

    27. BatCaveOz

      I like the way that Joe & Iliza are both claiming that she first told the "Lying Brian" story on Joe's podcast 2 years ago... especially after she told the same story on Comedy Central in 2015 🤦‍♂️

    28. Kimberly Kane

      Insecure and wanting to impress. It happened to me. smh

    29. ScoobyR1

      Watched the movie the other night and I really liked it. Well written and funny


      men listen to this 11:40 on about being good at something even small. fucking truth if i ever heard it. We guys think we need a kingdom and a lambo to bang all the girls. But when you realize the lambo isnt coming you can maybe understand SOME girls will like you for this thing youre passionate and ambitious about. (the other part of this is you still gotta deal w the woman and do shit for "family" which is a fuckton of work too, but this is for the attraction side of the convo)

    31. RIchard Cunningham

      "He was unattractive but whatever".She wouldn't have given him the time of day had he not claimed to be high status. Intelligence and humor arent sexual traits and if thats all you have to offer welcome to the friendzone cause wow you make a good friend.

    32. Luke W

      A broke ass comic saving all her couch cushion pennies to fly with real rich people and some pencil neck dweeb pretending to be a wall street hot shot. Sounds to me like the two of them are a perfect match.

    33. dave mcduringo

      Insane person? I doubt that. This was 'fake it til you make it'. Ya think the comic fucks? Got news for you: the chronic liar fucks more than the prototypical Chad Thundercock.

    34. M. Rasheed

      "How's your cancer? Susan?" lol

    35. Anthony

      If I gotta hear about this dumb story one more time...

    36. Sandra Becht

      This woman starts a karen shitstorm if someone asks her for a lighter. Other than that she seems quite smart

    37. KH4444444444N

      She's riding those C-cups until the wheels fall off. What a piece of shit.

    38. KH4444444444N

      A girl walked up to me outside a club one night in 2019 and started up a conversation. Her friends came outside while we were vibing and they were exactly like this piece of shit. Assumed I was somehow forcing her to give me her time. I was like you know what? you need better friemds, then I walked away in my 600 dollar Versace sneakers, my breath freshly minted with the 86 vintage bottle of Dom Perignon I had just bought at the bar.

    39. KH4444444444N

      He went to Gudger College.

    40. KH4444444444N

      If only I had less integrity, with my intellect I could lie like this and double my income.

    41. Count DuBlevay

      So...she starts out by saying she couldnt remember if she had ever done Joes podcast and im expected to believe her story about a guy who lied to her.

    42. Victoria Gee

      I had a roommate that lied like this over and over and over. She would always do it to edge out another woman (while already married.. just in case she wanted the guy) or to look better or because she thought it was what people wanted to hear. She always just thought it was a way to get ahead.

    43. Bloodfloe_FGC

      Did she say in the first 5 minutes she asked where he went to school and what he did for work? 😂😂😂

    44. Mark robinson

      She's that girl who gets mad at you if you ask her for a lighter in public

    45. Kharimi Nougat

      I knew a dude who would scrub tf out of his fingernails at the end of a day of welding, go home put on a suit and go to tell women at the clubs he was a lawyer.

    46. aandgdesigngroup

      She seems broken-hearted...(They're called: PATHOLOGICAL LIARS.)

    47. william hummerick

      Is this the girl who posed naked on the cover of her Netflix special? That shit was honestly sad. Maybe you wouldn't feel the need to do that if you were like..... actually funny.

    48. James Mccloud

      Long story short he wanted that ass Everybody lies to get what they want Men and women Nothing new here everybody can move along

    49. Josh The Mediocre

      Her husband drives a Mazda, enough said, stop lying folks, marry a beautiful comic.

    50. Bob Watters

      Joe had Don Frye then Bret Weinstein and Dr Pierre Kory then Lliza Shlesinger on his show Both Don and Lliza have clips on youtube, but NONE from Bret. Why? Because even Joe is afraid to upload anything about Ivermectin to youtube. Dr Pierre and Weinstein are trying to save lives and youtube wont allow them to!

    51. Jollof Rice

      Damn, people really hate this girl, huh😭😭😭

      1. MissSunny

        haha it seems like a specific kinda crowd at Joe's

    52. aaahhhchew

      she lie. She wanted stripper money level spending. She saw dollars and looked over the ugly. Once she realized no money she found excuses.

    53. S

      Kind of disappointed at the incel tier comment section on this vid do better bros

    54. Inspectah deck

      Everytime I see this foolish women I just remember the lighter story

    55. Chas Minix

      I don’t find this remotely interesting.

    56. Heidi M

      Love her soo much glad to hear shes found love 💕 without a YALE student loan over his head.

    57. CTCAC2000

      that's crazy. I saw the movie; I had no idea it was true! good movie btw!

    58. Reyk

      Could it be...that someone lied to get laid? Doesn't sound that out of place to me, done it dozens of times. She also seems very insecure and projects a lot.

    59. FanASStik

      I’m so unhappy in my marriage

    60. gamepro94z

      The real question is would she have actually dated him if he didn't make those lies up? I think likely not which is why people like this lie in the first place because it works. He was taking advantage of how females choose their mates. This isn't a dig a women just a reality of biology. I don't condone his behavior, just that if you want to attract a high quality women you need to have value other than your looks and personality. Especially if you lack in these departments which is why this guy found it easier just to lie to get what he wanted.

