Bill Cosby's Conviction Being Overturned

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    1. Ezra Brewer

      Common sense should have authority over the process of law. Legal loopholes shouldn't be possible in regards to rape. Wtf are we doing

    2. Grace K

      I love Joe's voice in the ads!

    3. ReallyLong URL

      It’s absolutely incredible how many people still wanna think he did nothing wrong. He admitted to raping them in a civil case. He was given immunity for his deposition. That’s why he got off it does not mean he is innocent in any way shape or form It’s super fucked up that he was ever offered a deal. Like “ sure you did it but like if you say you did we totally won’t do anything about it Cool?

    4. Gre3n

    5. The Dude

      SIMPLE !!!! You can not break the law to uphold the law, what law is that.

    6. Mr. Bum Tickler

      Subscribe to mr bum tickler or else

    7. ichatterbot

      They went after bill because he started to talk out against the democrat party so the Dems lynched him.

    8. Conrrado Torres

      Kyle Rittenhouse killed and he got out. Cosby getting out too, and the possibility of Derek getting out too. The law is a crazy thing, but there's loopholes if you can exploit it. Look at Trump, he's untouchable

    9. TheBidendotWIN

      Derek Chauvin did his job. The criminal died of a drug overdose

    10. daniel Santino

      Not what you know its who you know

    11. DL Fields

      U 2 white guys need to read the court deposition before you get sued

    12. Jadd612

      Feminism has the most KKK history.

    13. James Jones

      They were groupies who willingly took the drugs- - He admitted to giving them - Not forcing them to pop the pills -

    14. IsShawn WithC

      “We’re all looking at the same screen but seeing a different movie.” Absolutely BRILLIANT

    15. childlike faith

      You are all making a judgement on hearing one side, that what fools do.

    16. Mark

      But Joe Rogan could be around Ari and Louis CK... GTFO

    17. the hillbilly gamer !

      America's dad Mr pudding Pop himself and for fat Albert was put in prison just found the word of some nobody woman no physical evidence no video evidence

    18. Cup o' Sooth

      This is actually JUST like the Casey Anthony verdict. It's horrible. It's disgusting. And it's 100% right.

    19. DoughBoyTVEE

      How dude wears his watch says he should be locked up alone lol

    20. AR Landscape

      Finally my Ludes plug will answer the phone. Them how's knew what the deal was when they went back to the room and did drug. Get what u get

    21. Tony D

      Women ~ you still thinking your getting equal treatment under woke sh? Beauty contestants, sport events and rapists let out of jail. Man is walking all over you and you just keep taking it. Wake up!! They trick you

    22. BaconKwagga

      joe is gay

    23. Yeltnerb 1


    24. Zachary Stein

      When you just realize now that lawyers fucked the world up years ago lol.

    25. Michael R.

      Where is the outrage? There is no outrage because he is black. That's the straightforward, all-encompassing answer. You aren't allowed to be mad or prosecute black people in America today... Yeah, it is sickening. And yeah, Derrick Chauvin should get out on a 'technicality'', if you want to call it that. The guy didn't kill Floyd. All of this, 'I can't breathe', bs, sickens me. You can't talk if you truly have your air totally cut off. Sure, he might have been having trouble breathing, but he wasn't being choked out. Yes, he did stop breathing, but that is because he overdosed after ingesting his stash of fentanyl. Chauvin was only found guilty to prevent rioting and civil unrest.

    26. Ingrid Aria

      I really love you guys for being good men. Lots of credit to your daughters.

    27. Shad2k8

      yeah but at some point there should be a limit , because if prosecutor are corrupt then you can get away with anything . , Ok let's make a deal , say all your sin under immunity ... and you can't be prosecuted for it , even if you destroyed life , drugged girl , rape them , no problem , just admit it under immunity ... Even if you admit it , for this particular girl only , the other can't use this admission ... no , his immunity should stop on that particular case , But should be able to be use for other case to put perspective into what kind of man he was . So the real truth prevail . for those other women

    28. Crypto-Machine


    29. Eric Fhuckstein

      I hope harvey gets out and comes for all of you, Hollywood acting like they arnt all guilty. Hey Joe what happened to all your best buddies? Callen Delia Diaz? Oh yeah under investigation lets see you turn your back on your "friends" once more

    30. Eric Fhuckstein

      These dudes have done terrible things to woman and are running their mouth

    31. kuz7777

      cosby is free great! it was all the ladies fault..what where u wearing? oh really! then u where asking for it!

