ESG's Are the Reason for Woke Corporate Interests

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    1. Free Dom

      The thing is, no one cares about race, they care about what comes from race.

    2. mboiko

      ESG is now the biggest problem in our society that few are aware of...Adam Curry is 100% correct. This is the driving force...and what's really behind "Corporate Wokeism"...they have a point system (ESG) on Wall Street to measure how woke each company is. But yeah ESG is freaking evil and most people are totally oblivious to it.

    3. Anonymous Jon

      I love how he’s railing against the woke movement but got real quick offended by the Jew joke

    4. me

      And the lightbulb goes off.

    5. A L

      i listened to this whole episode And this Guy sucks

    6. adam-david Vaught

      Wow. 👌🏼

    7. jake brugger

      Stock buy backs do NOT make stocks rise. Stocks are determined by the amount of free cash flows divided by outstanding shares. If a business buys stock free cash flows decrease and so do outstanding shares so it's a wash.

    8. Carl The One

      LeBron: "I can't breath. Black Lives Matter. ACCOUNTABILITY." Also LeBron when asked about Taiwan and China: .... ugh I have no problem with China.

    9. Dmitry Fedorov

      Still doesn't say who profited from this being institutionalized in the first place, or why the companies agreed to be additional costs imposed on them.

    10. Guam PTAC

      So many people get that quote wrong. Money is NOT the root of all evil. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.

    11. Jeremy Cummins

      Adam Curry was one of the worst guests. Very ignorant and confused on a lot of what he spoke.

    12. pritzi101

      I love Joe Rogan but this is honestly nonsense. ESG ratings don't take changing your logo on LinkedIn to a rainbow on pride month into account. If you want a basic understanding of what they are, you can actually see simplified ESG ratings by MSCI for free - they're much more granular and place much higher emphasis on the E and G elements. They also don't change what can be invested in - it's just that more and more investors are interested in sustainability as an investment vehicle so companies don't want to be left out in the cold by macro investment trends.

    13. Ryan McIntosh

      Money is not the root of all evil. Greed is a sin.

    14. Keith

      I day trade for a living and sorry to say his stock buyback mechanism is completely wrong. The SEC actually has a model company's have to follow to buy back stock and it has to be with cash that was made by the company as profit or revenue, a company would never take out corporate bond sells or loans to buy back stock. And a stock does not always go up during buy backs. There are different reasons for buy backs. But he's not wrong when he says it's basically easy as buying a pizza for these corporate company heads to make loads of money for basically nothing.

    15. inthso

      May not seem like much, but we need to get it right, and they get this wrong *ALL THE TIME! MONEY* is not the root of all evil. *THE LOVE OF MONEY* is the root of all evil. For anyone who doesn't understand the difference, the Net might be too complicated for you, find somewhere safer to play.

    16. Garret Rose

      I agree with him here, but a lot if this podcast was cringy. This dude's entire world is conspiracy

    17. syd900

      Adam was absolutely right. Look what is happening in Australia. Sydney is in lockdown for 3 weeks and we don't know when we can got out of it. 112 cases are the Max. 5 dead. Another 3 states are in lockdown as well for less than 20 cases with no death.. school's are sit down and kids got no physical activity. Police are giving fines. It's worse than China now. Joe please do a podcast on us. We are dying..

    18. 4rant sake

      He is such a douche

    19. THE Kat Haus

      But most "woke" commercials arent woke. Some dont even have black actors...arent focused on black products nor geared toward a black audience.

    20. Pyramus K

      If anyone is watching The Grand Tour notice how Hammond suddenly started talking about how women should drive more in motorsports. Amazon is just so obvious it's embarrasing.

    21. Damir S.

      5:47 Joe knows what ESG's are ...

