Clay Newcomb Explains the Metaphor of "Bear Grease"

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    1. Don Cappo

      Bear grease for intimate lubrication

    2. Nick James

      There is just so much we don't know. These pre-reset medicines and food remedies are kept secret or have been "lost" on purpose

    3. Alfred Torres

      Take a shot for every time you hear “bear grease “ go ahead I dare ya 😂😂

    4. Adrián Rocha

      Excellent! This is how animals that are not domesticated get extinct.

    5. Valerye Diamond

      Bear grease is a sacred practice still used by Indigenous First Nations, Métis, and Inuit folk. Our sacred practices are not extinct, you just finally got a glimpse of our algorithms. P.s. it’s a stereotype that Indigenous folk only GIVE their goods away. Thank you

    6. Scooter

      You lot spout so much bollox. 90% of the world's soy is fed to animals, we could use a tiny fraction of that land or them crops to feed hungry people of the world instead of greedy humans that do not need to consume flesh

    7. Steven Gorman

      This guy is trying to justify killing bears lol

      1. Hobo4Sail

        Bears don't need any justification to kill you.

    8. Zoey's Lala

      Lye is just a very basic agent. In other words the opposite of acidic. Basic on the ph scale. When you mix it with fatty acids it promotes saponification and you get soap.

    9. Wrulol

      Bear grease? Could be a brand name for some heavy duty anal lube.

    10. Chasing Dinner

      Oil Trough, Ar. Named for the bear oil rendering place on the banks of the White River.

    11. predinator

      Can anyone help me? I’m looking for a podcast where I can hear the word “bears” 874,000 times in just over two hours. Ok, just sit down here, shall I?”

    12. stenbak88

      Pie crust and leather conditioner in the same product… I love Mother Nature

    13. David Kramer

      "Bare-Lube" for the animal in you. UNLEASH THE BEAST. 😉

    14. Bazeknight


    15. Christopher Scott

      I’m waiting for this guy to say “snake skins makes good condoms, for on the frontier snake skin was prized” lol

    16. Mo Fo

      Bear grease and DMT pie cooked by rabid joe rogan

    17. Jesus Christ

      Love this

    18. DJ Rascal

      Weed. Lye is weed😁😉

    19. Dan Tone

      The word bezerker was from old Norse meaning bear skin wearer - No doubt the Vikings used bear grease also !

    20. Name of Names

      The next major crypto currency coin is bear grease coin. You heard it here first. Invest now.

    21. The.Martian Rei

      Whenever we’d flesh a bear- after we salted the hide- the grease and moisture would come out from the hide and make the floor so slick. It was like an ice rink.

    22. Michæl Cax

      Truman Everts aparently "Drank a pint of hot bear grease" when his digestive system shut down after almost starving to death _The amazing story of Truman Everts is a story of survival, of adventure, and a cautionary tale on why it is important to not get lost. The History Guy tells the forgotten tale of how a tax collector getting lost in the woods contributed to the creation of the world's first National Park._ _This is original content based on research by The History Guy. Images in the Public Domain are carefully selected and provide illustration. As very few images of the actual event are available in the Public Domain, images of similar objects and events are used for illustration_

    23. N2tech

      I immediately dislike this guy. Killing bears is like killing dolphins or whales, it shouldn't be done.

    24. Susan Bird


    25. Lynne Barnes

      Lye can be made from ash.

    26. ProLibertate2008

      So basically this dude is like that hippie from Burt's Bees except he's got bears and he's from the south...

    27. Default Name

      Matthew McConaughey will play him in his biopic

    28. John Frei

      If a bear grease question comes up in a trivia contest, I’ve got it nailed!

    29. eric nortan

      "whatever the constituency of bear grease is". 😀 I'd vote for bear grease.

    30. Greek Black

      Bear oil

    31. Dylan Wills

      1:21 I assume it has something to do with an evolutionary advantage to make the fat last longer and be more efficient since many North American bears hibernate for 6 months.

    32. Shawn Lovett

      Anyone here wanna discuss the whole "Mountain Lions in Arkansas" section of this podcast? Cause I'm really interested to hear from some fellow arkansans about your opinions on the subject. Newcomb is pretty dead set on the idea that they aren't here at all

      1. Jack Momma

        No, theres more important things to talk about then that. And I have a degree in environmental science

    33. ILL Musky Hunter

      Ugh fuck eating bear they've got sooooo many millions of worms in them it's disgusting. Just ask Steve Rinella about trichinosis

    34. Jack Palmer

      H2 somethin somethin is actually NaOH hahaha

    35. SHERBie

      Joe Rogan I think you're well worth switching over just saying

      1. SHERBie

        Thank you

    36. SHERBie

      Thank you, I like knowledge.

