Andrew Huberman Talks About Testosterone Optimization

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    1. John Rambo

      Joe acting like he ain’t never handled a syringe 🤥 2:08

    2. J P


    3. luke1the3duke

      Can’t find Fadogia Agrestis anywhere. Anybody have any good sources?

    4. Thomas McDougald

      Tongkat Ali

    5. J.

      The conversation around 3 min where joe doesn’t know how many cc’s are in a syringe? So so sad. His confusion was hilarious.

    6. Dr. C.T Ph.D

      You should invite Frank Turek on your show

    7. Christopher Voigt

      Let's all force Joe to have Derek from More Plates More Dates on his podcast.

    8. AvidBorn

      what was the dose of the Tongkat ali ?

      1. shingo ikatani

        400 mg

    9. gtulino

      They speak about a professional sport that allows testosterone during injury, does anyone know this sport?

    10. Maurice M.

      White button mushrooms and celery are great for hormone balance.

    11. Martin Ortiz

      Anybody know the spelling? I typed tomcat alley and all I get are cats

    12. Oti Gonzalez

      So is it a daily, every other day or weekly?

    13. Dan DaMan

      Derek MPMD can clear all this up. All you gotta do is pray in the name of Deltlord and he'll appear.

    14. anonymous224444

      On Spotify his information on vision problems is incorrect because he is confusing presbyopia, myopia and macular degeneration. He is not an ophthalmologist, not even close. Talk to a real doctor if you have a problem.

    15. Klaus Michaelson

      We all know he's talking about the wwe.. come on joe 🤣

    16. Thramidus Official

      Thramidus likey

    17. Sanguine Satan

      Now that TURKESTERONE was mentioned on JRE we have ZEROOOO chance of buying any :C (It wasn't on that clip)

    18. sm5pac3

      Turkesterone does not increase testosterone. It acts on beta estrogen receptors. Doesn't increase estrogen. Doesnt effect your HPA. Beta estrogen receptor activation essentially is anabolic muscular growth, several papers have shown its effects to be JUST AS EFFECTIVE as PHYSIOLOGIC levels of testosterone. Ecdysterone is also apart of these phytoecdosteroids. Turk is more effective then ecdysterone but hard to find. Ecdy you can get from quinoa and spinach, also theres plenty of supplements now.

    19. Kieran Lines

      After 5 times hinting "I havn't had organ meat' Joe offered it

    20. Morgen Glende-Michalski

      FYI: pronounce turkesterone like testosterone, so just add “esterone” after “Turk”. It’s not turk EST erone

    21. fingrar22

      "What is 200mg in syringe?"

    22. The10532124

      Can somebody spell out the herbs that they talk about?

    23. AlienTurtle

      Is anyone else constantly anxious about being a low T guy?

    24. Lakestone

      Not sure what Andrew is basing the effects on for these supplements. There are literally no good studies to back up these claims. In before he has a financial interest in supplement brands.

    25. justin flores

      Only beta males need such enhancements.

    26. Vic Squad

    27. aaron maxim

      Sports? ... yes Joe, sports

    28. Oisin

      The product I was buying has sold out completely on Amazon and it's definitely due to this podcast

      1. luke1the3duke

        @Oisin hey thanks man, I found some tungkat Ali but not Fadogia Agrestis. Any sources?

      2. Oisin

        @luke1the3duke actually it's back in stock! Just checked Longjack Tongkat Ali 1600 mg |

      3. Oisin

        @luke1the3duke yeah but it's also back ordered, taking over a week to deliver Tongkat Ali Extract 200 to 1 (Longjack) Eurycoma Longifolia

      4. luke1the3duke

        I’m looking and can’t find it anywhere lol weird as hell. Have you found another source?

    29. John Doe

      Love how Joe acts so naive lol

    30. Garrett G

      Joe: "asking for a friend" but really, Joe thanks for having Dr Huberman on... great guest.

    31. Nick M

      What are the two supplements I didn’t catch it

      1. shingo ikatani

        tunga ali 400mg and idk the other one

    32. 5446moto

      10cc pins!?

    33. Terry Mccue

      "The metric system is hard" Joe Rogan

    34. Cryptos Circus

      Joe only understands through Syringe math 💉 “How much I gotta put in my ass man!!!!”

    35. TheFineolase

      This entire episode was 💯💯👌

    36. Jeff Smith

      Love learning more about this subject.

    37. BJGally

      And when you say 200mg, when you're looking at a syringe is that 1000mg?

