David Sinclair on How Fasting Can Help Fight Against Aging

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    1. pkr pdl

      Dumb people. Blah blah blah After spending million in research, they found this now. Too late. While Vedic scriptures has been mentioning this life styles since ages.

    2. Elias Gouvelis

      somewhere in the full episode, they mention a scientist that makes youtube videos but I couldn't get the name right... Does anyone know the name?

    3. UPRISING 144K The Hydrogen Man

      How do these guys not know about hydrogen/lourdes hydrofix, as the science shows it causes the body to mimic fasting within the body.

    4. Sophia Suerth

      I recommend “The Fasting Cure” by Upton Sinclair!

    5. Graham Crawford

      I was listening until he says we're developing exercise in a pill

    6. grace valencia

      I love fasting I can't wait to it ag5

    7. Rich Smith

      “Our bodies weren’t designed…er, evolved to…” Kind of difficult, when you understand just how amazing the human body is, to not espouse intelligent design.😏

    8. BitchesBFlippin

      I get full so fast I feel like I wouldn’t get enough nutrition with just one meal a day.

    9. imran syed

      Dude pretty much got it, I'm Muslim so fasting for Ramadan has been part of my life since childhood, and I can confirm you come out of this phase feeling absolutely just new and improved, your mental health, physcial health, and overall outlook on life is completely shifted

    10. Late Notice

      Why do all the people who are "experts" in health innovation look frail and quiet? They don't have the bodies of someone who's in top physical shape, it's ridiculous to take their word for it.

    11. Ryan Vick

      I am now over 40, and I do really well with just 1 big meal per day. Typically I will eat about 2 meals. I guess I might eat 3 meals, but I shift it, to later time. That means, breakfast will be at lunch time (my first meal), then dinner at 6pm, then late night 11pm for meal#3. So that's 3 meals actually. I do well with that. But if the meal is huge, it easily covers 2 meals. For me. For my body. And I feel great. (skip breakfast at 6:00am -- I'm done with that.)

    12. Griffin Brumley

      Joe Rogan, thank you for having David Sinclair back on again.

    13. Di Hu


    14. Chuck Stevens

      Joe “my workouts are very hard” rogan

    15. Teresa Rozario

      Joe Rogan, please invite Dr. Berg on your show to talk about Keto Diet!

    16. everyday life

      The FDA does NOT protect us, make no mistake

    17. KRS

      As he sits there lookin like a twig

    18. neil ilagan

      i bet most negatives comments are from hangry fat haters...

    19. Mark J

      Muscle mass means longevity...but as we can see this guy isnt up for it much...even ectomorphs can build some... I don't know how being old with minimum muscle mass will fare with longevity

    20. Ageless Partners

      We need more people like David Sinclair to cure aging! He's a big believer of NMN! agelesspartners.com/research/nicotinamide-mononucleotide-nmn-as-a-precursor-to-nad/

    21. Elisara Ieremia

      3 meals a day is for farmers, poor people, and prison inmates

    22. Ian Flanagan

      Not eating calories throughout your day destroys your matablism and causes you to loose muscle mass. He talks about how people lived a log time ago but people along time ago did not on average live that long, the ones that did had plenty of food. Balance and exercise and getting enough sleep and reducing stress is key to longevity. Fasting has benefits but not when done constantly.

    23. Rudy Medina

      I started doing this after hearing this, I drive trucks for a living and I would just eat alot while driving, now I only eat breakfast and dinner and drink more water. I lost 10 pounds already, and I don't get the feeling of being hungry anymore.

    24. zxzx111

      Currently eating a burger and onion rings as I watch this. No soda though!

    25. antisocial xy

      sound great but i don’t wanna be a stick like this guy

    26. Dylan Murphy

      I’ve been eating one meal a day for years and at 27 people still think I’m 22 or something. Being physically fit and having a full head of hair will go a long way in terms of making you look younger. Also it’s a good idea to exercise and to avoid smoking and to quit eating junk food.