    61. J W

      ask her for a lighter

    62. Dalton H

      I was listening to her on his podcast until she started talking about how our electrical power lines are primitive and ugly, and how she wants her neighborhood prettier. Goes to show how ignorant she is on the subject to ignore the amount of men that die every year providing privileged entitled people like her power to their homes and businesses. Our power lines are not at all primitive, there are men and women who are electrical engineers designing our grids to be as efficient as possible.

    63. CIF 1994

      she makes as if women have never done any of these things. my best friend was told by a girl he was dating. she was pregnant! i have been told when breaking it off by a girl that her dad was was about to die, you have good people, bad people, and thats it, not 1 sex is immune from crazy

      1. S

        I didn't get the impression that she's saying women don't lie at all, just seems like she's talking about something that happened to her

    64. Frank Nash

      She is likable and Joe looks like a superhero!!!!!!

    65. Tahoe Phoenix

      Golddigger Got Dug!

    66. John Diestelow

      Who is she?

    67. Mr. Club

      That was the whole premise of the movie? Sounds like a straight-to-pirate-bay-not-even-gonna-touch movie.

      1. CIF 1994

        ill be honest, it was a good movie, it was entertaining.

    68. MOH.A. ADAM

      He got laid and that's what matter.

    69. Some Guy

      The movie is called "Good on Paper" I had to do some googling to figure that out because they just refer to it as "the movie" in this video, you think they'd drop the name of the movie at some point.

      1. Ceebo66

        Thank you

      2. Number1HeatRocka

        It sucks though

    70. Tomthetrainwreck

      She's an extremely self entitled person... unbearable listening to her. How the hell did she get two specials? Trash

    71. Cylar Skinner

      Domt get me wrong the guy was 100% in the wrong but at the same time, you're very indirect riddled filled sentences is what put you in that situation, you have to be direct in how you form your sentences when talking to a guy. Females like to be very indirect in conversation and it causes confusion on the males side.

    72. K Sant

      Her eating during this episode made me nauseous. Don't ever eat into a microphone!!!

    73. Ken R

      I can drive the shit out the honda civic hybrid. hate that car, so slow....

    74. Bradley David

      This aunty is not that interesting. Come on Joe, Elon Musk to this shit.

    75. mirusvet

      "They want you to be youeself and open up....." and once you do, byeeee you boring.

    76. A

      Christ! Such a boring and terribly told story.

    77. Hector Merc

      I liza is box office poison.

    78. Robert Caterina

      Peobably the worst JRE podcast in the last 5 years. Not funny, too much ego. She is terrible.

    79. Remo

      I cannot believe this chick has around 87 Netflix specials.

    80. Vic avell

      Movie was dogwater

    81. Cris Rodriguez


    82. Cal Depen

      A lot of dudes embellish their lives (probably women do as well). Her story isn't that abnormal. She then smartly probably added to the tale to make it movie-worthy.

    83. chrishenderson420

      That's my baby he's the best mustache grower lol

    84. Paumonsu

      She's unfunny and untalented

    85. Patty Bazzani

      "I really am into my husband" ... lol ummmm

    86. Nicholas Kramas

      Hitting the wall pretty hard geeze

    87. Brian

      Me reading the comments: Yeh yeh, I have an irrational hatred of women too

    88. Joseph

      She’s ignorant!!!! Seriously she is really ignorant. Notice the word I used. Ignorant. It’s what she is

    89. scott logan

      dumb guest

    90. Kugrox

      Joe Rogan: One of the most influential figures in America, nay, the World, because he actually brings on people who speak about factual evidence. Iliza Schlesinger: One of the funniest, most attractive, enjoyable personalities ever Putt'm together and what do you get? Somehow the most boring conversation about literally nothing, you learned nothing, no jokes were made, and they basically just talked about, well, nothing. This feels like the conversation they should've had over text while deciding what to talk about for the pod cast. Two of the greatest entertainers of our time, and their podcast is just them doing nothing.

    91. Teacher Evan

      I turned her movie off after 30 mns.. Far from funny..

    92. Mark Gordon

      if you listen to this podcast on spotify, every third statement she makes is prefaced with "as a woman..." and "women are expected to...". At some point, all of the feminism turns into Lamesauce and it's time to find a new frame of reference to be obsessed with. This being said, she's not as insufferable and low-quality as a guest as everyone makes her seem in the comments here. Knock it off, gentlemen.

    93. Lucky Duck

      This Yale guy should be getting proceeds from the movie !!

    94. Steve Baker

      Princeton undergraduate, MIT grad school and John Hopkins med school. All done in 3 years. Woman call me!!

    95. Tuan Tran

      I had a friend when I was younger tell girls he met at bars and clubs that he was a doctor who went to an “Ivy League” school. What’s crazy is it worked all the time.

    96. Patrick Foster

      "I wanted her to know that her son was with someone kind." ...uuh, yeah, you don't strike me as someone who's kind.

    97. Liam Hinrichs

      This chick is my other half, frfr... her gift of gab and intelligence is uber sexy.

    98. BigG Homes

      Man dates woman. Woman turns it into a movie.

    99. martin goodlad

      You don’t even have to be good at magic the gathering, my wife plays we me and I’m terrible at it haha

    100. carl roberts