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  1. Mopar Mac

    Saying you don't know what it is, is not saying that it's from another world or alien. UFO does not always mean aliens.

  2. Amber Wydra

    They predicted the future!!!!!

  3. Carlos watchmearn

    poor guy, is so hard for him trying to explain something so bizarre even him doesnt want to admit.

  4. Matthew Lawrence

    Oh! I do. Your social security #. The mice see the blue & red light they filibuster & yeikd back to the speaker of no human intelligence. 7 trillion peace’s of cheese to run the same program. Social experiment. Who planet are you on. Mine. I’m a human fucking being. Politics & national security. My party & I don’t need a vote for none. Yield but & your on my plate & you have no house. Artificial intelligence . Welcome to humanity & my social program. The mystery of the pyramid’s & it’s structures. Face diaper say the bat species

  5. ProsAndConsFilms

    This guy will never, ever get enough credit for surviving the absolute hell that is heroin addiction and coming out of it better than ever. The people who come into your life in the depths of it and the absolute embarrassment that comes with it is destructive, and he fights his ass off everyday to keep it away, unreal

  6. Christopher S

    They took this episode off Spotify. Fucking commies.

  7. Marcel Scherzer

    why does the fat man have to yell the first couple of words off every sentence he speaks?

  8. Davon Hill

    What documentary

  9. deGrelle's Ghost

    The answer is simple: to further confuse the public.

  10. Vaunnie Thayer

    Out Of The Blue is worth watching on Netflix or Prime

  11. R.R.S.

    Your seeing what they want you to see.

  12. carlos marcos

    8:23 sounds like h brings Eddy Bravo n Tim Dillon to sound like the reasonable block evry now and then

  13. Funny as L

    9:06 Joe: “What?” BREAKING NEWS! Joe Rogan is 3rd man to take his own spaceship into outer space.

  14. Maciej Lewandowski

    As much as i love Michael Malice and his world view, I can't agree with him on what he's saying about Poland after 89'. I'm Polish. I'm 31 now. Lech Wałęsa, who won first "free" elections after our communist period, he is confirmed commie agent. His undercover name was "Bolek". He was awarded Nobel peace prize, just as Barack Obama. This is an argument, that Nobel prizes are awarded to people to show them as good people. Now, as a result of Solidarity movement, we have in Poland two parties, that have different narration, but the same goal - suck the money from polish people. Just like all the governments allover the world...

  15. Charlie Gale

    Watch Phil Schneider.He says how the 9 species of Aliens use humans for there blood and fluids like Adrenalin.They feed on it.Scary shit!And you make sense with what Alex is saying.😬

  16. Makrillol

    2:44:32 Alex: You need to drink some whiskey, tell me about your sponsor. Hahaha

  17. Ron Robert

    Perfection is boring and monotonous. Perfection is an environment where all things are know and the future is predictable. We are currently experiencing the endless possibilities and uncertainty of imperfection. We are learning to function and be productive in chaos. It's an ability that is inaccessible in a perfect world.

  18. otagogold 22

    You do not get sick after having a covid vaccine.

  19. R.R.S.

    Answers are with private contractors , not the military , only very few know our and others capabilities. Im pretty firm in the thinking of a good presence and a denomic presence possibly working with select groups. And with the top tech working with AI and other clues sure lead to a Supernatural hand in it. Why do most write off the most Supernatural being known of , God?

  20. Mitch Moffett

    Good Evening , #OverturnTerryvOhio , Delete Lawz

  21. Reid 1775

    The Navy Sub picture wasn't a leak at all. He turned his phone into a kiosk and didn't scrub it.

  22. Josh Maneri

    Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind Unacknowledged ^^^ 2 absolutely reality-shattering documentaries on this topic by Dr. Steven Greer This is what the TRUTH is...

  23. Super Bombad Darth Jar Jar

    Elon talking like he making sure the TVA doesn’t come for him

  24. Bs

    Has anyone considered that maybe the aliens are not good and have aligned with Russian and Chinese governments. Look at the military advances they have made in a short period of time when they use to be so far behind American advances.

  25. Reid 1775

    I just want to shoot one down 😁

  26. Leroy Jones


  27. Bs

    The government is slowly leaking UFO video and information to prepare society for the big reveal in a few years when the aliens come to evacuate us from earth.

  28. KillshotBen

    27:40 Alex Jones warned us about Epstein

  29. Kendrell Green

    What documentary are they talking about

  30. Patrick Noury

    can someone give me an example of a "mass allucination" known in history??? if not? Then STOP ear fucking us with those buzzwords

  31. Crazyel Cross

    The sad part is the people who actually voted for this p3do …

  32. TheEquilibriate

    How can someone that's done so many trips still have such an EGO!

  33. jared seels

    Zero point energy using the quantum vacuum.....JUST LIKE A MAGNET

  34. Watch out for The New World Order

    Back to 1984

  35. Rey Rodriguez

    Arguably my most least favorite frequent guest on the Podcast.

  36. Redamin

    Just my 2 cents. If you see a small craft, there's gonna be a bigger craft. Possibly "nearby"

  37. Superman23

    You want to see aliens and UFOs you can it's called getting high you can see as many aliens and UFOs you want 😂😂😂 but dementia Joe Lyin sees aliens due to him being an incompetent delusional fool

  38. Cooper Coop

    DMT weapon? Fuckn……..please…..