    27. pramod acharya

      No pills for me. I'm outta here

    28. Andrés Grases

      If there were any proof that 6 million years ago humans lived for more than a 100 years, then the whole argument would make some sense to me. However, as far as I know and even recognizing that nowadays medicine allows maintain illed people living for longer (though it doesn't apply to health people that die anyway) that was not the case but the contrary.

    29. M R

      Sinclair is solid. He also tweeted his doubts about rushing a vaccine last year, and afterwards deleted it. I wonder who put the pressure on him, or did a wary colleague tell him that the tweet would do him no favours? I have all of the usual vaccines, but as a relative works for one of the labs, I have not taken any of the C-19 vaccines. Fasting is also a very effective was of battling viruses, so he is trying to advise people how to keep healthy without getting himself into trouble.

    30. P B

      Is Joe talking shit when he says what he eats? No breakfast and a steak and apple after working out and then only dinner? I have to eat a bunch of meals just to maintain muscle mass. It must be a big ass steak.

    31. J V

      Does anybody know if micro dosing lsd will break a fast? Fasting for autophagy.

    32. Matt Fraser

      This is starving yourself. Eat 3 meals, avoid alcohol/sugar and do light exercise. It’s easier and you’ll actually be healthier.

    33. Kobey Adams

      My question is how am I supposed to hit my macros? I am wanting to bodybuild and I know I need a certain amount of calories and protein to do so. So I spread my meals out through the day to accomplish this. How do I follow this advice while still getting the necessary food to bodybuild?

    34. Caleb Staskunas

      “What is going on with eating?” - joe rogan

    35. Julian Bluefeather

      This isn't ideal if your really skinny and trying to bulk lol

    36. Jamey Jenkins

      Nerds are evolving! They have discovered the trick to beating the jocks is by convincing them to become weak! “Eat less! It’ll make you stronger” . “Oh otay boss otay!”… Pshhh! This is stupid. Ole boy looks the poster child for AIDS awareness.

    37. Mason Crandell

      Joe doesn't eat before he performs his shitty standup show. I'm not convinced by this example.

    38. C Note

      Designed 0:38

    39. Vini C

      That nose is so big it probably has to pay taxes

    40. Jarod

      people shouldn't take that pill instead of fasting

    41. Matt Trussell

      I've heard from a pro wrestler who is ripped, and retired and looks better than ever and he insists on taking in calories after the work out to feed your muscles

    42. Nick Harper

      As a man in my mid-30's who took a smoke break mid-way through sitting around and watching this video instead of exercising, please give me that pill. I do actually a pretty good job of fasting, but I think that's because my metabolism is slow as molasses.

    43. A.J. Hart

      Just to toss this in there. Another reason we get more heart disease as we age is because our organs age. A 60-year-old heart does not look like that of a 12-year-old, and it's not because of eating habits.

    44. Boston quad

      I always have energy I'm always up I can never sleep always going to be doing stuff and I'm 38 still looking good but these graze are starting to come in lol

    45. Imrich Gaspar

      the danger with fasting is that your body thinks that you are going into starvation mode and turns apart of your meal intake into fat

    46. Hash Pond

      I've eaten 1 meal a day since I was a little kid and never felt bad for it. Even though everyone tells me it's super unhealthy I still look 10 years younger than all my peers, I'm 40.


      Breakfast is the most efficient meal, because you’re starting off the day and that energy will be well spent

    48. Martijn

      I see a lot of people who lost weight on IF, which is great. But I'm trying to build muscle and am natrually skinny. any1 tips on that?

    49. Animesh Mishra

      Why Indians are not surprised?


      It’s true after you eat you get sluggish

    51. Ile Salmo

      Other benefit is that when you are fasting, you do not feel the hunger as bad as when you eat small/low-energy portions throughout the day. Being constantly hungry is very tiring for your will-power which is part of the reason why people relapse after their diet and do continuous yoyo-dieting

    52. Chris Lindner

      Did my guy just say nicotine

    53. Rocky Road

      40 years ago I used to work with a guy who fasted on Saturdays as a form of personal discipline...nothing more. His wife was a Hindu vegan, but made him a ham sandwich for his lunch every day. I thought the idea was really weird, but I get it now. It was the ham.