    38. Brain of Brian

      Yep, i blame prolactin. Not the beer, not the TV addiction, just prolactin. Damn pregnant women! How dare u

    39. Donny Southwell

      Fuck these ads thumbs down

    40. L Trane

      Joe “How much is a full Syringe” Rogan

    41. roadstar499

      wow ...never knew rams had really big ballz...thanks Joe

    42. Caden H

      We need More Plates More Dates on here

    43. Daniel Townsend

      Sales in these two supplements go up by 10,000%

    44. Richard Sanchez

      Why is Joe Rogan playing dumb like he dont know shit bout testosterone, u aint fooling no one brotha man, lol

    45. Richard Sanchez

      What was the name of the two herbal supplements I Need to buy asap

    46. Johnny M

      Joe “Oh yeah, that stuff’s real huh?” Rogan

    47. Johnny M

      Joe “My DMT takes TRT to optimize its hormones” Rogan

    48. NYC Entrepreneur

      I know this stuff is available on Amazon but tough to tell which is fake and which is real. Anyone know a reputable brand for both Tong Kat and FA?

    49. Darth Maul

      The racial butane thoracically murder because cereal correlatively permit despite a uneven week. accessible, anxious bail

    50. Bo B

      Can someone tell me about the plant that produced the hormone that makes some animals sterile? Or what point in the podcast I can see that?

    51. Leroh

      Hey Joe please get Derek from More Plates More Dates on the show, he is extremely knowledgeable in this area.

    52. crazybiscut

      Its pronounced tonngkaat ali

    53. Jason Lewis

      Where can you get a hold of Fadogia Agrestis?

    54. inthso

      I'm curious, because these systems sometimes work both ways, if you can force yourself to exert more effort (sorry, not an English major), would that force your body to produce more testosterone? Andrew? Anyone?

    55. Pierson Cook


    56. Michael Brooks

      Hopefully someone in Joe’s organization sees this. I love listening to the show but Spotify has made it absolutely impossible to watch your show. I pay for a premium account and for months now every show of yours I click on I get stuck in an infinite commercial loop. It’s weird because it’s only your podcast that does this. Idk if they are censoring you or the app is just messing up, but I literally can’t watch or listen to your shows and it sucks

      1. inthso

        Hope they see this, and it gets fixed.

    57. power moves

      Yall check out phyched substances channel he just started testostorone injections around 4 weeks ago and has been sharing progress and he has other dope videos too

    58. Jack K

      Joe, you've got to stop interrupting people during moments that require momentum of facts. It's a simple fix but requires you to listen better.

    59. fltmike

      Sooo how much Tongkat Ali is a dose??

    60. Louis Becke

      I will no longer listen to Joe Rogan the same as the young turks. Both stereotyped the elderly in the most vulgar ignorant fashion. Ana Kasperian said the elderly just gossip about each other thats all they do since their retired. Joe Rogan said Biden is hindered mentally and makes mistakes because of his age. The amount of factual mistakes those two have made on air I guess makes them mentally deficient. I'm a 67 year old retired liberal i guess the elderly is the last place people can practice their ignorance and sterotyping or until the cancel culture catches up with them.

      1. Tala Elise

        A liberal calling others mentally deficient. Now that's comedy.

    61. John Lofgren

      Joe the episode with Andrew Huberman was a pure Public Service Announcement for all men. Thanks Man

    62. tipoomaster

      Joe "You know rams have enormous balls" Rogan

    63. Ken Warner

      TRT gave me a DVT... so be careful...

      1. Ken Warner

        @inthso Andrew sounds competent... if you do TRT, I'd recommend also taking lumbrokinase to prevent DVTs. JMHO! BTW: Pregnenalone took my Total T from low 400's to 750. I still need to up my Free T... that's what boron does... my SHBG is too high.

      2. inthso

        ​@Ken Warner This wasn't even on my radar until this talk, but I'm an admirer of Andrew, and respect his insights, and was intrigued by the effort thing, especially. Gonna look into the herbs.

      3. Ken Warner

        @inthso Several doctors claimed it to be so... still, Docs could be wrong and the incidence of DVTs while on TRT is probably low... but for SURE is a known side effect... I was not informed by the urologist who prescribed the T. IMO, I think pregnenolone and boron is a better way to increase your T... unless you are a hardcore body builder, then all bets are off... those guys will take all sorts of risks to become hulks. Just my opinion. For SURE get checked for clotting disorders before TRT, like Leiden V...

