How Don Frye Got Started in the UFC

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    1. Stoney Archery

      Bro wtf!??? I sold hay and horse feed to this guy at my last job lmaoooo.

    2. S Lk

      Dang! magnum PI constipation

    3. Joseph Newman

      Cool interview Joe! Interesting stuff about Don. Good thing he told his story before he can't remember anymore. Very cool dude and great standup fighter! Always liked him. Joe gold

    4. Geoff Barkley

      Don fry would still woop 99 percent of people on this planet

    5. Chuys on Test

      I always thought his mustache looked bad ass when I was young, reminds me of the old school Aryan brotherhood or Mexican mafia look, his voice sounds like my screwed and chopped cds lol

    6. Derrik Shearl

      Don Fry's Stash 2024

    7. Saint Michael

      Chuck Norris dreams about being Don Frye.

    8. S. Marshian

      Cant take credit but saw this on the “toxic masculinity” podcast hosted by Don and Dan Severn and it needs to be shared. “Don sounds like if a bottle of jack daniels could talk”.

    9. Mike Nomad

      Don Frye all time favorite MMA fighter who looked like a 70s porn guy.

    10. David Preston

      Total mans’ man!!!

    11. G LFC

      Love Don, he likes to fight and drink beer. What's there not to like!

    12. Tony Cox

      Hard to believe Don is only 2 years older than Joe.

    13. Herner Werzog

      His voice sounds like Macho Man Savage.

    14. JohnnyNismo

      His real name is Thragg

    15. Terry Robinson

      loved watching Don Frye fight.

    16. freedoms2010

      I've listened to the whole interview and i gotta say, Don Frye is beyon being a tough dude. He is crazy i don't give a shit tough. He is all broken, had a stroke and mention he would love to fight Francis Ngannou. Rogan face was priceless.

    17. KanOfWhoopAzz

      Why he sound like macho man randy savage

    18. Learn Sicilian

      Joe: so when’d you hear about the UFC? Don: I was horseshoin $5 a horse Joe: that’s when you heard about it? Don: oh no I was going to be a fireman Joe: so when’d you hear about the UFC? Don: I was in a psych ward and broke a guys arm 😂 Joe: wait so did you hear about the UFC already? Don: oh no that’s a couple years off Joe: so when’d you hear about the UFC? Don: I got into judo cause I needed something to do and go on the bisby fire department

    19. Sharifabc

      If Covid-19 and 12 Packs a day had a kid

    20. Paul Neathery

      Reminds me of Macho Man Randy Savage

    21. Doug Life

      Don Frye’s had it rough. He is literally 2 years older than Joe!

    22. Gilbert Rodriguez

      God really created Earth in five days but Don refused to be the first man so God created Adam on the sixth day and on the seventh day he rested.

    23. Skeezix

      Don Frye. The missing Steiner brother

    24. Louis That guy

      Is Steve'O doing the voice over?

    25. Rush More

      Like Don, the comments here are pure gold.

    26. Scott Barr

      Sounds like Nick Nolte's dad

    27. Extinct Conservation

      I like how Don Frye took the question about getting to the UFC as what are all the jobs he did.

    28. Jeremy

      When you do the real work at a behavioral joint, you're nothing but a buffer for liability for the big shots.

    29. Jeremy

      2:45 Joe is so baked.

    30. Chris Mazzagatti

      Rumor has it Joe popped the hood of his Cuda to show the engine to Don and Don went over to the water tank and sipped all the water.

    31. Chris Mazzagatti

      Don Frye is a walking comedy skit.

    32. jeffro 7p

      "I was a fireman" well that explains the mustache anyways.

    33. Mike Milly

      Don Frye and Dan Severn are the two manliest men that ever lived

    34. frawldog


    35. Wizard Slayer

      I remember watching Don Frye in the 90’s. Dude is a B.A.

    36. Jfk

      They should create a new testosterone injection called Frye..... Some of his DNA combined with samples of his Mustache

    37. Totally Obvious Bull Shit

      Saying heroin is the same as all opiates is like saying DMT is the same as all hallucinogens

    38. Maurice Gruzen

      I'm glad Joe finally got to interview Farmer Fran.

    39. Jaden McFarland

      Don sounds like he's constantly holding his breath when he talks.

    40. You Dude

      My 2 Yr old keeps pointing and saying "PIRATE!, PIRATE!"

    41. Dan Valentine

      Him and Phil Anselmo should interview eachother 🤘

    42. Christopher Pausz

      When Don’s mother gave birth with her husband next to her, a nurse walked into the room and quietly asked the doctor “which one is the baby?”

    43. Mr. Bob Dabbalina

      He sounds like Macho man randy savage


      "Some people call it a sling blade , I call it a kaiser blade

    45. BitBoy TitTays

      Worst interview ever why would u clip this

    46. Casey Williams

      God created man. God created woman. Then God created Don Fyre.

    47. Chuy Nunez

      Don's mustache belongs in the UFC Hall of Fame !!!