    37. Ed Jackson

      Bear Grease...Best lube on the frontier! Easy on the lady business!

    38. Pomabit Zaukin

      excellent guest!

    39. Roger rtewwr

      Who else thought he was going to pull out a bear grease lube next?

    40. La vida Loca

      Tribal people in Kashmir still use bear oil to treat joint pain

    41. Andrew Eden

      You need to have Dave Canterbury (aka Self-Reliance Outfitters) on! That dude flippin makes RACCOON tallow, oil, etc.! Hell, he's made raccoon oil-burning lamps/lanterns, and raccoon fat candles! Btw, his channels aren't raccoon-focused or anything. He covers all manner of bushcraft skills, this episode about bear grease just made me think of his raccoon grease videos. Also, Dave is very open about the fact that his school of bushcraft is based on surviving in the hardwood forests out here EAST of the Mississip. Sorry, no grizzlies, no Dall sheep, no black-tailed deer, etc. In these parts, there bears are black, and the deers' tails are white!😀🤣

    42. DC 8091

      It also makes explosive ammo (in RDR2🤠)

    43. Peter Sedesse

      just because a product can 'barely' (pun intended) be made in extreme conditions does not mean it is a good product or better than what is made in less extreme environments. Bear lard and beaver-tail lard were used because that is what they had available. Can you imagine someone watching the Martian and then coming on a podcast and say that potatoes grown in human feces are the best potatos. In fact, the ' stability' of bear lard at room temperature points to it being the most unhealthy type of lard... like solid crisco.

    44. Antique Rocker

      My father and I used to trap raccoons along time ago. We would render down the fat and use it waterproof our boots. Worked better than anything on the market then or now.

    45. Benjamin Munk

      Watch this response the video

    46. Anthony Ni

      This guy wants to be Steve rinella so bad, even tries to talk like him.

    47. Wood T

      Interesting that's why I watch this show

    48. G Flores

      OMG is it just me or does anyone else think that Keegan Michael Key can play this guy? 🤣 💭

    49. MrHunterseeker

      2:33 lye is made from ash from a fireplace. you put it in a bucket of water and let it sit for a few days and the chemical reaction makes lye. You then can mix it with lard or fat to make soap.

    50. Goo Voo

      Humans are trashes!

    51. alxra

      Aren't or weren't some bear species endangered? The populations are definitely managed in most western civilizations. Whale oil was amazing but forgotten too, but there's no reason to go back to that as a source.

    52. Kit

      "Bear oil cures baldness" "Hey Jamie, pull up funeral plans for this guy."

    53. Rossdafareye Music

      How much did this guy pay to get on this show?

    54. OhThreeOh

      Its not in the video. But all the misinformation about vegan food in the podcast.. wow. It’s such bs that you couldn’t feed the us workout meat. What are all the cows and pigs eating? And how much. A dairy cow eats up to 120 pounds of food a DAY! How many humans could you feed. I’m not against Hunting but against factory farming. And you could easily feed all humans instead of giving food to animals and then eating them. Direct food chain instead of indirect is much more efficient.

    55. ProdGamer

      Dude looks like Kroger Cowboy Cerrone

    56. Marcos Medina

      So basically a hill Billy anthony jaselnik

    57. Manuel Ornelas

      Joe lookin as bored as ever

    58. Sean B

      I knew this man was a mule skinner. I can always tell a man's profession just by looking at him. It's a gift.

      1. J C

        Calling him a muleskinner is using the term extremely loosely. He rides mules. Clay is a backwoods, backwards mule-rider, more accurately said. Nowhere near his profession, or being professional. Looks like your powers of intuition are off. He's a podcaster and magazine contributor, that shoots bears after letting his dogs run them to exhaustion...sometimes doing so whilst aback a mule.

    59. FiveDaysFitter !

      This dude gets his bears right out of Red Dead Redemption.

    60. Jonathan Villasana

      So he tryna kill a bunch of bears for some grease is what he saying lol jp

    61. wheelmanstan

      we all know how to make soap, we've all seen fight club

    62. Harvey G

      When this piece of shit talks about bear grease,he's a step away from talking About black people. You're talking about invasive hogs,just the way the Klan talks about invasive black people. Lynched black people had their oil rendered too.African killer bee's are also compared to black people in the united states.Joe Rogan knows it too, as his body language speaks loudly.

    63. Butt Neked

      Let me guess , what part of NC is this cat from ?