      4. inthso

        Since I looked it up, how certain are you the Deep vein thrombosis was TRT induced? Serious question, was gonna try the herbs, but as with anything new, have my reservations. Gotta find out more about them, and how similar they are to TRT. Thanks.

    64. Joseph Casey

      More plates more dates broke down that joe Rogan is on HGH, one of organs first wanted to talk about HGH, joe aide stepped the conversation.

    65. Joseph Casey

      It’s a bad phase that may not go away

    66. Joseph Casey

      More plates more dates- love it!

    67. Franco


    68. Jeff T

      4:40...oh hell no. I'll be working out like a madman when my wife gets pregnant lol


      I've been having nightmares about Chuck Norris Lately.

    70. GENO CIDE

      hey Joe, did you tell Elon about "Vidalia" Obama?

    71. Vulf The Viking

      200mg is NOT typical TRT, typical TRT is 80 to 130mg. 200mg is a mini cycle or quote "Sport cycle".

    72. GD 585

      God dammit I finally had to click on this shit

    73. NeverGiveUp

      You need to get wes Watson on the podcast !’

    74. Jack Metzger

      Joe rogan definitely shoots steroids

    75. Lauren Perry

      DATME: -p-o-r-n--s-e-x----۞ CHOOSE YOUR DREAM GIRL !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです! #この日のライブ配信は、 #かならりやばかったですね! #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑) #やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾

    76. Christopher Campos

      Gotta watch those hamster pets, they might rip your testicles.

    77. Marlon Perryman

      Joe takes roid. How about food.

    78. Marlon Perryman

      Teach you roid bs Joe.

    79. Marlon Perryman

      You know about roids Joe.

    80. Marlon Perryman

      Ever here a mark Kerr. You ate fake tough. Rogan come to Toledo and fight one of our 200 pound roid mobsters. Get mark Kerr on the the show tough guy.

    81. JOHNWAYNE1920

      Joe playing dumb about TRT, LMAO

    82. Joshua Wirht

      What are you saying, Joe? Do you use a 10cc syringe? Hell no you use a 1cc or perhaps a 3cc. 1ml equals 1cc. Stop acting dumb!

    83. Nephilim Heart

      Dont trust anyone who thinks epsom salts do anything besides make you shit.

    84. Nephilim Heart

      I tried this dudes sleep cocktail last night. 14 hours of sleep and it feels like my body weighs 500lbs. If i lay down ill probably sleep another 12 hours.

    85. Matt Epton

      Andrew Hubberman is outstanding Joe, but I’m confident in the knowledge as well as the personality that Derek aka More Plates More Dates will provide for a great interview! Thank you for all your great interviews!

    86. Lance Arsenault

      Mr. Huberman misspeaks here too much to accurately convey his expertise.

    87. Luckiii

      Everything this guy is saying sounds wrong...and just fickjng unnecessary.

    88. Rich Robinson

      Derek’s response:

    89. Rich Robinson

      More Plate More Dates will likely do a video on this!!! I find it funny when Joe plays dumb with hormones! I’d love to know what sorta test dose he’s on. He’s stated he takes 1IU of HGH which is not high at all, to be fair.

    90. arik zen

      I haven't watched even one episode of JRE on Spotify lol

    91. Musa H

      someone please spell the name of these herbs

    92. Connor Jackson

      I wish we could get helpful links and advice instead of "joe ___ rogan" meems

    93. Brody Hall

      Eurycoma Longifolia and fadogia agrestis, you're welcome 😉

    94. Rob Zombie

      He was not correct about the lions documentary. In that case the male lion was defending the territory of the pride and got ambushed by a larger group of hyena that it expected. The other male lion was the 2nd alpha male of the same pride so it was also defending the territory of the pride it wasnt out of character to help the other male. Male lions usually form 2 or more teams as they wonder the savanna while they mature before coming back to take over a new pride.

    95. Loren Sajona

      Fadogia Agrestis is sold out all over the place...

    96. Andrew

      You need to get Eddie Hall on the show

    97. Robert Arnold

      I guess joe quit

      1. Robert Arnold

        @sahil upasane he posted I must have summoned him

      2. sahil upasane

        ikr what

    98. irateinc

      Joe ‘asking questions like he doesn’t know the answers already to play it cool’ Rogan.

    99. Slizzy Slizzard

      Where can one cop this Fadogia Agrestis?

    100. Jodi Highroller

      Look at Joe. Acting like he doesn't know all about TRT and test cipionate and how much is in 1ml and what not. Right Joe. Right 😉🤫