    54. Sam Houston

      Elijah Muhammad said to eat one meal a day 40 years ago. Read how to eat to live

    55. Ste Edwell

      Hows he not gonna know kat williams?

    56. Sean McDonald

      You're trying hard to push it but I'm not downloading Spotify

    57. The Edge

      Fasting is Really healthy nowadays Because all food has a bunch of Crapola in it.....

    58. xe2 bío

      Joe Rogan I eat one apple, then he's pause! Probably he was going to say I eat a big Mac meal from McDonald's.. cranberries

    59. Jay B

      Growing up poor and being 35 now it’s all finally making sense everyone else I grew up with is aging like shit

      1. Fun Times

        Yeah I was about to say my diet was mostly crap as a child but atleast I took care of the fasting part lol

    60. itskillasound

      With all the spare time he has not eating, he should do some research and find out who fucking Kat Williams is!

    61. Dorkster81

      Come on joe, kat williams is not close to hilarious

    62. Heisenberg

      Going back 6 million years, well it’s 2021 ya daft shit. Humans evolve they don’t live forever.

    63. Cobra Kaier

      Let's add more stress to our bodies to make them extra resilient. May work for whoever has less stressful life, otherwise I wouldn't recommend it.

    64. Kevin Dowdall

      Humans weren't ment to live to 100 or not age, who would you trust an old man with wrinkles on his face or a fresh faced man with a magic pill 💊 bollax to that im gonna age with dignity, if this gets fda approved the human race is fucked there's already to many of us on the planet 🌏

    65. D Maria

      The first few sentences he says is total horseshit

    66. Ajay Dindayal

      But if your body is more resilient when you don't eat, why was the average lifespan very lower in the old days compared to now?

    67. The Hun

      The two biggest factors that age people are sun damage and working too hard. Especially manual work. Have you ever noticed how construction workers or mechanics looks 10 years older than their real age?

      1. Yoni Dellarocha

        Working to hard should not be a problem, the reason you are making this conection is because these type of people often don't take care of themselves. How often do you think a construction worker stretches or does cardio or stops to think about his diet? They all eat every single day, and almost half of them are overweight... It's not the hard work it's the hard work combined with bad nutrition. Maybe if they ate some fruit instead of salami, cheese and mayo sandwiches everyday they would be abe to combat the oxidative stress of strenuous work, just like athletes do, or just like construction workers from the past did. Cheers! Edit: another big factor is particulates and smoke, if a construction worker doesn't use protection he will inhale all the dust and that is harmful on the long run, same with a mechanic that inhales the smoke from welding. And worse for both if they can't combat those things because of bad nutrition...

    68. Sania Burgett

      Coming here from whitneys podcast to be able to listen to this guy talk!!!! 😂😂😂 thx Rogan!!

    69. Crispy Johnson

      Soy boy Sinclair.

    70. noel keane

      why do i not trust this guy.

    71. Mohd Sharique Alam

      Alhamdulillah for Ramadan ✨

    72. Funky Giblets

      I eat when I am hungry. I sleep when I am tired. Screw routines, we should be allowed to listen to our bodies not be dictated by clocks.

    73. Adam Dankel

      So thats why im 28 looking like im 18. Even tho i smoke cigs like a chimney. Makes sense.. go on..

    74. Hubbelizer

      Ah yes... Ramadan

    75. noe noll

      I hate joe picture that he have one eyes on the top ..its dajjal and muslim hate him..are u iluminati gangs? So, u cannot even smell the heaven..

    76. ranyrany ranyrany

      He doesn't eat when he wants to speed up his mind and he takes ambien when he wants to slow down his mind. Sometimes your so educated you defeat yourself.

    77. Eric Z

      Yogis have been fasting for thousands of years

    78. Kelsi Purcell

      This is exciting!!