    22. DGENER8s

      this is first time i've heard adam, he sure comes across as wishy washy and kinda dopey, thankfully it's obvious joe isn't buying it

    23. Sunny the Great

      American Companies: Let's exploit Human slave labor in third world countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and also use Uyghur Concentration camps in China to manufacture products for really cheap. Let's make sure the people of color in these countries get paid dirt cheap wages so we can make huge profits. Also American Companies: We support people of color, we support pride month, we support BLM, we support CRT, we are woke just like you, please buy our products and make us more richer while we continue to torture and exploit people of color in other countries. Liberals/Leftists/Democrats: Yay!

    24. L Rodrigues

      Nice little pity party going on here 😂

    25. Ryan Mcgee

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    26. HaBoWtAt

      Joe was clearly taking a HARD devil's advocate stance to every, honestly logical, conspiracy that Curry was throwing his way in this episode, and it just almost seemed like Joe was offended by them? He's fucking changed man... I'm predicting it right now that we find out Joe has been manipulated to steer clear of those conversations in the future.

    27. Lawrence Zourek

      Dear Mr rogan , this is an emergency, I'm emailing from limassol, Cyprus. We are an small island in the Mediterranean and our president has become a dictator. We're being forced to have the vaccination and day after day our civil liberties are being taken away. We need to put a stop to this. The unvaccinated can no longer go shopping for basic needs without showing that we have been vaccinated. It will soon become illegal to be unvaccinated and I fear the worst will soon happen which is death or imprisonment. You are our only hope sir. To make things worst we stand a chance of war with Turkey ar Cyprus is the last country divided by war in the EU. NO ONE CARES. WE HAVE NO HOPE! THIS IS TRULY AN EMERGENCY! OUR COUNTRY IS GOING TO HELL IN A BASKET PLS PLS PLS MENTION SOMETHING ON YOUR PODCAST, SAY SOMETHING SIR! STAND UP FOR US! WE'RE A MILLION CITIZENS DYING A SLOW DEATH. WE NOW HAVE TO SHOW A SAFE PASS ANYWHERE WE GO. THIS IS NONSENSE SIR WE'RE ARE FORCED TO WEAR THE EQUIVALENT OF WHAT THE JEWS WORE IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY SIR PLS IF THERES ANYTHING YOU DO SIR. THINK OF IT THIS WAY, THE EQUIVALENT OF 10% OF YOUR VIEWERS ARE BEING FORCED TO SLOWLY DIE ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. THE 1% OF THIS COUNTRY ARE STEALING EVERYTHING WE OWN.... PLS SIR I DO NOT ASK FOR MONEY OR PROPERTY. I ASK FOR OUR RIGHT TO LIVE. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE AND I HOPE THIS EMAIL GET TO YOU IN TIME SIR. A LOYAL FAN.

    28. Ash

      i don't remember the last time I saw an ad for medicines or pharmacies. What is he talking about? Prescription-med ads were banned years back where I live.

      1. gabizongo

        Yeah. Where you live.

    29. Nicki

      Well maybe if more people find out about ESG scores and know how to genuinely look them up on a company then woke advertisements won't have as much of an influence on the general public perception of how "good" a company is.

    30. Phoenix ovoxo

      I hate spotify joe

    31. Maria

      We ALL know about this. It’s just nice to hear people say it publicly.

    32. Cottontail Grouse

      Shadowgate indicates that the big bad federal government isnt as big as we thought. The FBI the CIA the NSA and FEMA do have agents, our fellow americans, but 90% of the work is outsourced to private spy companies who pay off duty cops and veterans to literally gangstalk entire neighborhoods, not just individuals or their families. You see ... Those veterans whistleblowed on the industry thus creating shadowgate. These companies create media and news to trick you into thinking the government is stalking you but its really them, the corporations. ESG gate fits in with this. The Federal Reserve created ESG to control the banks politics, thus allowing them to police the politics of the world. The companies are the deep state. Occupy Wall Street was right all along. Multiple states each have their own Reserve Bank. The UN awards money to state governors who can disarm the population, and the UN legally considers itself to be its own country.