    48. Justin Williams

      Don's a legend but holy shit could you imagine him giving you directions somewhere.......

    49. CJULES1812

      I literally just saved this video because of the top 4 comments

    50. Cornfed cars

      Don "the predator" Frye is a Legend! I'll never forget when he beat Tank Abott in Ultimate Ultimate tournament. Tough as they come no denying it!

    51. lospobresnoprosperansiayguerra Acosta

      I didn't catch the part about how Frye got into UFC but, I did learn about horse shoe making and whore houses in Santa Fe.

    52. T & E Collectibles

      Women who want to get pregnant should just listen to Don Frye speak with their panties off.

    53. Pacfanweb

      Little known fact: Macho Man Randy Savage was really trying to imitate Don Frye's voice all that time.

    54. Super Steve

      Sounds like Stan’s uncle’s friend from South Park. The one with the hole in his throat 😂💪

    55. Name Change 94

      thats the kinda dude you see on the other side of the ring and say, shit what did i get myself into lololol im fucked

    56. Kieran bowman

      Love don Frye but I don't have a clue what the fuck he is saying " how did you hear about the ufc? Well umm I was a fireman then me and my wife had a couple of horses "

    57. Ricky Crawford

      Don frye learned how to drive on an 18 wheeler

    58. TheHailstorm77

      Don sounds like Mortal Kombat announcer. Subzero wins. Liu Kang wins. You suck, I win.

    59. Mike O

      Some say that Don was born already having hair on his chest....

    60. Owain

      Ohhhh yeah it's the macho man

    61. MrBrocephus

      His voice is even manly.

    62. toxeyfrench

      Is this the guy from waterboy?

    63. Jim Burgess

      Don frye makes sean connery look like a blue haired feminist land whale

    64. gary

      Jesus his voice

    65. Josh 2694

      Real talk he needs to get screened for throat cancer

    66. figo7ronaldo

      One of the all time greats and a true American badass

    67. Logan's Curse

      DON sound's like he hunt's great white's in amity island with Quint!!

    68. Paul Jordan

      I believe the poor guy is a bit punch drunk.


      Don Frye is 2 years older than Rogan and looks like he could be Rogans dad.

    70. Hennimore

      If there was ever a man who sounded like he didn't need a cigar it's this guy.

    71. Dustin

      The thumbnail makes it look like we should expect the bottom half of joes body to have hooves

    72. billysonwilliams

      *This guy could be the narrator for a* _Big Lebowski_ *sequel*

    73. rio d

      Dan Severn hooked him up. You're welcome.

    74. Kevin Fernandes

      Don frye is the man

    75. Nathaniel Bowling

      Is he the trained killer in Dothan, Alabama? 😂

    76. Gerard Kowalski

      Getting Don to answer the question of when he got into the ufc is a match in and of itself, Joe is holding is own in the cage .

    77. joshy the hand

      JESUS CHRIST.. I'm 11 minutes in.. how DA FUQ did you get into the UFC , Don Frye?!?!?!?!

    78. AroundTheWorld In80Days

      Psych patient (locked up) : I fought Don Frye once. Psychiatrist: (increases medication)

    79. Bobs 'n' Bits

      Don Frye: the kinda guy that pisses diesel

    80. Arleh


    81. Ryan Manley

      Don Frye is badass

    82. Kevin Bright

      The real man

    83. Adil Y

      Hey there Schomos

    84. Jackee 1derful

      Macho Man Randy Savage like Voice

    85. The Fish Keepers

      I guarantee don can do a mean Macho Man Randy Savage impression

    86. big L

      What a legend this guy is really a top man💯

    87. bob loblaw

      Don Frye was one of my favorites, but always looked out of place to me. He looked like someone’s dad had just shown up because he heard there was a fight. He came to break it up but ended up kicking everyone’s ass instead.

    88. Don Chiba

      Joe:" so how did you get started in MMA?" Don Frye:"well let me detail my entire adult life and work history..."

    89. Hector Lawrence

      Don is almost two years older than Joe… holy shit

    90. ibe ghosten

      Joe: "so how did u get into ufc" Don: "it started with a catch fraze" (i could do that)

    91. Chris ThemBones

      This guy had balls of steel. Crazy pioneer. Seems like a good guy too.

    92. Stephen Hymes Jr.

      Don Frye is the most unintentionally funny dude who ever lived 🤣

    93. GodZi

      They sent a team of 5 men to collect the testosterone remains on the microphone. The microphone beat the crap out of them and started a UFC career.

    94. Dana Santiago

      Dude was living in my Hometown during this time. Sierra Vista Az. I remember a local pizza place wishing him luck at ufc with window art. Always loved Don Fry.

    95. Bendik Stormark

      0.25 speed.

    96. C   R  .

      i love how joe has the respect to not just say "don the ufc, how the fuck did it go" lmao.

    97. C   R  .

      don frye god bless you

    98. HolyCow212

      Man sounds exactly like macho man randy savage!

    99. Kevin Tucker

      That whiskey voice...

    100. gintama83

      Tom Selleck as Don Fyre ...