    79. Mark Clark

      Most people eat too much

    80. xCestLaVie1

      Guys, this isn't a good explanation. No offense to the guest, but he completely fumbled explaining why intermittent fasting works. If you want a succinct and to the point explanation you can find it on youtube. FIblock search: "Dr. Imran Nadir understanding autophagy" I know it's a 30 minute video, but you'd never again need someone who doesn't know how to explain autophagy fumble and confuse people with buzzwords. Autophagy is literally the only reason why we IF. Thank me later.

    81. D M

      I started eating a lot as a small child from trauma and gained a bunch of weight. I hit my preteens and from then on (as he describes in video) that's how I ate and I've always been overweight. Now, at 25, I do the same *but* try to not eat any time past 8 at the latest... down 50 pounds so far. :)

    82. Pedro Gordinho

      How old is this guy?. I hope he's something like 80 years old and what he's talking makes sense. I just checked. He's 52. I don't think fasting helps you against aging.

      1. Pedro Gordinho

        @Serg Flores No he doesnt and actually Im 46. And thank you for the 30.

      2. Serg Flores

        mate he looks younger than you lol and your prob 30

    83. Yoy Mon

      Cept my grandparents ate 3 large meals per day plus snacks and all lived into their 90s.....ya

    84. SmellsLikeCurry

      Muslims be like-

    85. xognajdx

      JRE viewers or should I say community must adapt. Watch and listen to the podcast on spotify and interact with each other here on JRE Clips. Problem solved.

    86. karp

      Ha! I’ve been doing this for 10 years. I walk a lot. I’m still fat. It’s all bs lol.

    87. Hakime

      A pile of total BS really. There is zero scientific evidence that fasting has any health benefit. People may do it if they like and feel comfortable with it but pretending that fasting is some sort of a magical cure against aging is total horse shit. And his attempt to sell his magic pills is quit disgraceful by the way.

    88. Victor

      48 min into the show got sus

    89. msorganicfarm Graff

      how do you get into the trial?

    90. Red The Beard

      Started fasting about a year ago because it felt better and I realized that I could work all day in the Texas sun without a meal. Just staying hydrated is the key. Eating two large meals at the end of the day. After learning who David Sinclair was about a week ago I switched to just one big meal between 4-6 pm. Lost 8 pounds in a week with Zero muscle loss. Great results!

    91. dosdientes

      How could Joe get that big on two small deals a day?

    92. Sara Winters

      I do a 24+ hour fasting once a week.

    93. GuruG (Gary Williams UK)

      Also... water quenches thirst

    94. clinton mc keon

      If that's right.. Y do crack heads not look brilliant they eat practically nothing 🤣😂🤣

    95. Patrick star

      Going back 6 million years like he was there 🤦🏾

    96. Tj Holowaychuk

      Buffalo meat, such a bro

    97. usmc72409

      Joe Rogans #1671 w/ Bret Weinstein and Dr Pierre Kory is an “emergency podcast” that Rogan posted 6/22/21 on Spot ify. You will not find clips here bc they are being censored. It is an extremely important episode and every single one of us need to hear this especially if you have children. It talks of covid, censorship, issues with the vaccines and ivermectin as an alternative treatment. They are trying to withhold the truth from the public and not allowing the experts to challenge and ask questions. This info is very important. Spot ify is free and so far they are not hiding information that challenges the safety of these vaccines. I’m an not an antivaxxer and I didn’t vote for trump (didn’t vote for biden either). This is not political. It is factual.

    98. bobbullethalf

      We have way to much food in this country.

    99. Jon T.

      It's pretty difficult eating 3000+ calories in one meal.. Any suggestions?

      1. Jon T.

        @Jon S that's funny but it makes sense 🤔 I drink 2 already, might have to do more.

      2. Jon S

        Big ass milkshake bro

    100. Yiannis .Demetriou

      Where is the proof oh wait there are zero human studies about fasting. It works like all caloric reduced diets you keep a low body fat and you get less risk of disease