    33. LurkerAnonymous


    34. Kun Lee

      This is a trip. Its like communism run by corporations. Kind of like a capitalist led communism Were fucked

    35. Pime TheMan

      This stuff should wake people up... but it won't sadly. :(

    36. Wesley Stafford

      Listened to this entire episode today and Joe was downright ODD at times. Completely unlike himself. Not sure what was up but i sensed SOMETHING was.

    37. willmilky1

      So much for “go woke. Go broke” 😂

    38. Sonic Broom

      Adam: "These people pay podcasters to say the right things. No offense to you Joe..." Joe: "We need a drink"

    39. Ian Klingensmith

      “Money is the route of all evil” Joe Rogan: “well I guess I’m evil as shit now”

    40. Devin Esterbrook

      There are 330,000 AMC "watchers" on Stocktwits plus millions more invested. Joe, can you please do another episode on why the SEC has not shut Citadel down for decades of fraud by manipulating order flow of the stocks they short and purposely try to bankrupt businesses some of us love. Case in point AMC theaters. PS I'll see you live August 15th in Orlando you funny bastard.

    41. Brent Eason Farms

      This is how and why people are selling their souls for wokeness.

    42. Ross Andrews

      ESG is far more sophisticated than he makes out. There are multiple ways to measure it - e.g. Tesla came out on top of the industry in MSCI's auto industry ratings. Of course it goes too far sometimes but it is not utilised to control society. That's a stretch.

    43. Joao P.


    44. Deep Cycle Garage


    45. Sal Arena

      Apple & Nike have fucking slave labor camps in China so… no they don’t care about black people or gay people, or ANY people.

    46. Chris Mitzlaff

      Dammit Rogan. I hate that I can't listen to your podcast because I hate Spotify.

    47. sebastian ayala

      Identity politics is a product of corporate desire to paint society as divided by race and identity. The truth is that it it divided by class; working class and owning class. That is what produces the inequality we are today.

    48. 79Paddys Irl

      ESG is just a measure of a companies greenhouse gas emissions and their CSR efforts and how they shape up internationally.


      I work for an oil company that now has labeled itself as a green energy company. We make drilling tools.

    50. Keith

      Adam Curry seems to have a blinking tic or something

    51. JBallin22

      The underlying reasoning behind ESGs are legitimate, they have the potential to hold companies more accountable for their impact on the environment/society. But what's needed is a universal, strict ESG standard that is upheld (if companies act a certain way then they're excluded from ESG mutual funds and ETFs). We're not there yet, don't know if we ever will be, but yea

    52. theSuper viLLain_est1990

      Its all a machine partner

    53. theSuper viLLain_est1990

      Had no idea Tim Dillon is Gay. Doesn't matter if I knew, good on him tho living his best life

    54. Yunga Dryas

      Woke ideology is tearing the fabric of western democracy apart. It must be stopped.

    55. Paul Pilgrim

      Shit oh yea...neither can you see how many pills and medicine advertisements on fox...i was thinking only sick and old people watch these channels..

    56. Aaron Waab

      I was fucking disappointed in Joe Rogan in this one

    57. Peter Sun

      Adams only mistake was his money quote is not the root of all evil...the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.

      1. idrctbh

        it's inherent to money, point stays the same

    58. David Lane

    59. madi on the mix

      Point of order yeah that joke was offensive

    60. MetaphorsBeWithYou

      Great Reset

    61. The Asian Way - An inside look at money making

      actually very enlightening

    62. daryl fitz

      This clown is still raking in money with his whole “I don’t know what’s going on/devil advocate/if I said anything beyond this I’d lose my paychecks routine.” What a joke. You are part of the problem.

    63. R Is Fr Rinny Barca Co

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    64. redbeardmn

      I found out about #AdamCurry when he was Joe's guest about a year ago. What a ride it's been since! I love these guy's. 5:48 I wonder if that guy got fired? #NoAgenda #PodFather #JohnDvorak #DBag

    65. U2 Guitar Tutorials

      Oh jeez... money is not the root of all evil. It's just a medium of exchange. What a ridiculous comment. Statism is evil.