    32. Paul Manning

      :Emanuel Swedenborg approves of this broadcast. Fun Fact: You can now get many of Emanuel Swedenborg's books for free at This message is sponsored by youtube channel Swedenborg and Life at Viktor Frankl, an Austrian neurologist, psychologist and Holocaust survivor said, “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

    33. The Tez Man

      For anyone who listened to the whole podcast… that’s not how credit karma works at all.

    34. Mike Hall

      Get the facts right. "He offered the drug" he didn't drug anyone.

    35. Tony Jules

      “Damage he’s done to women”? Whatever do you mean sir? That was a fuqing different era…the “culture” was different. Women acted differently then…sir.

    36. vince west

      He is pure evil and deserves A LOT OF HELL. EVERYBODY knew.

    37. SCOTT Rodriguez

      Cosby is the man. Love you Cosby

    38. Tom Humphrey

      Did you notice that Crosby was walking pretty good. No walker needed.

    39. Wannabe

      Yea well Cosby is black so they jailed him for a while and let him go to exercise black privilege

    40. Jo Zim

      The man got away with drugging and raping multiple women because he's rich, famous and black. Different charges,but the same with OJ. Where is the outrage from the black community? Same as OJ. Have we came nowhere...or have we went further backwards?

    41. Jo Zim

      So I've quit watching Rogan for a this his new studio? Did he finally get rid of the Red pill looking thing?

      1. diperman

        He has Quentin Tarantino Neil deGrasse Tyson recently in which world are you living

    42. Shawnzy

      This guys got the Kramer, or Conan esque mannerisms

    43. sluana1

      Cool Elvis t-shirt.

    44. Vim LA

      Who cares about Cosby.

    45. prac2

      good for cosby for getting off.... and then getting off

    46. M S

      If Harvey Weinstein were black he would be out as well.

    47. Armando De La Cruz

      so pretty much is you're rich enough you can buy off the judge and jury

    48. AxeMastersINC

      Barry/Obama and Big Mike murdered Joan Rivers and put Cos in prison.

    49. Rjlin Kyles

      He's innocent he was framed

    50. Ye4rZero

      "If had asked me in the 90's that between Bill Cosby and Donald Trump one would become the President and the other would go to jail for rape, then I probably have gotten that wrong" -Sam Morril

    51. Alex Flores

      Cosby should be sent back just for Leonard Part 6.

    52. Starcrafty's channel

      Mike Baker lol 😆 the most CIA name ever imo

    53. Tyson Tyler

      Crazy this dude shit on joe after he was on last time now hes back on wtf

    54. PM 5783

      Lesson learned, don't wait 10 yrs to report a crime

    55. Carolina González

      If you want real justice, don't settle American people.

    56. phil g

      "the law is the law!" slavery was part of the law... Did you believe in the law then? lol

      1. phil g

        @Bryan S. no you don't have to talk to me at all silly lol and to be honest thats not exactly what you said either lol Good day mate!

      2. phil g

        @Bryan S. I'm not african

    57. Concrete

      Fucking sick culture, modern law is a joke

    58. Chester McDonald

      Because the DA and the police never break promises or the law... Right? The FORKING DA should follow the law to KEEP people in jail.

    59. theWayoftheWonderer

      Spotify IS SHIT!

    60. Dominic Opulencia

      Derek still worst raping a women is the sickest sht ever but killing someone you can never see family again

    61. dot

      Is this out of sync for everyone or just me?

    62. Sank Smith

      That’s called black privilege the privilege that actually exist unlike the made up white privilege

    63. Van D

      Joe says “I have daughters”, but I translated that to “I’d kick that old fuck into pieces”

    64. JustMe Simple

      Joe '' I Change my opinion more often than the weather '' Rogan ...... Knows all the bs about Cosby but plays dumb on Weinstein... Welcome to Moroncity !!!

    65. Elysian Tattoo Travel

      Its so weird to see Curry on here😂 here in the Netherlands we only knew him from his nitty ex wife that loves "watersport"

    66. CH Hansen


    67. CH Hansen

      Nice video

    68. Paul S

      He has two daughters and one stepdaughter. Good memory Joe

    69. John Boy

      $$$$ Talks

    70. Gavin Balajadia

      Norm on JRE

    71. Xander Aibas

      you get in more trouble talking about backing a guy than the trouble the bad guy actually gets in for committing the garbage he actually did.. craZy my guy.