    64. Edwin Becerra

      Oh Joe i would pay for you to have a vegan in your podcast. All you do is bring all these meat eaters and have them "justify" their actions! Even when you had Kris vs James debate you kept leaning towards Chris and kept attacking James. Have Joey Carbstrong or Earthling Ed over c'mon

    65. Passion Panther

      Stop hurting animals!!! #endracism #nonbinary #vegan #liberal #blm #stopasianhate

    66. Clint the boss

      A whole nuther

    67. • • • LOADING

      My car broke down the other day, rubbed some bear grease on it boy let me tell you. It didn’t fix the problem but got that baby shinning like the day I bought her.

    68. Eduardo Grasso TV

      Explains the metaphor, in between an infomercial 🤣

    69. Ian Dixon76

      This was really interesting.Love the fact that Joe jumps from Tarantino to a bear hunter.

    70. Courtney Baker

      Drink every time he says bear grease/oil.

    71. Andrew Barnard

      listening to this guy makes me want to get into hunting.

    72. Rahul Mojumdar

      this dude talks funny

    73. Emma H

      This dude was AWESOME! Loved it , Joe should have more hunters , you learn a lot from these dudes and they’re MAD COUNTRY which is right up my alley

    74. José Flores

      Joe “I have eaten bear” Rogan 0:38

    75. David Bill

      Y’all leaned all this shit from the native then killed em and called it your own…. 😂 fuckin people are wild

    76. Jacob Argueta

      I’d like to hear what Dwight Schrute has to say about this

    77. H311AF1U5H

      Damn Joe! You always get the coolest guests! Every podcast is educational.

    78. Steven Payne

      This episode was absolutely brilliant!! Being one of these people who dreams of getting away from the city, forever! Lol I would absolutely love to spend time with someone like Clay Newcomb, I really enjoyed listening to him talking. 💯✌♥️🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    79. Red White & Blue

      Joe is talking to an honest to goodness poacher.

    80. Gabe Ortega

      If i had a dollar every time this man says "bear oil", id have enough to buy me a rifle and get me some bear oll

    81. HawaiiLimey

      There be truth to his words. Tallow and butter pie crusts are divine.

    82. Code Code


    83. Tony Messina

      Clay Newcomb is the man.

    84. Kyle Senninger

      It’s too bad we barely have enough bears as it is :/

    85. Fábio Carvalho

      Bear grease cures baldness indeed, that is not a myth! And the proof is, have you ever seen a bald bear?

    86. Mordecai Sackett

      Trapping for fur and hunting for meat is a family tradition for me. My father taught me and his father taught him for generations now. I shot and ate my first game on the day I was old enough to buy my first hunting license. Bear is good eating but panther meat is the best of all. I've never specifically tried to harvest the bear fat though and render it for cooking or soap. I will be trying this out at some point in the future. Thanks for the info.

    87. Harry Balzak

      This guy seems to really like bear grease. He should probably stop blabbing about it on JRE. If everyone starts killing bears for their grease he won't have any.

    88. mike bar

      To bad there are less bucks and bear combined then what would make up our deficit

    89. mike bar

      I like how this guy preserves old world survival tactics

    90. Jack Hunter

      This dude: "Bear grease cures boldness.." Joe: "Is this like a personal attack or something?!"

      1. Notgon Nalie

        @Jack Hunter klar, zieh uns doch alle mit rein.. ;)

      2. Jack Hunter

        @Notgon Nalie Listen, I'm german so I'm already happy you understood what I was trying to say 😄

      3. Eargesplitten Loudenboomer

        No bear grease EXUDES boldness

      4. Notgon Nalie

        It's spelled 'bald' you muppet

    91. Chalino Sanchez

      Joe definitely needs to go on a Texas white tail hunt this year

      1. Jonathan McSweeney

        Pretty sure he has already purchased one of those giant hunting ranches in between Austin and San Antonio that have White Tail plus 15 other exotic species.

    92. Whitey Mcproud

      My Grandfather who was of Metis decent use to rub Bear grease on our heads when we were small kids ..

    93. Jeff Bezos

      Nice guy

    94. Kyle Kulhanek

      I hate guys that come on JRE and dont 100% know what they are talking about...

    95. Oleg A

      He should try hunter’s grease, must be delicious!

    96. Justin Dye 5

      Bear grease is the reason for that guys mean beard and mustache

    97. Benjamin Hill

      I'll stick with my Olive Oil!

    98. Vee Kay

      Bear oil is 42 % better than snake oil.

    99. Oleyullah

      I'm in love with this man's accent 🤣

    100. Ajax Wargod

      As first Nation's we use this for a number of ailments and health benefits.