    66. Amanda Maple

      No... "the LOVE of money is the root of all evil"

    67. lom-581

      Race baiters (left) and fear mongers (right) are all after the money. Whatever it takes to get clicks, audience, subscribers. Companies are after what is good for their baseline and investors. That's capitalism. Why is this a surprise? Capitalism is designed to work this way. I still wouldn't trade that economic system for others though. People just need to get informed and be aware of how the system works. Corporations do not care about you. Why is it so hard to understand?

    68. Theta Gang

      ESG is a load of bollocks

    69. Evan Braden

      Within 15 seconds of starting teh clip, I had an ad "Introducing amazon pharmacy!"

    70. Epstein didn't kill himself

      Just here to say to drink water, cola will never make you feel truly happy. Ever.

    71. William LeBoeuf

      Painting ESG as code for woke is not one-to-one. Yes, I concede that a "Wokester" would utilize it to control a corporate board, but also consider an example that a Fund Manager tells a corporate board "Hey ACME Alarm Corporation, don't use your philanthropic dollars to fund abortions, use that money to help single moms get alarm systems their homes.

    72. Rich F.

      Elvis Karate Shirt for the win

    73. Tales from the Moribund

      Joe "memory of a goldfish" Rogan

    74. Sam Corcoran

      Listening to Curry defend the Insurrection is the last thing I will ever on JRE. #traitor

    75. Ehab

      Listened to the whole podcast - Adam Curry is full of shit

    76. Dorram

      ITM, Adam Curry is the shit!

    77. Dan

      Chief diversity Officer is the biggest joke waste of money in human history

    78. OPK Okami

      5:37 biggest fucking dodge to someone asking for a source ive ever seen in my life. Always take JRE guests with a grain of salt

    79. doc jennison

      Adam is a blowhard.

      1. 01000010 01100101

        Found the shill!?

    80. Corry Burton

      So Joe how was that move to Texas? Still voting in the terrible policies you left? Oh, nevermind, you didn't learn anything from it.......I mean, you are still voting the same way lmfao

    81. B T

      Glenn Beck blew the lid on ESG scores long before this.


      Eye-opening podcast... Wow!

    83. Troy Champion

      esg is just another way the DNC (owned by china, sooros and bloomberg among other nasty people) can manipulate the markets.

    84. Opto_Playz

      Anti vax hooligans

    85. Brad Fick

      Money doesn't corrupt. The lack of it does.

    86. Andrew Ferguson

      This really blew my mind with the ESGs. It all makes so much sense now

    87. Bob

      @1:50 The *love* of money is the root of all evil.

    88. Dave Rychling

      So, gold watch( Rolex?),gold bracelet & fat gold wedding band,letcturing about greed/cunsumption ?

    89. j johnson

      I like when coke gets woke. I just buy Pepsi they don't get woke

    90. Drew C


    91. Mr Fox

      Joe Rogan needs to talk about amc and gme explicitly

    92. ronniestanley75

      This is my first time hearing of the ESG thing. But, it makes total sense. When you see the commercials on broadcast TV, they are totally doing this crap! They are controlling the actors, the situations, the genders, the races. Everything. And, he's right. These companies don't give fuck about gays or black people or white people for that matter. They care about money. They care about profit. Someone has to be profiting from woke commercials. Cause they are all pushing this shit!

    93. Trump2020

      You seem to forget that these same people call Ben Shapiro a nazi.

    94. peterson’s lobster pal

      >we’re good people I guess I’m not a good person because I hate this woke shit

    95. TEAMJESUS 70

      so it's ESCG'S ! ! ! ! ! ! lol...

    96. Jack STM

      Kevin Costner looks great!

    97. Ji Mi

      Please get the man, the legend, Barry Gibb on for some Jive Talkin 🙏

    98. AfrowBass

      For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. And some people, craving money, have wandered from the true faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows. 1 Timothy 6:10

    99. BenAmbersun

      New World Order Official Announced. Covid Communist Evil wants to imprison you all. No longer a theory. Globalist murderers have emerged.

    100. who me

      This is the only ESG that's important.