    72. Marcelo Jimenez

      You talked too much shit about Cosby for him to be on your show

    73. Chief of the Wambutti

      Bill Cosby was slapped down because he was getting uppity, and everyone in the media is too chicken-shitted to admit it or just plain too stupid to see it. If Joe Rogan is worried about his daughters he should give up the drugging because he's setting a shit example.

    74. SecretiaTV

      I'm so glad that #Cosby was let out of jail. Janice Dickinson lied on the stand and admitted that she embellished her story for her book; Cosby should NEVER have been convicted based on lies:

      1. WorldFlex

        He never should have been tried period.

    75. J Leight

      The law is the law 🤣🤣🤣🤣 okayyyyyyy

    76. bdegrds

      If he was white woke trolls would be crying privelage

    77. FactsOnDeck

      You really need to get the facts straight in what he testified to. To say he just admitted to doing anything to those women is not true. What he agreed to was providing drugs. Not drugging anyone. He is a rich celebrity and women came to his house where he had drugs they couldn’t get which they took willingly.

    78. melvert33

      If you're rich enough in America you can buy any justice decision. The law is an ass.

    79. Buzziin Marciano

      Bill Free 🥳🥳

    80. Buzziin Marciano

      Drake got two years probation for sexual assault on a trial, woody Allen still walking around NYC

      1. ASAP 718

        @joseph esposito how tf do u know that tho

      2. DEEP dirt

        @joseph esposito oh we’re you close to the family? People like you are sus as fuck

      3. joseph esposito

        FOOL. Woody Allen is innocent as well. Mia Farrow coached the kids to LIE

    81. Brett Sebastian

      Where’s the evidence?

    82. The Jakker

      Bruh. These wimmen went to the guy's hotel rooms, his house....Why? You be better served teaching your daughters not to try to sxeually manipulate strange men in those men's hotel rooms. Ffs. Andrea Constand went to Coz's house 3 times! When the wife wasn't around. Didju know that? First time, Coz put his hand on her leg which made her uncomfortable. 2nd time he made a grab for her pants buttons, again uncomfortable. 3red time she complained of a headache and took a pill from him along with wine. These are her own admissions from the deposition. And we STILL dont know why she was sneaking over to his house like that. What effing impression would YOU get if some chick kept comin around you even though your handsy? And out of ALL the wimmen who say he drugged and molested them....How many toxicology reports do we have? 0.

    83. TyQuan Brown

      I hate white people after this bro

    84. killboi207


    85. macewenart

      I love these two rich guys talking about the law being a crazy thing, "it's up the the judge's interpretation and the lawyer's" is not something any real person would say about how FUCKED UP the system is! Real people talk about how nice it would be to be able to afford a lawyer worth a shit who spent more than 5 minutes on their case, meanwhile these guys get to worry about interpretations 🤷.

    86. J Morgan

      Cosby gonna be the new villain on the next Tyler Perry MADEA movie.

    87. J Morgan

      Pedophiles going free just like the Demoncrats want!

    88. mark two

      Apparently every Black man looks a like to Joe Rogan and this guy, who obviously don't know who or wtf they are talking about. Because Cosby wasn't accused of molesting any little girl's dumbass that's R. Kelly.

    89. mark two

      That guy sitting there is definitely a racist.

    90. BillyDeLacey

      I miss Pudding Pops.

    91. Malik Hoff

      Cosby let me down. Smh

    92. LqdSanity79

      What possible evidence could they have of a supposed "sekshual asalt" from over a decade ago? None. They convicted him based on accusations, rumors, and hearsay to appease the twitter mob. Do I think he did it? Probably. Do I know he did it, beyond a reasonable doubt? No, and neither do you. Overturning the conviction was the right thing to do.

    93. fistandpen

      Cosby is damn near 100, had a great reputation, then was being tried sexual crimes that happened decades ago and before there was even VHS not to mention mobile. The other was a police officer representative of government authority who had a knee on a dude's neck in broad daylight on video till he died. And this dude is equating them. I swear a lot of white people are born fkn high.

    94. Michelle Keasling

      Cosby is a pile of crap! WTF

    95. Italrish

      I guess they do like puddin cause they puddin his ass back on the street 🍮

    96. Jim Graves

      This is why people have zero faith in the US justice system.

    97. David Rock

      Oppression is real with bill

    98. 8a6y

      Cosby never admitted to "DRUGGING" women. He said he gave drugs to women. If you can't understand the difference then I don't know what the hell to tell you.

    99. Micheal Walli

      Joe Rogan needs to have john vervaeke on the show

    100. E. J.

      Or Geraldo haha