  39. Preston Geiger

    Pawleys island, SC has the legend of they grey ghost

  40. shepherdofsheeple

    Just deferred… no solutions and sounds like he’s just hoping for it to go away

  41. Zachary Cronin

    Joe just didn’t understand Theo lol

  42. Cray-K-47

    Confirmed- COVID-19 causes brain 🧠 AIDS!

  43. Yvette Torres

    Why didn't the media give coverage to the Harvard professor& associate caught with over 21 viles of coronavirus??? This happened early 2020.

  44. Dia Monawar

    MidNight Gospel people are so satisfied now

  45. Jill Alexi Estrada

    You did stop him while he was passing by. You know, in that movie.

  46. Steve Bordelon

    “So under the radar”... no pun intended.

  47. Mary Behan

    Love love Counting crows and adam durtiz, hate me jones but love Angel's of the silences and wish I was a girl

  48. Donnie Darko

    always this 240p footage from the military,cheap cameras =))

  49. Nathaniel Hesse

    the next reason to spend trillions and trillions.

  50. Ethan Greene

    I believe this guy 100% reinforces that the whole idea of dinosaurs is made up. Eric Dubay speaks of facts. This guy's rebuttal is..."that's bullshit!"...everytime. With nothing to back up why. Oh, and the reason he can't make his car payment is because he chose a nonsense profession that has VERY limited jobs. He probably minored in Philosophy. The Dinosaur "money" is in the hands of the text book and encyclopedia moguls from yesteryear, and the entertainment industry of today.

  51. Vaunnie Thayer

    Love Dan since SNL days, what a talent.

  52. em101112

    i’m more afraid of this Biden presidency then UFO’s🤷‍♂️

  53. b 0 t t i n i

    This is the best interview ever. Thank you both so much.

  54. Holly Damato

    This women this true leader would change the way it is..I dont see her much online anymore..I hope she comes back..

  55. Niko Sans

    lmfao the religious people in these comments have no idea what the term atheist means

  56. Andrew Sokol

    Does the military really need patents? And would they reveal classified projects in detailed patent filings?

  57. Bridget is Jonesing

    Looking back at this, this dude did not seam like SNL material, maybe a writer.

  58. Paul Murphy

    What's interesting is if these UFO'S are in fact extra terrestrial and they've been visiting us for hundreds if not thousands of years then they certainly don't mean to harm us or even communicate with us. We may just be an interesting science project to them that they occasionally check on to see how we're doing.

  59. Lincoln Parker

    The matrix all it can b

  60. Tim C

    Tesla had all of his research seized by the gov't. I believe they are frequency machines that defy the laws of gravity. I am sure they are not as complex as we think they are. Everything is frequency

  61. Gary Williams

    From a religious stand point, the Bible teaches there will be a rapture, so it would stand to reason that Governments are trickling out the UFO thing to have something to blame it on when millions of people disappear in the blink of an eye. So rather than admit there is a God and the Bible is accurate, the alien plot is the explanation. That's just my observation.

    1. Leo

      Millions Disappear? Thats a lie

  62. Zai Salas

    Please bring him back

  63. Vaunnie Thayer

    If these sightings are real, and I believe many of them are, then wouldn’t these beings have destroyed us a long time ago if they wanted to? Their technology appears to be much greater than ours so what is the point in building a defense?. We don’t even understand what we are defending against. Time to understand that we are not the only kid on the playground, not the smartest, not the strongest and certainly not the wisest.. my hope at this point is that they intervene before we blow The Whole planet to kingdom come. Human arrogance never ceases to disappoint, we think we’re so grand watching those two idiot cowboys fly off in their fancy rockets, while the climate burns and millions of humans die every day from lack of the basic necessities. I’m not afraid of aliens, I’m afraid of all the stupid idiots running this planet.



  65. Mag neto

    Nothing could ever make it here from another planet. The distances are far too vast.

    1. Leo

      Why its as deeo as time and space aint aint human for sure

  66. C P

    looks alright to me

  67. Zee

    Aliens aren’t real. It’s all the government

  68. mobileradiofitter

    @11.20. True story. In 1986 a friend who I only saw at weekend because we lived close but went to different schools. I had a sony tape player with a record button. Used to record a chat about 15 minutes long and always end it with a recorded song on from the radio the did the same and the tape passed through out letter boxed a couple of times a week. Lasted untill the tape chewed up. Couldn't afford a new tape (cassette) I was a young bill burr. Twice a week talking rubbish haha good memory

  69. Michael Crown

    SNL is trash now. Hasn't been worth watching after Breuer left. Madafakin Goat boy!? In the words of Rogan. "HE MURDERED IT"!

  70. Woodie

    So they took away our education so they could enrich themselves even more. This is going to take a revolution to change the way we are governed. Looks like it's the people vs. The politician's, all politician's on both sides of the path. Clean fuckin house!!🤨

  71. Aaron Mc Namee

    I met dave one time a gig in Austin and can still picture the moment he came past us and said "have use guys got a light" 😂 friend of mine gave lighter and honestly said thanks buddy and took the lighter! Legend of man 😄

  72. Steven Wright

    This dude just has some deep secret obsession with hitler and the psychedelics brought it out.

  73. Fild Kroqi

    This guy looks like Woodie the Woodpecker

  74. Justice Not Obedience

    The gruberment, acknowledgement ??? Whats worse than Nuclear war??? Alien invasion!!! The fear mongering continues.

  75. bobbi bob

    neil is a smart-dumb guy.

  76. lilfatbackwoods

    Now there’s a hurricane otw to wuhan 😭

  77. bobbi bob

    i bet neil never had a DMT trip.

  78. Jason Chow

    wow shes a weirdo